Oh the weather outside was frightful, but inside it was soooo delightful!! Winds of the Sahara was sprinkled with some snow and some heat! It was like the Miser Brothers were having a bad day! The countdown to Christmas has begun with lots of Christmas/Holiday/Snow dances beginning to pop up from week to week, this week being no exception. I personally love Christmas music and I try to get as many dances in there as I can squeeze into a month. I know others wait until the week just before the big day. Annie didn’t wait to get her Santa vibe going, wearing a very sexy long black dress that had her leg peeking out as she danced, and a santa hat! She should have, perhaps worn some boots though as she was knee deep in snow a few times as the sets changed. Looking lovely as always Annie!

1 Annie

The first act brought the heat…who am I kidding, she brought a flippin’ inferno! Lil was back, bringing it on with a bang, what a way to start out the evening! She chose the song “Problem” by Natalia Kills, letting us know that ” that girl is a problem” but actually there were 3 up there that looked like they could cause a little damage if needed! Bevin and Queenie joined her for this smokin’ act, dancing on a brightly lit stage with flashing lights and moving pictures….and in true Lil fashion…PINK! I know, what could possibly make this hotter than that? Lil got naked….yep, if you were not there you missed it.

2 Lil

We were hoping for a little reprieve after that, time to get a cold drink or shower but noooooo the heat continued! Lotta was next on the stage dancing to “Come to My Window”, beckoning us to be a little pervy and do some peeking! Lotta was dressed in very sexy lingerie, dancing in a dark room lit only by the moonbeams that illuminated her room through her window. This set was a very simple one, not a lot of flash and bang but was beautiful in its simplicity. We were entranced, watching her sway and move until….she too slipped out of her lingerie! *faints*.

3 Lotta

Devlin was on the stage next and thank goodness, Devlin brought snow! The curtain opened to Devlin as a frosty angel on a very white, icy, snowy set. We welcomed the cool air blowing off the set, but that isn’t saying it wasn’t hot! The song Devlin chose was “Christmas Eve-by Sarajevo but we know it more by the name Carol of the Bells. It wasn’t the quieter version of the song we know…this was a in-your-face rockin’ version. Devlin danced around the snowy stage until he did his magic and spread it out to cover the entire theater! I wonder as I write this…was that an angel of hope or of doom!?

4 Devlin

The snow didn’t end here, next was Winnie looked wonderful in a little skater outfit looking very much like Elsa from Frozen. I know the resemblance was no mistake as she danced to Let it Go mashed with Vivaldi’s Winter by The Piano Guys. The set was a quiet wintry forest scene with Winnie starting on a bridge. She danced down to the icy pond and skated/danced for the woodland animals that were watching. We all know the snow never bothered her much anyway! This was another calming set with beautiful music and imagery. It was nice to soak in the season watching Winnie dance for us.

5 Winnie

Next was Muse and Adam bringing Steampunk to the stage. No snow in this set….just lots of heat with both of them looking fantabulous in their steampunk outfits. Believe it or not, they chose Justin Bieber’s “What do you mean”. Not being a Bieber fan I was not so sure about this but I have to say, they changed my mind. Not only did the set fit the song so well, I kind of liked the song by the end….yes yes, I said I liked it. The stage was all gears and clocks and this huge metronome that kept the beat of the song. I liked how much of the the stage moved, it was pretty cool. Great set you two!

6 Adam & MuseLast this evening was me and I dragged Jag along! I love Christmas music and choosing just a few dances a season is very difficult. One of my all time favorite songs is “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues featuring Kristy MacColl. As you listen it doesn’t seem very Christmas-y but it truly is amongst the angst and sadness they both feel. It has an interesting back story if you ever want to look it up on youtube. Since the song is set with New York as the backdrop I chose a location in New York as my set with Jag and I dancing both apart and together. The song is about falling in love, drifting apart, only to come back together. I have to admit each and every time I listen to it I get chills and I tear up a little.

7 Queenie

Thank you all of you wonderful supporters of Winds each and every week! We love to see you and talk to you and most of all dance for you!

We will have a Holiday/Christmas Show on Sunday December 20th, come join us for some fun! Come dressed up in your favorite holiday/Christmas outfits!!

BIG SURPRISE for the show on Sunday! You will have to come see now won’t you!? *giggles and skips away*

Have a wonderful week and we will see you all soon!!