So, a bizarre thing happened on Sunday.  We were gathering up the acts and sorting them out and we realized that with the exception of Devlin and Babypea and me, everyone else was trying to see how many avatars they could choreograph for before they went completely insane.  Actually, I was on the nutter bus too until I realized that if all of us were in everyone’s acts we might just all quit, lol, so I reorganized my sets to give all y’all a break.

Annie was as usual was out in front of the house greeting all of our wonderful guests.  She had her work cut out for her because we were at capacity and all that greeting can make a girl tired!  She managed it gracefully, and as usual, with her fashionable flair.  Lord knows she puts up with us rezzing sets on her, around her, under her….and the whole time she has to keep up with what’s going on, who needs and extra intro and who just needs some extra love in the audience.  I know what it’s like, I hostess too, and it’s not easy, so make sure you give her a little love next time you see her.  A girl always likes a compliment on a nice outfit *hint hint*.

1 Annie

Our first enormous act of the evening was Queenie to The Irish Rover’s “Unicorn Song”. Queenie (unicorn) had the help of Noah (Jag) and the animals on Noah’s ark Kitten, Kyshra, Path, me, Muse, Adam, rhonda, Ariel, Beebs and Gracie.  Queenie was the lovely unicorn who sort of gets left out when Noah builds his ark to save all the animals from the great flood. Note…Noah was a bit of a dope here, because clearly the unicorn was the most beautiful. Queenie’s set had and ark and we all clambered aboard and then the rain came and well, you get the gist of it. The amount of work that went into making this set was crazy and it was so much fun to be a part of.

2 Queenie

Devlin hit the stage to Rob Zombie’s “In The Hands Of Death Burn Baby, Burn”.  It was a gothic look set, all castle and stone and crosses.  Dev was his usual Mr. Debonnaire with a smexy dance, super cool outfit and all the right moves!  I confess, I don’t normally think of Rob Zombie as an artist who can be made to seem smexy, but our Devlin pulled that off 🙂

3 Devlin

Kellan was up next with another mover extravadanza. Elvis Presley’s “Rubberneckin'” never looked so good. Kellan, Jo, Baby, Jilley, Muse and I came down from the ceiling on hoops, danced a wild showgirl set in super sparkly, feathery showgirl outfits, dodged sliding chip piles, flying dice and ruined perfectly good felted gambling tables with our heels.  What a flipping set!  There was so much action I didn’t know where to look and I was in the darned thing 🙂

4 Kellan

I danced next to a set I’ve been working on for a while.  I had a big dance planned, but with all the other big ones, I figured a solo might give everyone a chance to breathe backstage for a little bit.  I chose Zendaya’s version of “Neverland”.  I have spent a lot of time listening to this and Ruth B’s song “Lost Boy” and well, the story of the lost boys from Peter Pan is a little sad.  I started out in an urban setting, but faded to Neverland and flew off in my balloon airship to live in my happy place.  That exit almost killed me, lol but I got the movers to work, so at least I didn’t have to manually fly the airship and take all of you out with me!

5 Winnie

Our newest dancer, Amanda was up in a wild set to Within Temptations “Paradise”.  She was joined by Adam, Muse and Queenie.  She started out with a duet in a campground, a pretty beginning…then the flamethrowers arrived and started to burn up the campground and then the bombs dropped , yep actual bombs with explosions and the whole 9 yards and whammo, post-apocalyptic paradise!  I got an interview in with Amanda, and I’ll release that later this week so you can have a little insight into the mind of this very creative lady!

6 Amanda

Path was up next and he took his first foray into using a new choreography took for him “the Artiste”.  Full disclosure, I’m learning it too, and I can’t believe he did took on a set this big!  I recognize the music from “The Last of the Mohicans”, but it was a mix that Path made, so I’m not 100% sure.  He was a celtic warrior who dies in battle and whose handmaidens, Aradia, Beebs, Daks, Pearl, Claire, Kyshra, Queenie and rhonda come to bear dance at his funeral. SL was being a ginormous bugger, but Path kept it together, we did a restart and it all worked out in the end.  Kudos for the big set with the new system and not freaking out!

7 Path

Adam and Muse did a fantastically fun take on Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby”.  There were eskimos and bears and it was cold on them there ice floes!  They were joined by Kellan, rhonda and Amanda and I think my favorite thing was the dancing polar bears with the little coca cola cans! In the interest of medical science, if you decide to go to the South Pole, I really recommend if it’s not in SL that you wear something slightly more suited to saving you from hypothermia 🙂

8 Adam & Muse

Baby took the stage next in one of her most interesting sets yet. That’s saying a lot with Baby.  She danced to Gorillaz  “Rhinestone Eyes”.  She is a devilish sexy monster dancing on the roof of a skyscraper.  I love what she did with the city skyline.  Gunner is wandering around the skies in his balloon taxi.  I also really like the animations that she used, they are unique and seem to make her quirky monster seem playful and mischievous. I am wildly fond of this set…I think it sums up the artist that is Babypea perfectly.

9 Baby

Our final act of this very busy evening was Kysra.  She chose Melissa Ethridge’s “The Only One” and she chose a very unique way to interpret this song.  She was joined by Kitten, Carlyee, Kellan and myself and we wore cool and sexy can can outfits.  We faded into the background and she danced a very sexy duet with Path.  I really loved the red…red everywhere, it was a pretty backdrop and a great dance. What a way to wrap up a great show…in a big shiny red ribbon!

10 Kyshra

It was fantastic to have the sim at capacity and to see such wonderful dances and so many dancers up on stage.  I had a great time, it’s exciting to get to be in so many sets and a lot of us had that experience.  It was wonderful to see so many of our friends and some more new faces.  It’s even more fun now that some new faces are becoming old friends.  Thanks to Rebecca for being such a calm DJ under pressure and we can’t wait to see all of you again on Sunday!  Yep, it’s Easter, but we’ll be there…and I’m sure a few bunnies will show up along the way 🙂