Welcome to 2016! It feels good to be back to a normal schedule after the holidays! The desert seemed to have melted since then as well….it was rather hot in the theater! Adding to the rising temperatures was the ever so damn sexy Annie in her peek-a-boo cut out white dress. I don’t know where this woman shops but I think I’m going to sneak into her closet and try on some clothes soon! Annie kept us all informed to what was going on as well as the wonderful raffle from Angelic Visions Antiques, a 500L gift card to her store. Thank you Rhi!

1 Annie

Up first was Winter Winnie bringing back the snow! This stage was the cutest thing ever! Winnie, Beebs, Jag and I were dressed as snowman and her set was a winter wonderland. We had seals playing the trombone, trumpet, piano and sax. The little snowmen around the edges of the set danced, the snow fell and the snowman frolicked and danced to Chicago’s Let it Snow. Of course you can’t have four large snowman on the stage without some comments in chat about it….but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that! As much as I dislike snow, this set makes me love it….for about 4 minutes. Awesome job Winnie….just simply adorable.

2 Winnie

We swept the snow away and next came Devlin with a very bright, loud set to TSO’s The Mountain. It was a simple set, black with smoke and a tower…then BAM! Fire rings and more smoke and then a lazer light show!! Devlin danced for a bit then climbed the tower to the top for the finale of the lights that lit up the stage and the theater. It was like a rock show…..without all the sweaty pushing to the front and my ears ringing at the end! Great job Devlin!

3 Devlin

With her debut to the Winds stage, we welcomed Meegan, dancing to Judas Priest’s Breaking the Law (insert Beavis and Butthead singing here). Meegan is a seasoned dancer in SL and is in no way new to dancing. Her stage too was a simple black stage but she too brought it! She ran across the stage like a thief in the night, we saw her shadow cast against the back and then it faded into Gotham and we see her dressed like a very sexy Batgirl running across the rooftops. A helicopter comes and spotlights her….UH OH! She climbs the walls and escapes once again! What an act Meegan! Welcome to Winds…we can’t wait to see more!!

4 Meegan

I was next with three friends, Lotta, Lil and Kysh and we danced to Kanye West’s Gold Digger. Oh I know many of us have some feelings towards Kanye but you can’t deny its a great song! We danced in 4 gold boxes against 4 magazine covers….you can say she’s a Gold digger! We posed and preened beckoning you to come and find out of we are or if we are not! Hmmmm, we will never find out will we?

5 Queenie

From the ground to outer space with Adam & Muse and guest Beebs! The danced to the song Magnetic and I tell you that song is an earworm….I sing it all the time and I never heard it before I saw them perform it! Their set was space with them dancing together on the rings of Saturn and then to the other planets as they moved around the set. The spinning planets and the 3 of them dancing was mesmerizing! Awesome set!

6 Adam & Muse

The last dance of the evening was Lotta and several friends. We saw Beeb’s (was she in every act? She’s a costume changing pro!) me, Kysh and Rhonda. This was a sexy, hot act to Christina’s Dirrty. The set was a warehouse where all the women were hanging out….one wonders what they were doing all dressed in leather! I think a few people passed out from the heat. That was one sexy song brought to you by five dirrty sexy women! Great song and set Lotta….what a way to end the show!

7 Lotta

Before the show ended we had a winner! Congratulations to Tray Porthos on winning the 500L gift card to Angelic Visions Antiques! Happy shopping!! Thank you once again to Rhi for donating the gift card to her wonderful store.

Most of all, thank YOU our amazing guests and sponsors. You are the reason we do this each and every week. We love to dance for you and we hope you had a wonderful time letting us entertain you for an hour every Sunday.

Have a wonderful week and we will see you this coming Sunday, January 17th at 5:00 pm for another new show!