The Winds changed this week, we swept away the sand and we blasted into space, that’s right, we went Sci Fi! Lotta snuck in under the dark of night and changed up the place just for the occasion. I don’t think anyone was probed…the aliens seemed to be nice here, *phew*! Several of us performed more than once act tonight….sci fi has so many choices to build a set and dance to. I know I had trouble choosing! As always the lovely Annie greeted and danced until the show began looking lovely in her greenish glow, white space-like dress….nice choice for the evening! Annie always looks rather stunning doesn’t she? I love to see what she has chosen to wear week to week.
Of course mid way she changed into a cool space/robot outfit! That’s our Annie!!

1 Annie

Up first was FEED ME SEYMOUR!! I mean, Ariel and friends dancing to “Little Shop of Horrors” which is about a nerdy florist shop worker who raises a vicious crazy plant that feeds on human blood. At the end of the movie, Seymour learns the plant is in reality an alien from outer space and he has to destroy it before more little Audrey II’s are made *dun dun dunnnn*. Personally I loved the dentist! Anywhoo…Ariel and friends danced in front of Mushnik’s Flower Shop. Audrey II is there waiting to chomp on some dancer that gets a little too close! She then took us “Downtown” to Skid Row. The music from the movie is so much fun I know we were all singing along! So much fun Ariel!!

2 Ariel

We took care of the plant and cleaned up the stage before Adam and Muse Blinded us with Science. Adam was working on something at his table when Muse appears and distracts him…no kidding huh how could he NOT be distracted? They danced around the lab making more heat than the Bunsen Burners managed to. We got our science geek on and sang along because, admit it, you all know the words!!

3 Adam & Muse

I changed my shape just a little, convincing Path he needed to do the same. Morphing into aliens we took off in our UFO. Path not stopping to ask for directions when we were lost, we exited the ship and danced together to “I’ve Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher. If you know who Sonny and Cher are, you would know Cher was like 6 feet tall and Sonny was about 4….Path and I are the opposite…I think I channeled more Sonny and Cher! Deciding to forgive him, we got back into the ship in hopes to find our destination. Maybe he used the GPS on his phone this time!

4 Queenie

Adam and Muse were back as very cool robots and they danced in front of the periodic table…chemistry geeks unite! The song was pretty cool and I wish I had learned it when I was in high school because I didn’t so so well in that class…*hangs head*. If my teacher dressed up like them and sang that song….instant A! As the danced the elements lit up with the song….excellent job you two!

5 Adam & Muse

Ariel was back, this time with more friends but the theme was a little different. We were in Space…The Final Fronter….Captain Kirk (Path) and Crew member (Dev) were taking a little break from their stressful job on The Enterprise and went to relax in the local space bar. Im not sure if they expected a time such as this though. Ariel and Rhonda made sure these boys went back to the ship satisfied as they shimmied and danced for them to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”. Go get ’em ladies!

6 Ariel

I snuck back on stage, this time I was more myself as I floated and danced to “Planet Claire” by the B52’s. “She came from Planet Claire
I knew she came from there. She drove a Plymouth Satellite. Faster than the speed of light….” The B52’s music and lyrics often are so out there and don’t seem to make a lot of sense but damn, you just want to get up and dance to it anyway.

7 Queenie

Lotta took the stage after me and brought Path back (again). This set was so much fun but I may be biased as I love Star Wars. Lotta was Leia in the infamous bikini from Return of the Jedi and Path was Han Solo. They had escaped the Empires clutches and were on the run. Managing to make it back to the Millennium Falcon they told us their story as they danced. “Who are you calling scruffy looking?”, “I love you. “, “I know”. I laughed and danced along with them in my seat because Lotta chose a dubstep version of The Cantina Band song that was just so crazy and fun! Excellent act Lotta and Path!

8 Lotta

Last but never least was Winnie (and me) and she had us wearing this crazy light bulb alien outfit and dancing to “Blue” by Eifel 65. In her own words “Winnie Cinnamon (winniefred) laughs….I like the bulbs…they’re alien….they’re holiday…they’re blue!” They were a lot of fun either way! We dropped into Winds via spaceship, yes the ship flew into Winds… was cool! We exited the ship and danced in our new little make shift home complete with a small tent and fire pit. I don’t know if we were waiting for the ship to come back for us, if she needed to “phone home” and get ET to give us a ride or we were doomed to live there forever…..either way, she planted a little earworm there and I bet many sang it most of the night! Oh maybe that was the mission!

9 Winnie

Thank you all for coming and supporting the dancers and Winds. If you would like to take a more concrete supporting role in Winds, please contact Rebecca Dembo. She is looking for more people interested in keeping Winds strong, and in order to do that, she needs sponsors. We love dancing for you each week and we all hope you can help us continue to do that!

Thank you to Rebecca for making sure we have music each week, she keeps SAM in check fighting him tooth & nail some weeks!

I hope you all had a wonderful time and we all hope to see you next week, same time, same place! Our next THEME WEEK will be Dec 20th and it will be a Christmas/Holiday theme. Winds will be transformed into a winter wonderland…I don’t know what we will do with all this sand! Can you believe Christmas is only 26 days away! AHHHHH!! Have a wonderful week!