The second show of the New Year opened in the desert last night and was proof that a week off and a best of show gave everyone time to enjoy exploring new ideas for the new year.  It’s not always easy to pull off a new set every week, so a break now and again can be a godsend.  Annie made her way to the mic to greet our lovely guests and we were excited to see many new faces in the audience along with our faithful fans.  Annie was stunning as usual in her cut down to there maroon gown, taking time to make all of our guests feel at home.

1 Annie

I started off the evening and snuck out a wee bit early to make sure that my diner was nice and tidy before cashing out for the evening.  I chose Sarah Barielles’ “She Used To Be Mine” a poignant song that she wrote for the Broadway adaptation of the movie “Waitress”.  The song came out around Thanksgiving and has been stuck in my head ever since.  I began as a waitress, faded out the front of my diner and danced to the dream of the life that I could have had.  I faded out the diner completely and faded in a beautiful cherry tree and changed from my dowdy waitress uniform into the girl that I left behind when life intervened.

2 Winnie

Kyra returned to the fold Sunday and brought Cordelia with her to do a set to a mashup of Madonna, Fergie and Ludacris: “Glamorous Material”.  Damn it was great to have the resident fun-o-potamus back in the house! True to form, there was a wildly fun set, clearly the material girl had arrived and not only that, but she was glamorous!!  They danced…they had a little girl spat…they were dressed to the nines and they were hot and sexy and full of spunk!  It was a great set and a great return to the Winds stage 🙂

3 Kyra & Cordie

Following the return of Kyra we had the debut of Kellan.  I have had the pleasure of dancing with Kellan for a while now and she is a wonderful addition to our Winds family.  She does great mover work and when her sets are knock you out action packed they are full of emotion that will break your heart.  She chose a heart breaker for her debut, a duet with Riley to Florance and the Machine’s “Heavy In Your Arms”.  She starts the set a sparsely decorated apartment…washer and dryer included, with Riley coming to rescue her from the life she had been trapped in…They dance a wonderful duet…free form with some unbelievable interpretative choreo and then the scene changes to a dream sequence on a waterfall with gorgeous particle effects where the duet becomes more of a couples dance…again a lot of free form choreo and that fades back to her apartment where they finish, and then Riley carries her off and we realize that this may have been Riley’s dream to rescue her, but he may have been too late.  Welcome to the family Kellan, we are thrilled to have you!

4 Kellan

Path returned to the Winds stage as a soloist after weeks of us torturing him as backup in every set possible!  He did a wildly inventive set to Alan Parson’s “Beginnings”.  I adore this set…..Path starts out in armor, but he’s mostly a skeleton.  Everyone always thinks he’s not rezzed properly, and I love to watch chat.  Over the course of the song he gradually reappears until POOF!  He’s all there and his armor disappears 🙂  C’mon, he wouldn’t be Path if that didn’t happen!

5 Path

In an evening with more than one leading man *whistles appreciatlively* Devlin took the stage for our next act.  He chose Ozzy Ozbourne and Randy Rhoads version of “Goodbye To Romance”.  Great song…yeah I know….you wouldn’t expect the queen of sappy to like Ozzy but *shrugs*…I love metal…I’m just not that good at creating dances to it.  Devlin seems to have found great skills with effects, especially lighting and I’m having so much fun watching the results!  This was a surprisingly emotional set, given that I started this all out with Ozzy…but damn…it’s was a really wonderful adaptation. Way to go Dev!

6 Devlin

Adam and Muse hit the planks next with Beebs as their third musketeer to Mark Cohns’ “Walking In Memphis”.  They made a grand entrance on a guitar that floated in a deposited then center stage in some great summery colored outfits.  They danced for a wee bit and then, presto chango…a keyboard appeared! Then dancing transitioned to the keyboard and that nifty little gizmo lit up as they danced along on it, just like Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia in “Big”.  What a delightful and uplifting set on a cold winters’ night in the dese….oops, well, it’s cold as heck where I live, so this brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart 🙂

7 Adam & Muse

Lotta was up and she chose the theme from “The Dark Crystal”.  Another movie inspired set…and what a great movie!  If you’ve never seen it, I implore you to find it to watch.  Sure, it’s old, sure it’s from the 80s and instead of CGI there are muppets, but those Gelflings are adorable and they kick the Skeksis’ butts!  As a kid I lived and breathed fantasy and sci-fi (insert geek here) and I must have watched this movie over and over until the tape…yep, tape disintegrated.  If you’re too young to know what a video tape is…google it you little monster!  Lotta’s set was a great tribute….big dark crystal, pretty dress, mystical mist…and a beautiful song that brought back some fantastic memories of my misspent youth.

8 Lotta

Queenie took us out for the evening with a rollicking set to “Juicy Wiggle” by Redfoo.  Now, Que and I were worried when we figured out that once again we had a similar set idea…the diner.  Well, as sad as my diner was, Queenie’s was happy. She was joined by Lotta, Beebs, Path, Trail, Meegan and Kitten and Kyshra.  There was joy, there was happiness, there were waitresses in roller skates and a lot of what I suspect is unsanitary but super wiggly table dancing…and NOT the kind that you get at a strip joint! What a way to end the evening with that much bubbly enthusiasm sending us all off into the sunset, or in this case…up to the roof to enjoy some more dancing with our friends 🙂9 Queenie

We were so happy to see you all, our wonderful extended Winds family 🙂  It’s so much fun to dance for you and with you and chat and hear what you think about what we come up with each week.  Speaking for myself….and most likely the rest of our scrappy group, it brings me a lot of joy to get that feedback and know that you enjoy it as much as I do.  Keep on keeping on because we have a great year in store for you.  Up in two weeks, another debut…this time it’s Jo…or JMB as her fancy nametag says. You’ve seen her in my sets, and it just so happens she comes every single week, so you’ve most likely seen her in the audience…so make sure that you’re there to cheer her on!!