Wow…the weather is finally beginning to show just the slightest optimism; or maybe that’s just the daylight savings time talking.  The DST show is always a challenge as many of our friends around the world are just flummoxed as to why we had to mess with the whole schedule.  Well, thank you George W. Bush. OMG, did i just say that?  I swear, it was with sarcasm!  Thankfully, we had an entirely festive Annie to greet the guests for our Spring Fling themes show!  She was just adorable in her  St. Patrick’s day finest 🙂

1 Annie

I opened the show on Sunday with Beebs to Claude Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”. I love this song and I decided that a spring equinox sort of thing would be just perfect.  I bedecked my set with flowers and trees….those are what Annie is standing in up there in her picture.  I found these lovely trees and plants that move like there is wind…let’s just say I’m working a second job now, but the are very beautiful.  We wore our tutu’s and did our ballet, right up until I put in my little twist; I did have a full moon on the set after all, and we changed into wolves to finish off the dance. I just hope Claude can forgive me 🙂

2 Winnie

Ariel was next with a lovely solo to Petula Clark’s “How Are Things In Glocca Mora”and “Look to the Rainbow”.  This was a pretty little set bedecked with a park and rainbow with the requisite pot of gold.  Ariel did a pretty dance, she even traveled up on the rainbow, and the song brought back memories of long ago and the wonderful St. Patrick’s Days that we used to have at my Gram’s house, with the piano and organ and all 13 grand-kids covered in chocolate.

3 Ariel

Maddie, who was gone from dance in SL for a while, came back to us at Winds in a re-debut :).  Hey, it’s my review, I can make up words if i want to.   It was great to have her back, Maddie has a unique style and she always manages to mix cute and sexy in a very cohesive way.  She picked Megan Trainor’s “No” and came out in this absolutely adorable flower costume which she managed to almost completely divest herself of before she was done.  It was pretty, it was sexy…it was pretty sexy!  So glad to have you back with us Maddie!!

4 Madison

Amanda was up next with Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”.  Amanda swears she’s only been dancing about a month and I call bullsh*t!  She does amazing things with graphics and movers.  She made a screen for her curtain and then started on a single rose with petals falling and then the rose fell over into a stack of three roses.  Her sets look spare, but what it takes to create that illusion is a TON of work. I’m going to try to set up an interview with our newest dancer to get some insight into her creative process!  Great set Amanda!

5 Amanda

Jo returned to the stage to Chico Cesar’s “Mama Africa”.  Roni and I joined her as we celebrated spring on the savannah :). I love this set….the savannah is perfect. I can say this with authority because I’ve seen pictures of it.  We were joined by some very well behaved elephants and a giraffe and Jo found some truly perfect costumes.  I got to put on my tan skin and work my inner fearless warrior.  Jo also found some great animations.  It can be a challenge to not use animations that we know and love and these were unique and perfect for the song.  Apologies to Kitten for any cleanup from the livestock!

10 JMB

Devlin chose Fleetwood Macs’ “Seven Wonders” to celebrate spring.  The set was full of color and trees and beautiful scenery. Devlin was extremely dapper in his suit and hat as he danced. I love how pretty this set is.  I would be pretty happy sitting under that huge tree, basking in the sunbeams and having Devlin provide the entertainment. *grins*

6 Devlin

Queenie took my breath away with her set.  First off, there was her choice of her song, which was “Rainbow Connection” by the Dixie Chicks.  Anyone who has seen the Muppet Movie knows that this is Kermit’s song.  I know every single word and have since I was 10 years old.  Then there was her set.  It was a fantasy dream set,with mushrooms, a rainbow, big beautiful plants, light rays….just everything that I love best about SL.  What fun is a fantasy world if you can’t live the fantasy.  Queenie looked beautiful and she danced over her rainbow.  It was so pretty, I wanted an encore!

7 Queenie

Babypea was our next act and she chose Laura Doggett’s “Phoenix”.  I have a lot of favorite Babypea acts, but this one is nudging out the others for first place.  She starts as a young phoenix, before the transformation.  The set switches, on movers for this one and up comes a giant orange orb with the newly transformed phoenix.  LOVE!!  She uses some wonderful effect and I like that the stage moves up and down.  When you have a lot of glowy stuff, you can’t use faders because the glow never goes away 100%, so moving the set takes care of that issue.  It ain’t easy folks!  Once again, I want to poke into her beautiful brain to see where she gets such amazing ideas and costumes!!

8 Baby

Adam and Muse were joined by Amanda in our final set.  The chose a Gregorian chant version of “Scarborough Fair”. The set was steampunk all the way and our lovely dancers were in their airship where they performed some inventive acrobatics involving getting on and off a bathtub that just happened to be sailing back and forth near the airship.  Another inventive use of mover work and somersault animations.  There were wonderful costumes for this set as well.  All in all a wonderful ushering in of spring 🙂

9 Adam & Muse

We headed up to the roof for a little after-show dancing and had a nice time with friends with some good dancing, good music and good company.  I can’t wait to see what floats in on the next sandstorm for next week.  Thank you all for spending the time with us and thank you Rebecca for spinning the tunes, giving us a place to dance and in general keep this unruly but fun loving group of dancers in line!  We can’t wait to see you all again next Sunday 🙂