It was an amazing show on Sunday 01.31.16 at Winds of the Sahara.  We had a debut, we had a circus, we had angels, sultry silky slaves, sexy men and women, BB King and David Bowie…and that’s just the teaser!  64 people made the pilgrimage to the desert…and we had Queenie to greet them until Annie was able to arrive and with the Night Boat to Cairo we set sail into an evening of fun and fantastic dance!

1 Annie

Starlena opened for us with a set that can only be described at HOT!  The strains of Dark Music’s “The Sealed Kingdom” wafted out over the audience and from the fiery bowels of the theater came Adam and Muse and Path and Lotta…all sinewy and sexy and wearing some of the most wonderful silks I’ve seen in SL.  The couples danced and as they took up a slave and master stance, Star joined them onstage and then the real show began.  The dancing was sensual and combined with the costumes and lava and temple…well, it’s a darned good thing that we have fire extinguishers and cold showers in the form of waterfalls at the sides of the stage!

2 Star

Devlin had to follow that up after we stomped out any remaining flames on the dance floor.  He chose  Joe Tex’s “Sassy, Sexy Wiggle” from the Magic Mike soundtrack.  Devlin’s set was gold and shiny and he had some silhouettes of sexy dancing ladies behind him. He did his level best to make Channing Tatum jealous in a fun and sassy set that had all the ladies hot and bothered and also looking for a cold shower 🙂

3 Devlin

We had a debut for the third set…my dear friend Jo, who most audience goers recognize as JMB.  It’s ok to call her Jo, I promise.  So Jo brought us a BB King set to “Shake It Up and Go” which is a hopping tune!  She was joined by Roni and I and Seb on guitar and Nevar on drums in one awfully nice bar!  Seb and Nevar are both great dancers as well, and it was a lot of fun to introduce new faces to you 🙂  The set snazzy, the dresses were smokin’ and our band was freaking awesome!  It was a really wonderful set to debut and we hope that Jo will join us every now and then so we can enjoy more of her fabulously done sets!


Adam and Muse were up next with a set that was made to break our hearts.  Now, you all know that I love a good tearjerker.  Sometimes I have to force myself to stop doing sets like that.  This set is definitely my favorite Adam and Muse sets of all time.  The song was a mash up of “Life Goes On and Tears Of An Angel” and it was a tribute to the memories of loved ones that both of them have lost, but also a reminder to all of us to take the time and love those we still have with us and also to honor the memories of those we no longer have with us here on earth.  Costumes…stunning….set….ethereal….music….beautiful….  A moment for everyone to pause and reflect on those who touch our lives.

5 Adam & Muse

Lotta…Lotta, Lotta, Lotta!  What can I say?  Patti LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade”.  A classic song…a classic outfit…a really awesome set…seriously…I tried to steal it….blah, blah, blah…no transfer…blah, blah….and then there was super sexy, un-shy, hot and fabulous Lotta.  She’s a girl that knows the power of a good emote and strip sequence…and she knows how to use her um “assets” to her advantage! *points again to the cold shower waterfalls*

6 Lotta

David Bowie took to the planks next…oh…wait…I mean…the name-tag said Queenie, but what I saw was Bowie…in his Ziggy Stardust phase…in his iconic suit with the Bowie hair.. “Life On Mars” took center stage with media screens to the side and slide shows to boot.  It was a great set…another I would steal but for that annoying permissions problem I seem to have….. the media showed shots from Bowie’s life and the last shot right before we lost him.  An amazing tribute to an amazing artist…the world lost a little color the day that Bowie passed from this mortal coil….but the heavens got a new type of rainbow.

7 Queenie

Kellan was our finale for the evening and what a finale it was!  Britney Spears’ “Circus” was the song that was the canvas that Kellan painted an amazing circus set onto.  She was joined by: Adam as the Ringmaster, Kellan as the Beauty, Wild as the conjoined twins, me as the bearded lady, Gunner as the lion tamer, Muse as the snake charmer, Jo as the fortune teller, Path as the mime, and Babypea as the red clown and Queenie as the black clown. This set was crazy awesome!  We started out in our various sideshows and merged into a Big Top center stage spectacle with clowns on balls, girls on the high wire…the mover work on this *faints*…I call Kells the “mover queen” and she is!  Her imagination, attention to detail and sheer determination to make it all work is an inspiration…and what fun it was to be invited to be in this creation!

8 Kellan

On that note…the evening came to an end.  It was a really fun show…shows are good, shows can touch your heart, shows can be solid, shows can be themed…but every now and then…shows are just FUN…bouncy, chair dancing, be-bopping good times.  I’m not sure if I can think of a better way to say goodnight to the weekend….other than to spend it again with us next week to see what sort of a rabbit we may pull out of our hat 🙂  Thank you all for sharing another amazing Sunday with us in the desert!