Sunday, a day with Sun…if you don’t live in the northeast US, lol….some of us were just so darned cold that we HAD to run to the desert to warm our toes in the sand.  Some of our laptops did their best to die in the middle of the performance, but lucky for you, gentle reader, I have people who took pictures and notes and I was lucky enough to see most of the dances during rehearsal…the only one I can’t review is mine because I crashed like a rusty plane before I got to go on 😦 Never fear though…another Sunday and that dance will get done!

Annie was our lovely hostess, as usual.  She was out at the front of the house meeting and greeting as was our lovely and fearless leader, Rebecca, who manages to greet and DJ and keep all of our silly bums in order for the show.  Thank heavens for both of them because without them we would be a gaggle of geese without a pond to swim in, and thank heavens that Annie is always dressed to the nines so all of our guests have some eye candy while we run around backstage before the curtain opens.

1 Annie

Well, we can’t just sit around ogling Annie all night now can we?  The strains of Iggy Pop let us all know that showtime was about to begin and Amanda was up first with Adam and Muse to a wild interpretation of “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead.  There were cards, houses of cards, moving, dancing cards…it was a wild Alice in wonderland sort of dream set on an acid trip which was really, really cool!  I am so happy that Amanda decided that she wanted to dance because every week she hits us with WOW!

2 Amanda

Our second act was Devlin with a set to The Dresden Dolls’ “Missed Me”.  I love the Dresden Dolls….I can’t tell you how innovative and fun I think this band is…so I’m always up for a chance to see a set to their music.  This is a great steampunk set with big wheels and cogs and machinery rotating around, and Dev is dressed as sort of a rainbow clad deranged Mad Hatter. Sorry if that’s repetitive, but trust me…this costume makes Jonny Depp’s Mad Hatter look just shy of  normal.  It was fun and punky and had great music.

3 Devlin

Kellan….Kellan, Kellan…what can I say?  If ever there was a best Bette Midler song ever, it would be “Otto Titsling”.  I can’t stop singing the damn song, lol.  Kellan was joined by Gunner, Adam, Baby and her boobs, Jo, Aradia, Jilley and Kota.  This song is hysterical and Kellan knocks it out of the park with the theft of the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, the cute outfits, the funnels, and the cutest animations ever.  This is classic that I first saw at a Relay for Life show and it should be performed annually, semi-annually, quarterly… whatever… because it will make youre face crack from smiling and make your soda come out your nose from laughing.

4 Kellan

Queenie came out of her cage in the sky to dazzle us with a set to Rihanna’s distubia.  Now, we all know our Queenie and she was never going to let us get away with a dull set to this song.  She’s all suited up in her fancy white jacket with retro-tied arms and stockings that could have used some nail polish to help with the runs.  There was also a really sexy old lady in a wheelchair creeping us all out in the background.  Que eventually comes donw and does a super sexy dance despite her clear need for some medications and a nice padded room.  Just kidding Queenie….I love this set….it’s such a great vision and interpretation and in its own twisted way, fun!

5 Queenie

Gunner was up next and our Gunner is a man who loves Gor. He has been active in Gor for years in SL and he was really excited to share is set to Man-o-war’s “Pleasure Slaves”. He was joined in his super sexy set by Aradia, Nayer, Dawn, Pandy, Kyshra and Kota.  There were so many lovely ladies, I wasn’t really sure where to look!  Suffice to say, Gunner treats his ladies well and they seem to take really good care of him too *winks*.  The set itself was sexy too, but I’m still not sure about hanging from the ceiling…the plaster in my house would likely find me on the ground in a cloud of dust if I tried this at home 🙂

6 Gunner

Adam and Muse had a special guest, Toxie who sang “Hurt” written by Trent Reznor and most awesomely done by Johnny Cash and also Nine Inch Nails. Toxie was fantastic and what an amazing treat for all of us!  This is an amazing, moving, heartwrenching song and it was a set to match!  Adam and Muse never cease to amaze me with the depth of their creativity and super cool friends! Every week is a treat and their sets have such variety, I just love it 🙂

7 Adam & Muse

Baby was forced to step it up as I crashed my way out of existence and didn’t get to perform.  She and Ahava danced to Jefferson Starship’s “Stranger”.  Baby and Ahava are two sides…yin and yang, black and white….and this dance is so pretty, set in a fantasty world of rain and water and candles which changes to a world of  clouds and particles and fog and barren landscape.  Their silks float around them as they dance.  It’s a mesmerizing dance, simple and elegant and beautiful.

8 Baby

Selene was our closer and what a great set this was.  Thank whomever stood in for me after I crashed, because Selene could tell from the git go that I was having huge issues and she cobbled together a stand in and got an outfit and the whole nine yards.  I have to admire how well everyone works together when something goes wrong…you lucky folks never even know…which is a testament to the professional and selfless folks who dance each week.  Selene actually reproduced the set of ET…entertainment tonight for those of you across the pond and elsewhere.  She danced to Ailee’s “Don’t Touch Me”.  She had hosts out at the anchor desk, Rebecca and Annie and was joined by Thunder Starr on piano, Azure Sharktooth, YukioOnna, Carolyna Bikergrrl and Carolyna’s alt…Annie Sevigny as her back up singers.  She was making her debut on the show…it was great…the set was amazing!  The whole thing was so much fun and what a way to end the evening!

9 Selene

Thank you all so very much for spending your time with us out here in the desert.  Hopefully the camels behave and the SL gods cooperate so that we can give you another wonderful show again next week.  Many thanks to our fearless leader, Rebecca, our hostess Annie and our wonderful patrons who make it possible for us to dance for you each week. Catch you next Sunday!