Not the dancers of Winds on Sunday night!  It an unprecedented evening in the desert…Path was in 3 sets completely clothed and Adam & Muse, Lil and I all seemed to divest ourselves of the outfits we started out with.  Well, if you count the fact that Beebs and Path were butt naked in Queenie’s set….but I digress and they were a little on the bony side…..Thankfully Annie was out in front looking lovely and dignified to pick up any slack or underpants that may have been left behind by the performers.

1 Annie

I think maybe we’ve all been gripped by the February blahs because the show on Sunday was “wham bam thank you ma’am” from stem to stern.  We started out with Kellan, who chose “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees and we never really looked back.  Kellan and Ridley were joined by Path and Aradia and Adam and Muse in on one of the best disco sets I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I think that Kellan pretty much bought out TIS for their dance floor and lights and she pulled all the fancy options together to make a set that was just fab, adorbs and PHAT and any other weird, new-fangled adjective that I have no comfort level with. It was impossible to sit still while taking notes and pictures and John Travolta would have been completely at home with Kells & Co.

2 Kellan

Our next act was a debut by Amanda. I hadn’t met her yet, so I had no idea what to expect, but I’ll tell you this…I demand more Amanda!  She chose Motley Crue’s “Kickstart my Heart”, and from the amazing sliding intro on guitars with rays shooting out of them to the huge heart wrapped in barbed wire that she danced on to the flaming guitar accents and the skull particles it was one action packed set.  My personal favorite was when a giant dagger slammed down right through the heart.  It was so unexpected I jumped.  It was a fantabulastic debut and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here 🙂  Welcome to the family Amanda!

3 Amanda

Devlin was next in our mancandy set and he chose Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova”.  Now, those of you who are regulars at Winds may or may not have noticed a recurring theme with Devlin, and that is the appearance of two small male chickens…er…you know what to call them who seem to appear fairly regularly in his sets and often seem to find a way into the actual title of his song choices.  Well, the little buggers were there right on queue, but thankfully they were drowned out by the cat calls and wolf whistles to try to get Dev to strip as he sashayed his way around the stage.  A fun set…clearly created to make the women weak in the knees…or men, judgement free zone at Winds!

4 Devlin

Thankfully, we had Adam and Muse to cool us all off after that set…NOT!  Ok…so I love these two, they are wonderful people and wonderful dancers….they clearly dance from their hearts with sets that are sexy, sweet, sad, saucy.  The choreography is always great and the sets impeccable.  I was all mushy to the strains of Selena Gomez’ “Hands to Myself” as this gorgeous draped dining room with candles appeared and they got up from the table and danced…then…..WHAM!  Wait……bondage?  Where was the dress??  Where did the dental floss come from that they had on??  My eyes about bugged out of my head with the steamy scene that unfolded from the super sexy dance to Adam being punished because he was clearly a very bad boy at some point!  Wow is the only word I had for that set because I was worried the place was going to go up in flames.

5 Adam & Muse

This brings us to Babypea.  This is not the first time that I’ve seen this set, but I am beyond glad that she brought it to Winds to share with new friends.  It’s no secret that Baby is one of the most celebrated dancers in SL and this set was a perfect example of what sets her apart from everyone else.  She chose Jill Tracy’s “Haunted by the Though of You”. If you’ve never heard this song…google it…trust me, it’s gorgeous.  Baby starts at home walking upstairs to her bedroom which she fades too.  She has a beautiful picture behind her and a cool, swirly mirror.  She dances a beautiful dance and like magic, the ladies that were intertwined in marble in her picture join her to dance. The ladies were Jo, Alessandra, Kellan and Nadi.  The last special effect is when Ghost Gunner arrives from the mirror and dances a duet with Baby.  Damn I love these two.  They make magic together, with vision from Baby’s amazing mind and support from Gunner to trust whatever she may do to his avatar.  LOVE!!

6 Baby

That brings us to me.  I apparently was also a little off my game because I chose Ella Fitzegerald’s version of “Black Coffee” to give myself a boost.  Ella has a voice like smokey silk and somehow she can take the topic of coffee and turn it into something downright sexy.  Our regulars will tell you it’s a rare occasion when I strip…I get teased relentlessly in group chat…penelope prude pants, miss innocent, sister winnie…blah, blah blah, lol.  I love old school burlesque.  I have to have  a story to tell.  If I try to just be naughty, well I burst out laughing and never manage to finish the set.  *shrugs* My story was that I was all dressed up with no where to go, since my man done left me high and dry, so what else was I supposed to do but get out of that fancy dress, have some coffee and call it a night?

7 Winnie

God bless Queenie for bringing us all back to our senses with her set to Monty Python’s “Bright Side of Life”.  I cannot express enough how Queenie is my sister from another mister as my love for Monty Python is eclipsed only by my love of George Clooney.  There is not a line that I can’t recite from any movie…or Flying Circus, so I was tickled to death hardy har har with her set.  It included Beebs and Path as skeletons (read up for the naked bony joke in the intro), Aradia, Que, rhonda, and Amanda as long suffering prisoners and Jag as the Executioner.  I laughed so hard I cried.  I didn’t get a single picture I was laughing so hard.  The absolute best part was the kick line with that executioner planted firmly in the middle of his future victims high kicking his way right along with them 🙂  F.U.N!!

8 Queenie

Lil danced to Bittersweet’s “Dirty Laundry”.  There was a lot of laughter that went along with this set as well, as Lil was clad in a teensy little outfit and dancing with a fry pan and spatula while she spied on her neighbor.  I’m not sure who thought that reproducing the station wagon from Chevy Chase’s “Vacation” journey to Wallyworld was something anyone in SL would ever use, and yet Lil found one and planted it in her neighbor’s driveway.  Apparently, spying is very hard work because after Lil took care of breakfast, she had sweated so much that she had to add her apron and bra to the clothes on her laundry line 🙂  See?  Told you there was some major steaminess last night!!

9 Lil

Our last act of the evening was Kyshra and holy cow what a set it was!  A) the song: “Scream and Shout” by Will i. Am and Britney vs Knife Part vs Knack vs Fatboy Slim. B) the cast: Kyshra, Beebs, Path, Kellan, Adam, Queenie, Joss, Pan, Hitomi and Kitten.  C) the set:  a scifi extravaganza with dancers in lines, dancers up and down, dancers upright and upside down, flashing accents, sparkling textures, Tron outfits…I totally need to see this again because I’m pretty sure my brain only caught about 15% of the whole amazing thing.  What a great ending to a great show.

10 Kyshra

We were so glad to have you all with us last night.  We had the sim up to 65 at one point which was awesome and lag was kind to us.  We have had many new faces over the last few weeks and I know that some of you are new repeat guests.  We are so happy to have new friends join our family, because one of the things I enjoy most about dancing at Winds is what a great repeat audience we have.  Thank you all again for your wonderful support of the dancers and the venue, we couldn’t do it without you!  See you next Sunday 🙂