Hi there Windsters (yep made that up) and welcome to your weekly recap of the show from Sunday. We had some amazing sets this week with lots of BAM and POW and effects, very cool indeed!1 AnnieFirst on the stage, as always, was the lovely Annie and this week she looked smashing in her funky black and white outfit complete with checkered socks and top hat! Annie does so much for us at Winds each week meeting and greeting all of you, as well and doing some research on each song we choose so she can tell you all a little about it before we go on. I have done her job once or twice….I will stick with dancing.2 KellanKellan was our first dancer this evening but she wasn’t alone. With her was a long list of friends! Jo, Starlena, Gunner, Path, BabyPea, Ridley, Adam and Muse and they all danced in the rain to a remix of Rhianna’s Umbrella. The set was very cool, Kellan made it look like a street in New York, complete with taxi’s! Kellan used some awesome particle effects, adding lights and rain and putting on and taking off umbrellas from the dancers. They all danced in the rain and on the cars with such talent, hell I would fall off if I danced like that on a car! I know everyone was dancing along in their seat to this one! What a way to begin the night! Awesome job Kellan and crew.3 DevlinFrom the streets to the bars, with Devlin leading the way. Dev took us to Redneck Paradise by Kid Rock. The set was a honky tonk bar with all the look and feel of a night out complete with a bar fight and some heavy drinking. Devlin and his friends Path, Ariel, Kitten and Hitomi all danced around the bar doing some bootscootin’, bedonkidonkin’ and sliding making me thirst for a beer myself. It was a fun set with a great song and lots of friends….what a night out it would be!4 GunnerGunner was up next and he danced to Still Counting by Volbeat. Joining him were Adam, Muse, Baby, Jilley, Dawn, Kellan and Ridley. Gunner was the DJ in this very hot, very sexy strip club. The men were treated to some special dances while the rest of us got to ogle, I mean watch the other women dance. This was a sexy sexy set…thank you Gunner for letting us all do some perving! Admit it, you all were….

5 QueenieAfter Gunner was yours truly and I too went the country route, which is very odd for me. Im not a country gal and I don’t really even listen to it but I heard this song and knew I would have to dance to it. The song is Dime Store Cowgirl by Kacey Musgraves. I saw her perform this song at some awards show and her set was so amazing and had so much movement. I did some of that movement in my set as well, having the things she talks about rise and or lower on to the stage and then disappear so something else could appear. The song is about no matter where you are you always call your hometown home. I think most of us agree with that no matter where we come from.

6 AmandaAmanda took us from country to rock, dancing to Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard. This set was what I imagine living in candy land would be like. Candy canes and lolly pops and crazy mushrooms and a swirly candy floor…but there was more! Oh yes, well more meaning more to happen but less to see! Joining her were Adam and Muse and…goodness they had very little on. The girls wore lollypops and Adam wore candy kisses. Lots of eye candy for all! Thank you Amanda we were all hot with the sticky sweetness for sure!

7 BabyThe curtains parted to Ms Baby Pea and her musical choice was Monster by Imagine Dragons. Bet you can’t guess who the monster was! Gunner appeared from the floor (inside a big scary claw no less) as a demon….not something I would like to meet anytime soon in the dark of night. Baby’s set had an ancient feel to it, lots of arches and stone, fountains and statues. Her set was set inside the stage some…and I know I wondered why that was until two giant dragon heads appeared and filled up that void! Baby always makes me want to peek inside her head and see what she is thinking up and where she gets her ideas from. Amazing as always BP!

8 Adam & MuseAdam and Muse were up next dancing to Burn by Ellie Goulding. This was a very cool club, complete with lights, fire and very cool effects. Joining them were Starlena, Beebs and Amanda. Adam and Muse always have a great entrance or exit for their set and this week was no exception as they landedon Earth after riding in on a comet. The set and the club had a very space age feel to it. I loved the fire coming up from the floor too! Nice job to you both!

9 SeleneOur last but not least act was Selene and she too brought along many friends to dance with her tonight. Her song was Number Nine by T-Ara and with her was Meegan, Azure, Yukio and Carolyna. Selene never disappoints and tonight was no exception! Her set was electric in look and feel. Flashing lights, changing colors, flashing words and 5 sexy ladies….it really can’t get any better than that! What a way to end the night!

That’s all kids! It was an awesome show and we are so glad we can share it with you each and every week. Thank you to the sponsors who support us and each of you who come and watch our shows every Sunday. A huge thank you to Rebecca, because without her….there is no Winds. Have a wonderful week and we will see you here next Sunday! *hugs*