Ok, so RL has me running all over the place as did SL with all the great holiday shows and hunts and advent calendars and I got a little diverted.  Sorry!  Without further ado..here’s the review!

Winter is in full swing in the desert these days; it seems that we all have an addiction to the holidays, so we try to do as many sets as we can to get in all of our ideas.  Annie was looking smashing as she bopped around in her holiday gown and I even caught Rebecca is a sexy little Santa number in the corner 🙂

1 Annie

I am apparently guilty of all of the holiday craziness as I trotted out a second version of my “Elsa” avatar garb, although this week I did it to The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You”.  Some days I worry myself….I heard the song and kept thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if Elsa dated some guy who normally wouldn’t be frozen?  Then I had to try to figure out a male character who had fire…I wanted a superhero, but fire seems to be more of a villain thing, so the Ghost Rider seemed a good fit.  Jag was kind enough to lend a hand in this duet, which I had a great time with, right down to the snowman who lost his head 🙂

2 Winnie

Ariel graced the stage next in a out of this world set to Owl City’s “Shooting Stars”.  She was a picture of prettiness as she danced from planet to planet with sparkling particles following her as she danced.  She lit up the night with her set and her dancing, always a treat when she joins us!3 Ariel

Devlin was up next and he brought us back to earth with his interpretation of the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Music Box Blues”.  There was a winter scene a music box with an electric guitar in place of the usual ballet dancer and Devlin, working his best baroque Mozart look which just worked so well!

4 Devlin

Lotta took the stage next to Aaron Neville’s “Please Come Home For Christmas”.  Lotta can make a living room look better than anyone I know, mostly because she’s in it. There were hearts breaking all over the desert as she danced and eventually got VERY comfortable on some pillows in front of the fire.  I saw any number of comments volunteering to make sure she wasn’t alone for Christmas…but careful, she’s taken 🙂

5 Lotta

Adam and Muse were up and they chose a mix that Muse did of Taylor Swift’s “Wild Dream”.  They had another beautiful set to warm us up, with sand and sun and water and a moving dance that had me completely entranced.  It was just one of those moments where I sit there with my mouth in a little “O” as I stare at the beauty of it all.  I’m so glad that they are dancing with us, because they warm my heart with the dances and their talent both.

6 Adam & Muse

Our last act of the evening was Queenie.  She was joined by Kitten, Lotta, me and Path in a beautiful set to Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights”. She recreated a little alley of shopping where we all joined her in our coats and mittens and danced in the falling snow and holiday stores.  Another stunning set which brought a smile to my face.

7 Queenie

It was a pretty show, with wonderful sets, all with a touch of that holiday spirit snuggled in them.  We have our annual holiday spectacular next Sunday, and we can’t wait to see you and show you what we have lined up for your viewing enjoyment.

On behalf of all of us at Winds, we thank you for coming to the show and continuing to support us through our changes.  We are excited for a new year with fresh and exciting ideas to entertain you.  Happy slightly late Hanukkah and slightly early Christmas 🙂