It was another clear and precipitation free night in the arid desert around the Winds. The camels were nestled all snug in their beds with visions of salt bush snacks in their heads. It was a night with a debut and the return of some old friends mixed in with our regular dancers and it proved to be a dynamic evening with a packed house and a raffle sponsored by Angelic Visions!

Annie was fired up and ready to roll, greeting guests and encouraging them to join the raffle. She was looking lovely in a red white and blue number that echoed the colors in the French flag; a show of solidarity against the evil that was rampant in the world last week in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and Turkey. Every now and then the world sees fit to remind us that we are darned lucky to be able to enjoy our SL…where there may be drama…but where we are safe most every day of the week.

1 Annie

Our first act of the evening was a debut featuring Adam and Must dancing to Ciara’s “One Two Step”.  A great song, definitely butt dance worthy for all of us in the audience 🙂  They started out in a shadow box with Muse dancing a sexy dance for Adam, the set changed and our two hotties danced an even sexier couples dance with Adam wearing some very interesting underoos…the scene changed again and they were on the observation deck of a skyscraper and finished up dancing about the city.  It was a great debut and a very fun set with a lot of changes to capture our interest.

2 Adam & Muse

Star returned to the stage in a front and center interpretation of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  There can never be enough versions of this dance…it’s still one of the most fabulous memories I have of the good old days of MTV.  Star Jackson was joined by a wild group of Zombies including Devlin, Path, Lotta, Queenie, Alena and Hitomi….Hitomi was especially horrifying…she was wandering around backstage scaring the daylights out of all of us!  Star did a great job on her creepy graveyard where the zombies came up out of their graves and danced while boogieing around the graveyard. Thankfully no body parts were lost and left onstage 🙂

3 Star

An old friend, Bevin, joined us next with another blast from our past, Lil and Jag.  Sexy, sexy, sexy!  These three wiggled to Demi Lovato’s “Confident” and there were no wallflowers in this set.  The set itself was sort of industrial-post-modern-apocalyptic (yep…totally made that up), but it was cool as all heck and went great with the sexy outfits and sexy choreography.  It was great to see Bevin back on stage with us a Winds, and we hope she joins us more often! *hint hint*

4 Bevin

Lotta was up next as the smexiness continued on the Winds stage 🙂  Lotta found a version of “Addicted to Love” by Skylar Gray which was so hot…she steamed her clothes right off!  The scene was a bedroom with a slightly opaque privacy screen…and lets just say hearts were breaking all over the sim when they realized that Lotta was going to sneak behind that little bit of opacity to tease them while what was left of her outfit dissipated with the steam 🙂  Steamy….hot….SEXY!!

5 Lotta

Our resident cowboy, Devlin took the stage…or perhaps I should say, the piano to a wonderful song called “When The Crowds Are Gone” by Savatage.  I loved this song! I loved the set too, the piano, the columns; some slightly collapsed and a beautifully choreographed dance.  I feel odd saying “beautiful” when it comes to a dance by Dev, he’s such a dude, but it was really moving and I loved it.  I hope all of you did too 🙂  Dev has emerged as a regular who I enjoy to watch every week because he’s very creative and not afraid to try new things!  Plus…..he has those abs you can bounce quarters off of *winks*

6 Devlin

Our closer was Queenie who chose a song by Roisin Murphy called “Ramalama Bang Bang”.  Yep…that’s our Queenie, finding a song I swear will only show up in a youtube search for her 🙂  Now…those of us who dance all use Sanna Jupiter’s animated textures because she’s fantastic.  Queenie went shopping in some of the darker corners for this set…there were creepy fairies, a weird little goblin, some tentacles…and Queenie, Lotta, Kitten, Star, BB and me in our orb which turned us in to crazy color changing profiles against a black backdrop.  We were mirrored, right side up, upside down, and all over as we whizzed around in the dream world that Queenie created.  I think she meant us to represent a nightmare, but I thought we looked way too cool to be a nightmare!  It was great choreography and mover work and very, very fun to watch 🙂

7  Queenie

Just like that, we snapped our fingers and the night was over. We had a winner….rhonda for the Angelic Vision Antiques raffle…so she got $500 Ls to spend on some really wonderful furniture and we had a chance to wander out and thank our wonderful fans for coming out and supporting us.  It was a nice way to end the weekend and get ready for the challenges of the week ahead.  We hope to see all of your wonderful smiling faces next Sunday…which is before Thanksgiving here in the US…so don’t be surprised if you see some turkeys!