2016 began with a bang in the desert on Sunday 01.03.15.  After a well deserved week off to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, the cast and crew of the Winds of the Sahara were back in action, well fed, well rested and  hangover free.  In an effort to keep us all sane, we agreed that a “Best Of” show would be the way to ease into a new year of shows while providing our new and returning guests with a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Annie was resplendent in her gold gown and hat from dressed by Lexi…yep, I have it too and it was a group gift and it was beautiful!  She had her cute little 2016 hat on and was fired up and on point greeting our guests and keeping them informed of all of our new, fun ways to track the dancers at Winds…facebook, blog, group joins.  Now that Christmas is over, the guests got a better look at the new seating which was no longer buried in snow.

1 Annie

Ariel took the stage as the opening act with Path, Lotta, Devlin, Jag, Rhonda and Queenie to dance to “Zoot Suit Riot” by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I dare anyone to hear this song and keep a toe from tapping or a butt from wiggling…it has to be among the top 10 best jive tunes ever.  We won’t discuss that we had to introduce Kitten to the Squirrel Nut Zippers, we have to let that dear kitty out of the camel pen….*makes a note*.  The costumes were fantastic, the set was a place I would gladly hang out and the dancing was more fun to watch than playing whack-a-mole after a couple of margaritas 🙂

2 Ariel

We transitioned from a classy restaurant to a cute diner for our next dancer, Lil.  Lil chose Lunchmoney Lewis’ “Bills”.  She emoted throughout this fun set pondering her life as a waitress and whether clothing was really necessary when cashing out the evening and why cute men never seem to notice you …. even though you are sending mind daggers of thought at them….men…..*grumbles*….I can tell you this much, if that offending clueless dude caught her in her skivvies…and didn’t get it…well, he wouldn’t deserve her!

3 Lil

Lotta joined us next with her little gopher friend Queenie in what has to be one of my favorite sets of 2015.  I have a soft spot for Caddyshack to begin with, so when I hear Kenny Loggin’s singing “I’m Allright”, I just have to start laughing and seeing Bill Murray in my head. This set is just one of those grin-so-hard-your-face-hurts sets that makes every care in the world melt away in a fondue pot of laughter.  Great set, great dance and great gopher!

4 Lotta

The thing I love about “Best Of” shows is that dancers get to pick their favorite sets which oddly are usually my favorite sets too.  Devlin chose his set to Savatage’s “Believe”.  This song is so beautiful and Devlin’s spare set with ruins and some strategic light rays, coupled with his simple white shirt and a stunning dance is wonderful.  In dance, I often feel that less is more and this is one of those sets that is a perfect example that you can move and entire room to stunned silence with a great song and dance.

5 Devlin

Keeping up with the less is more theme was Queenie with her Ulay Oh set with Path.  Break out the tissues because this set is spare and stunning…with images cast on panels and Queenie and Path as smokey outlines.  The story behind the set is about 2 artists who love each other for years, but finally separate and reunite after years apart in an interactive exhibit where one surprises the other.  Google the youtube, but not before you grab as many boxes of kleenex as possible…if your heart doesn’t break, it’s made of stone.  I love this …it’s creative and original and touching; I’ve never seen another set like it in SL dance.

6 Queenie

This brings up me.  I’m a child of the 1970s and my mom and dad were huge Fleetwood Mac fans.  I don’t remember how old I was the first time I heard “Songbird”, but the song broke my heart well before I had any clue as to love lost.  Somehow I found these amazing wings that actually become your arms instead of just sticking on  you and voila….a set was born.  I didn’t do a lot with the set itself because I loved the costume, song and dance so much, I didn’t want to lose them in a fussy set.  I hope you enjoyed it, because this may be my favorite set that I’ve ever done in SL.

7 Winnie

Jag was back with us as a principal dancer and he chose his set to Shaka Ponk’s “Run, Run, Run”.  His set was straight out of the film classic Maze Runner and he, Queenie and Lotta were bedecked in sci-fi outfits and zooming down tunnels and dancing around on a wild set which I keep trying to steal…but can’t seem to get to before Jag takes it away from me 🙂 It’s great to see Jag do a set of his own because he is such a sport about being in all of our sets and helping us with building issues.

8 Jag

Adam and Muse wrapped up the evening and they were joined by Rhonda and BB to a mash up of “The First Top Songs of 2015”.  The set was a New Years theme and there was bubbly and gold and black galore.  The costumes were gold and great and in typical Adam and Muse style the mover work and dance themselves were great.  What a wonderful, upbeat way to end our first show of the season!

9 Adam & Muse

We were so happy to see our returning guests as well as many new faces that we hope will continue to join us every Sunday this year. There are going to be great things to come, some new dancers are joining us and a few of us have purchased a new HUD called the Artiste which once we know what we’re doing promises to bring some really new and amazing things to the stage.  I’ve seen it in action and it does great stuff.  Thank you all for joining us for the first show of the new year and we’ll catch you next Sunday at 5pm SL!