Hi everyone! January is in full motion and so are we here at Winds. Tonight’s show was no exception…some whips some guns some spilled blood…typical Sunday, eh? Annie was here keeping us together in a very smexy red number that had a slit from neck to ankle. *wolf whistle* That woman makes the guests sweat even before the show begins!

1 Annie


First up was Adam, Muse and guests Pathmaker, Beebs and Chucky dancing to Bad Things from True Blood. Adam was Bill Compton and Muse was Sookie Stackhouse, Beebs was Pam De Beaufort, Path was Jason Stackhouse and Chucky was Eric Northman. Muse and Adam danced and told us a story until Path came in and they all went to Fangtasia. After a very cool fade from the house to the club, they met Beebs and Chucky. I have never watched True Blood (shhh I know I know) but from what I was told was this was a tribute to the show and the books. Vampires and werewolves and blood and lust and faeries and……I think I need to get reading!!!!

2 Adam & Muse

Devlin was next and he danced to Seven Wonders from Fleetwood Mac, one of my all time favorite bands by the way. His set was a beautiful one. Devlin danced in an elaborate costume as the sun sparkled through the trees and lit up the grass. I’m pretty sure I would like to find a field like that to lay down in and stare up at the sky and dream….maybe even about the seven wonders….

3 Devlin

This next set required some clean up after. Lotta wheeled in a stiff (ha ha she said stiff) Path to the slab as she danced to Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi. This set is fantastic but the emotes are hilarious. Lotta is a nurse that works in the morgue in a hospital and tells us about the day to day happenings there, who is in each drawer and what happened to them. Chainsaw accidents, train accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, plane crashes, even those really ODD paper cut injuries. Poor Path, “”Your love is like bad medicine. Bad medicine is what I need”… said the guy on the slab over there to his girlfriend before she got a hold of a knife””….he was in bad shape. She danced around the very messy room to finally tell us she had to let us go, she had some more *work* to do but if we ever ended up in the morgue she would take us for a dance because “when they are first brought in and still a tad flexible. ” I love Lotta’s sense of humor!

4 Lotta

I was on next and I danced with Path and Jag, while Kitten played the piano to Oops I did it again by PMJ in Vintage Marilyn Monroe Style. The story was that I was a singer/dancer in a very posh establishment, but the poor men, well…..they didn’t always get to leave on their own two feet…..many times they went to visit Lotta (see act before me). Path was first and as I called him over and he tried to impress me with his dancing I…OOPS, shot him. Jag was next and, well….I did it again! The SL gremlins reared their ugly head and flew me off stage but I was able to take care of business before it happened!

5 Queenie

Next was Winnie with guest dancer Roni in this incredible “mirrored” set, mirrored meaning a reflection. She danced to Lyle Lovett’s If I Had A Boat which told a story about a man riding on his boat and he would have his horse with him. Winnie danced on the boat and Roni was mirrored beneath the boat doing the same dance, on the same boat just as a reflection on the water. It is a very hard dance and set to make and Winnie made it look flawless. Just incredible and beautiful Winnie!

6 Winnie

Kyshra was next and ooooooohhhhh boyyyyyy was this some set! Kysh was joined by Starlina, me, Jag, Path and Trail. If nothing else the outfits were very very hot! The women wore all black leather/latex and the men wore some straps and a little cloth covering the naughty parts. As the women led the men around the stage (note the men were crawling on their hands and knees) the women danced and showed them whose boss! Right boys!? I was told in IM that perhaps the men should stay that way…hmmmmmmmmmm.

7 Kyshra

Last dance of the evening was Lil with many helpers dancing on the stage with her. We all danced to Easy as 1-2-3 as flappers and gangsters. This set was just beautiful with an an old plantation house with beautifully manicured lawns and shrubbery. The dance was super fun with Jag, Lil and I dancing out in front doing all the flapper dances I wish I was coordinated enough to do in RL but sadly have to leave to SL. The other dancers filled in around the house and danced along with us. Excellent high energy set Lil and a perfect way to end the evening! Bravo!

8 Lil

Thank you everyone that came to the show to support us and have fun along with us. After the show we all move on up to the roof and dance a little more so please be sure to take a few min and join us up there for some relaxed dancing and conversation.

Thank you to the supporters of Winds as well as our wonderful DJ, Rebecca. We couldn’t do it without you!!

Our next show is Sunday January 31st at 5pm, see you all there!!