Welcome to another exciting evening in the desert! What a night it was! The camels were all put to bed early, the area swept up and the sand taken care of. Annie was our hostess tonight wearing a short, cute little red number that showed off most of her sexy legs. It was hard to concentrate on what I had to do if I watched her up there….but I digress.

1 Annie
First on the stage tonite was BabyPea dancing to I Need A Man To Love by Janis Joplin. I’m not sure what Gunner thinks of her asking for a man to love….*scratches head* because I thought that was him. I was going to talk about the set but whatever, you would have not even noticed a set if you saw her. She was wearing string and some chain and come material, and that was all…yea that was all. She was dancing in a cavern that was littered with the skeletons of the past men that tried to love her. She asked us, “All these men… they just hang around or lay around… they just don’t DO much for me. Ya know what I mean? Was I supposed to feed them? Anyone know what they eat?.” All she wanted was more to add to her collection….any volunteers??? What a silly question for her to ask! As one guest said, “What a way to go.” Enough said.

2 Baby
Next was Adam & Muse and they danced to Desert Rose by my all time favorite man to look at, Sting *fans self*. They took us to a desert mirage along with Rhonda and Amanda. The 4 of them danced in the hot sand, making us sweat a little watching the sexy belly dances they performed….or maybe that was Sting singing….either way it was a beautiful dance and a beautiful set complete with camels and pyramids and that killer sunset we all imagine seeing one day. As the song ended they hitched a ride on a flying carpet that took them to another distant mirage. Excellent job Adam and Muse!

3 Adam & Muse

Once the stage was clear and the camels removed we welcomed Meegan back to Winds as she danced to Icelandic Folk Music by Trykjaranid. The set was breathtaking. She had the northern lights swirling in the distance as she danced on a frozen stage. Her jacket of fur wrapped around her to keep her warm…..wait….her clothes are falling off….she’s going to freeze to death! Volunteers to cover her up….oh oh wait, I’m blogging! I can’t lie, her naked body was distracting me (like that’s bad)…I mean why wouldn’t it? She danced and swayed on the ice, and the music was entrancing! While all this was going on she also told us a story about a Icelandic couple that had to face and fight prejudice. We also found out that “Iceland became the first country in the world to ban stripping for feminist, not religious reasons. This law earned Iceland the title of World’s Most Feminist Country. But is it really feminist to take away a person’s right to choose to strip?” The whole set was just captivating, amazing job Meegan!

4 Meegan

Kellan was next, and I have to say as much as I love the original, I do love the cover as well. She danced to Sympathy For The Devil by Guns & Roses. What a set this was! She had some help from Gunner, BabyPea, Jilley and Kitten. The set began with her dancing in a pentagram on a graveyard, crows circled looking for a meal as blood seeped up from the ground. Rising from the ground was a vampire, a skeleton crawled in, a Nazi marched in and a zombie followed…all things that nightmares are made of. The stage exploded with fire catching the Nazi and frying him to demon as the set changed to Hell. Pleased to meet you…hope you guess my name! The 5 danced in Hell until they all burst into flames. Wow Kellan….just wow….that was pretty darn impressive! (although I’m kinda scared to see what Kellan dreams about.)

5 Kellan
Devlin took the stage next and danced to Big Bad Handsome Man….and woah…he was just that. Devlin’s set was a large parlor that was decorated complete with piano. Devlin danced around the set captivating us, making us agree that the song was about him. This week he stayed fully dressed (if you missed last week you missed seeing so much more of Dev), much to our dismay. Nicely done Devlin!

6 Devlin
I was last this week and I’m not really sure I know how to describe this set. The song is 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large. Storm attracted national attention on Rock Star: Supernova. She then went on to help out the band Pink Martini (among may other things), hence this song. When I heard it, all I saw was a scene from the movie Patch Addams when he was asked to welcome a group to the school. He makes a huge set of legs and lady parts and welcomes them with the words we are “at your cervix” as they enter the building through the…..well you get the picture. I made a large set of legs and lady parts which we danced around and on top of. I bet you are scratching you head thinking what the…..it was funny…really…promise.

7 Queenie

aaaaaanndd that is all she wrote folks! It was a crazy night in the desert, I hope you were able to be there and see it all in person. Missed it? Come see us this week and every week after! We go on stage every Sunday at 5:00pm SLT. New dances, new sets and sometimes new dancers! Hope to see you there!

Thank you to our sponsors, our fearless leader and DJ Miss Rebecca, and all of you that come out and watch us do what we love, each and every week. Have a wonderful week and we will see you Sunday!