Happy Easter everyone! The desert wasn’t covered in chocolate, I was a little disappointed to tell you the truth, but it was a *sweet* show for sure! What *did* I mean by Unoffical Easter Lingerie Show anyway? Well Windsters, sometimes shows end up with a theme that wasn’t expected. This week most sets had someone in some form of lingerie or teeny clothing. There was a lot of skin showing and a lot of sexiness on that stage!

1 Annie

Annie was the hostess with the mostess this evening looking lovely and springish in her head to toe cascading flower dress with fluttering butterflies. I swear someday I’m raiding her closet!

2 Amanda

Opening the show was Amanda and ohhhh baby what a way to open the show! She chose Girls! Girls! Girls! by the Crue boys and in true 80’s hair band fashion, we all danced in a strip club. It was a hot one for sure! Joining her were Muse, Kellan, Meegan, Adam (as the bartender) and myself. We wore some smokin’ hot lingerie and shook what mama gave us on the runway and poles. What is a club without guests? We even had a few guests from the audience join us on stage to get in on the fun! What a great set and it sure set the energy for the rest of the evening!!

3 Devlin

Devlin was on the stage next dancing to Savatage’s When The Crowds Are Gone. He had a cool rock star set, which is what this song is all about. What happens and what the star feels when the crowds are gone. It’s a bit of a sad, lamenting song with the singer telling us to “turn the lights on again.” I always imagined life on the road was thrilling and sad all at once, and this song puts that into perspective.

4 Adam & Muse

Adam and Muse took the stage to Justin Bieber’s Sorry. The dance involved many dancers including Kellan, Muse, Ariel, Adam, Kota, Rhonda, Amanda and myself. We took over a warehouse and rocked it to the ground. Lots of cool moving objects in this set, including the dancers! I heard a rumor that Muse made the outfits as well, very cool. It was a very high energy act and it was a lot of fun to dance in!

5 Lil

The lovely Lil was up next dancing to For My Fallen Angel (My Dying Bride) – Confide In Me. This was one very cool, creative set. Lil was in a glass casket much like Snow White was. The dance began in a snowy graveyard with a man arriving to find her. She rises from the casket and dances with him. As they dance the set changes through the seasons until they come back to winter once again. At this point the woman appears to have wings and then returns to the casket while he continues to dance alone and with her memory. To me this was a song about a lost love, memories of a time together. It was so sad and so beautiful. If you missed it, you missed a fantastic one.

6 Queenie

I scooted on stage next and danced to I Know What Boys Like by The Waitresses. Joining me were Jag, Path, Adam, Devlin and Joss…all man candy! They had changed their looks a little to all look the same….but ooh la la a stage full of sexy. I had a little bit of clothes on, because, HEY I know what boys like! They were the band, I was the singer we all danced together and passed out drool towels…ok just kidding…..maybe.

7 Baby

BabyPea….oh Mz Pea….when you bring it you bring it…along with fire and lava and monsters and sexiness. Baby danced to Imagination from Flashdance. She dances in the flames until she shows herself and she is all monster-ish…not the things of imaginations but perhaps nightmares. The whole time the fire grows and the lava is flowing until she slips back behind the fire and we watch her sexy shape move and sway and stimulate our imaginations….*fans self*

8 Kellan

Speaking of stimulation, Kellan was next dancing to Beyonce Haunted & Cover Crazy in Love. This set had a lot going on…3 women (Kellan, Muse & Beebs), 3 men (Path, Adam & Pan). The women are asleep in bed and the men are dancing above them…in their dreams. Each room was a different color that matched the men and the women. The women awaken and dance on the bed with the men (still in their dreams) as the colors fade in and out. We move to the “Interlude~~~…..Please….do not just haunt me in my dreams….I can’t stop thinking of you….” the set changes to the men on couches and the women are barely dressed and dancing for them, still in their respective colors. The set is now a BDSM room and very 50 Shades of Grey, very sexy and hot, very ooh laa laa. “Only through submission to the one she loves, can a submissive woman truly see color in her life….” *insert more fanning*.

9 Winnie

Last but not least was Winnie…in true Winnie style as well. She was all dressed up for Easter and she brought some chicks literally and figuratively (look at the picture) with her, Beebs, Baby, Roni, Carlyee & Jo. This set was adorable and so much fun. She danced to PENTATONIX – CRACKED as an chick, some cracking out of the egg, some dipped in chocolate…on a set with large chocolate bunnies and eggs, a juggling bunny in a basket and a cute dog that wished us a Happy Easter. They started the set by being lowered from the ceiling in baskets (how cute is that!) Winnie, you amaze me each and every week and I love when you step out of the box and bring us something cracked (see what I did there?! What a great way to end the show!

To sum it up, there was a lot of lingerie on stage tonight and because of that there was a lot of skin…some dipped in chocolate…nothing wrong with that!

All of us at Winds hope you had a wonderful Easter/Spring celebration and you have come down from the sugar-high of the day after. We will see you this Sunday for another amazing, sexy show! Thank you to the sponsors, to all of you for your continued support and to our amazing leader/DJ, Rebecca. See you soon!!