Well, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching here in the US, but you never would have know it what with all of the random turkeys running around backstage last night….oh….wait….um…..  By turkeys I mean actual turkeys, not my fellow dancers..and clearly we stand on the precipice of a holiday with all of the gobbling going on in IM 🙂

We had a fantastic, fun lineup last night and Annie was there to greet our fans and entertain them until the strains of the Night Boat To Cairo wafted through the speakers to let us know that the time to curtain was just about there…Annie wore a sexy little number, and she eventually did turn into a turkey, but it appears that Rebecca was kind and only took a shot of her looking sexy…not sauced or buttered.

1 Annie

Our opener was Devlin…our Mr. Dependable…the man who shows up week after week in an estrogen filled theater with camels and lets us pick on him, dress him up in skirts and tease him relentlessly and keeps coming back for more. He did a reprise of a set of his that I really like to “Missed Me” by The Dresden Dolls.  I love the steampunk vibe of this set with the gears and steam and machines chugging away.  Then there’s the costume for this set…it is wild and fun and it makes for a great dance.

2 Devlin

Annie and Hitomi were up next for a cute duo to Billy Joel’s “It’s All Rock and Roll to Me.”  Annie did a great job setting up when we lost an act literally at the last second due to a crash.  Life sometimes like to throw rocks at our hostess and Rebecca, and though we like to blame SL for everything…this was a RL thing and they were smooth as peanut butter fixing the order and SAM.  Annie got her cute little soda shop up and running and she and Hitomi had us all butt dancing right along with them in their cute little 50s inspired outfits.

3 Annie & Hitomi

Ariel and Devlin were up next, and I bet you were expecting a sexy little duet…well, it was a duet alright, it just involved Ariel chasing a headless Devlin turkey all over a kitchen while forcing him to tapdance to “Slide Some Oil and Watch Me Dance” from the Wiz soundtrack.  To say that we were all laughing might have been the understate of the evening.  I for one was almost crying I was laughing so hard.  Great set Ariel…flipping awesome!

4 Ariel

Moving along to the lovely Miss Lotta, who was joined by Queenie and Rhonda to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.”  This iconic song was staged on a basketball court with two enormous boom boxes and some fab dance moves.  IM was rife with memories of times past; Aquanet, that beloved hairspray that left your hair crunchy when you tried to go to sleep at night…blue mascara and eyeliner and just about any other crazy thing we did in the 80s.  I love a set that has us all remembering some of the most fun memories that show that we may all be different people in RL, but we sure as heck shared some of the same crazy life moments.


5 Lotta

Adam and Muse were up next with a mix of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling In Love”. This was a big set…with lots of sexiness…they were joined by Alena, Hitomi, BB, Lotta, Star and Ariel…and the ladies wore sexy brown body hugging outfits and Adam wore..well, barely anything!  There was great mover work going on here….that many people makes doing mover work…interesting.  My favorite part was when they were all in a line from front to back and the dances worked together so well that it looked like they were one big line holding on to each others’ waists….Not sure how he worked that magic…but dayum it was good!

6 Adam & Muse

And….here come the tears….happy tears, but Queenie manages to hit my heart with a hammer some nights and this set was no exception.  She chose “Simple Gifts” which is a Shaker Hymn and it is set to music that seems to me was Aaron Copeland…or Copeland stole it from the Shakers, but she danced as a dryad through the forest to this stunningly beautiful song on a stunningly beautiful set and it was phe.nom.en.al.

7 Queenie

Path hit the stage next with his very sexy slave Rhonda to “Break The Chain” which I believe is by V-day, but I have  it as a Path mix, so just correct me on that one if I need correcting.  Rhonda somehow made sweeping extremely hawt…and Path came in as a conquering crusader who saved our damsel in distress and somehow managed to completely divest himself of that pesky crusader’s uniform of linen and woolen stockings (amazing the stuff you can google). This all took place in a marketplace which is clearly more liberal than Starbucks is today *winks*

8 Path

That brings us up to me and my turkeys, I mean dancers, no, I mean turkeys.  BB and Ariel were kind enough to be actual turkeys and Lotta and Kyshra were sexier turkeys and we all danced around on the furniture in the kitchen to a spoof, “It’s All About The Baste” by GodWhy.  The audience had a second opportunity to discuss whether they were “breast” or “thigh” fans.  There was much deliberation about pie, kinds of pie, the virtues of butter and all things food related.  Me?  I was just having fun because my outfit came with an oven mitt which was cracking me up.

9 Winnie

Thank heavens that we had Selene to make us all look dignified with her finale.  She chose Gin Wigmore’s “Man Like That” and she and Thunder rocked the roaring 20s in a dance hall that any sim owner in SL would be jealous to own, while Carolina, Callynara, Huck, YukioOnna, AnnieSevigny and Kendle were the band that made it all possible.  There is every possibility that I missed someone and I sincerely apologize, I was just having so much fun camming around this set and watching the fabulous choreography.  It was a fitting end to a fun evening!

10 Selene

The camels are already a little skittish about next weekend, since it’s going to be our Sci Fi them eshow.  I can tell you, I’ve already seen some sets being built and it’s going to be a barn burner for sure…of course, that’s what happens when you attempt to land alien aircraft in a theater!  Thank you all so much for hanging with us on your Sunday night, we love having you here with us, and without you and your support we’d just be another mirage in the desert 🙂