It was a cold and snowy night in the desert…, that doesn’t sound right..Twas the night before Christmas and all through the dome not a creature was stirring not even a gnome…nope, that’s not it either… Oh! I remember now…Sunday was the holiday spectacular at Winds of the Sahara and the desert was resplendent in its winter finery.  Queenie did the honors of decorating the theater for us and with a curtain that was a warm fireplace and cozy textures on our normally formal walls, I wanted to slide into a pair of slippers, snuggle up to the fire and never, ever leave!

Annie was up front to greet our guests and we had a huge crowd with new faces mixed in with our dear, faithful fans and we were ready with the snow and reindeer and trees to make everyone’s holiday merry.  Annie’s outfit was a slit-up-to-there Santa coat and hat and she looked adorable as she made everyone feel welcome.

1 Annie

Adam and Muse kicked off the festivities to Lady Gaga’s “Christmas Tree Mix”, and they decorated the stage in their mistletoe and holiday light outfits which were teeny and smexy.  It was all we could do to keep the snow from melting just from being in the vicinity of such hotness!  It was a great way to get everyone in the mood for the rest of the show:)

2 Adam & Muse 1st set

Kyshra was up next, and I mean “up” literally.  I’m not sure that she ever touched down as she took The Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells” to new heights. She zoomed and vroomed and whizzed her way above the stage like an airborne mermaid with these amazing particles that followed her every move, swirling around her in beautiful patterns.  I’m impressed with Rebecca’s picture taking skills, because I tried to get some of my own and it wasn’t easy! This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite holiday sets.

3 Kyshra

Moni joined us next with Path, Hitomi, Queenie, Star and rhonda on a frozen stage with a slideshow playing behind them.  They danced to “Sending You A Little Christmas” by Jim Brickman ft. Kristy Starling and it was a beautiful song that reminded us all of the peace and joy of the season.  We were glad to have Moni back onstage with us and hope to see her more.

4 Moni

Ariel sauntered out to my favorite Christmas song of all time, Eartha Kitt’s rendition of “Santa Baby”.  She was hotter than hellfire in her red silks and I’m pretty sure if Santa had tried to come down the chimney he would have had third degree burns just from looking at her.  I’m not sure if she got that ’54 convertible too, light blue, but she definitely stole the hearts of our fans.

5 Ariel

Queenie and Co. were up next to “Jingle Bell Rock” and boy did they jingle some bells!  Kyshra, Ariel, Kitten and Lotta were all decked out in their little teeny elf outfits (are you noticing a sort of minimalist outfit theme??) and had their cute little candy canes while they frolicked in the snow in their pasties and g-strings.  Thank goodness that they were wearing some nice wool socks so that their feet wouldn’t freeze *coughs*. This zippy little number had everyone butt dancing with happiness.

6 Queenie

Starlena took us to a winter wonderland of beauty to Faith Hill’s “Where Are You Christmas”.  This is another one of those songs that just tugs at the heartstrings….which I always find ironic since it’s from the Grinch.  Star danced a gorgeous dance all in white in her winter scene with her long white hair flowing behind her and her white dress which followed her every move.  I was speechless and teary eyed as she delicately reminded us that sometimes we have to find Christmas even if we aren’t sure where it has gotten to…

7 Star

Adam and Muse returned to the stage with Alena and Star for a fun-filled set to N’Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”.  Their costumes were adorable little reindeer and Christmas trees???  It was too cute for prime time and there were awesome light effects and in the end even the reindeer got to ride away in Santa’s Sleigh.  This was a really fun set, another butt dancing tribute to the sheer joy of the season.

9 Adam & Muse 2nd set

Devlin had the whole theater buried in snow for his rendition of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Cannon Rock”.  I’m a big fan of the TSO, they do amazing things with traditional music, and this song is no exception.  Devlin was an amazing angel who danced a fantastical dance in his wings and headpiece.  Loved his outfit!  LOVED!

8 Devlin

I was the closer for the the holiday show, and I too used the entire theater.  I chose Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas” and a Victorian inspired theme.  We came down the main aisle on show covered sidewalks with streetlamps.  I chose a screen that carried on the street scene but as we approached, it faded into a Victorian living room all decked out for the holidays.  I was joined by Kitten, Star, Queenie, Muse, Adam and Path and we danced until Santa (Devlin) and Rebecca arrived in their sleigh for the ending.  They came in over the crowd and settled down as we finished.

10 Winnie

We had a great time working on this show and it was a true team effort to make it all happen.  That’s what I love about dancing here, it’s a team atmosphere all the way! From our desert to yours, we would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season and a safe and healthy new year.  We are taking a break next weekend to spend some time with family and friends, but we will be back on January 3rd to kick off the new year with a “best of” show picked by the dancers to bring you our favorite past acts and get everyone ready for a new and exciting year of dance at the Winds 🙂