St. Valentine’s Day arrived in the desert on a red velvet carpet with hearts on the walls.  This day is fraught with stress, people either love it or hate it and then there is the giant commercial monster that rules a day full of chocolates and greeting cards, both sappy and silly and sadly also from either the cat or the dog…..ok…my dog may have given my husband a card…*coughs*

Annie was definitely in the mood in a hot pink number replete with a derby and cane.  There were some very strategically placed laces and some adorable bows.  I dubbed her the Ringmistress of our Valentine’s Day Circus.  Way to set the mood Miss Annie!

1 Annie

I was the opening act last night…and I guess I have some explaining to do 🙂  Errr, if you live in the US…and maybe even not…the Super Bowl was last weekend….that’s right the world championship for a sport played only in the US that doesn’t involve the use of your foot for much, other than running.  The real fun of the Super Bowl is the outrageously expensive ad campaigns….don’t let anyone tell you anything different…There was one ad that involved some sheep singing Queen…and well, there you have it.  Somebody to Love done by 7 sheep and one AK47 toting wolf…or Path, Jag, Ariel, Queenie, Baby, Jilley, Beebs and me…as accessorized sheep on a mission to find love…or something like that 🙂

2 Winnie

Thankfully, everyone after me was much more sane that I was…sort of.  Devlin chose Madonna’s “Justify My Love” on a pretty set in blues and purples with candles and a piano and moonlight on the water.  So romantic!  In a deviation from his normal…Devlin decided that he was a present that needed some unwrapping…and unwrap he did into the teensiest speedo ever!  Wooohooooo!

3 Devlin

Next up was Baby with a cast of thousands.  In a St. Valentine’s tribute to “The Walking Dead”, Baby was Michonne, Gunner was Daryl, Jilley was Rick, Fuki was Maggie and Kellan was Glenn.  That left myself, Ariel, Jo, Beebs, Lily and Queenie as the undead who rose to dance to Clutch’s “Regulator”.  What a set!  There was a field, there was a fade to a nice fenced area to keep us out, there were zombies rising from the earth and we all just go along and dances out little hearts out…literally…and maybe an arm or leg too!  Holy fun Batman!

4 Baby

Thank heavens for Meegan!  She came out in the smexiest of smexy lingerie to Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s”.  I love this song 🙂  Meegan was smoldering on her bed as she told us the story of how she has better things to do than deal with men who have let her down.  I’m surprised that she didn’t burn the house down with all of the heat that she was generating. I thought we might have to hose down the audience!  Luckily…our darling little Meegan calmed them all down with her ending…where she faded to her back yard where all of her exes were…expired…and buried.  Great ending!  Classic!!

5 Meegan

Muse and Adam were joined by Path and Rhonda who thankfully took us to a happier place with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love”.  An amazing song that was given a fitting tribute.  The set was a great mix of all sorts of signs that were well, hateful.  Which was the point.  This song is so powerful…it’s about loving and accepting everyone and the great rainbow outfits they wore were a testament to tolerance.  The scene faded to signs of acceptance and our men dance together as did our ladies.  It was a moment of love and overcoming fear…too much of our world is polarized by fear and hate. I loved this set and all that it stood for.

6 Aman & Muse

This brings us to Queenie.  She chose J. Geil’s Band…”Love Stinks”.  I did mention that this was a bit of a circus show….right?  Leave it to Queenie to find an angel outfit, adorn it with a respirator in the shape of a heart (a gacha gift, I asked, lol) and fart hearts.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen….FARTICLES! I was laughing so hard I almost missed most of the set.  It was irreverent, funny, sexy and sassy, in a word…. Queenie 🙂

7 Queenie

Kellan wrapped up our evening, thankfully on a super classy note, to cleanse the palette so to speak and bring us back around to the true meaning of a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Love, beauty, tango and particles.  This set is gorgeous…really, really gorgeous….like…I want to get married on it gorgeous….and then there was the song!  Tango Fusion Club’s Bandozean Acorazad.  HOT! Kellan and Ridley, Baby and Gunner and Pan and Beebs tangoed ,the men were handsome, the ladies were stunning and Jo and Starlena rained down from the heavens to join the couples amongst the ethereal particles that swirled and floated around the dancers.  Finally!  A little romance to end our evening 🙂

8 Kellan

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we clearly did.  It was a fun, interesting and nontraditional tribute to that most traditional of holidays.  The thing I love most about dance in SL is that you just never know what is going to happen, even at a show with a theme as vanilla as Valentine’s day.  A wholly creative evening 🙂 Thank you all so much for sharing your special evening with us and we also enjoyed seeing on the roof after the show.  It’s fun to dance and chat with everyone…come on up next week and don’t be afraid to ask where we get our quirky ideas from 🙂