It was a cool Sunday in the desert…..Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away….but never fear, Veteran’s day provided ample opportunity for several of the Winds’ staff to put together sets to honor the men and women of the armed forces all over the world.  VT and I had an IM session where we spent a little time dreaming that we could have a time when we didn’t have to honor these brave men and women for laying down their lives for all of us.  Annie was there to take us through the line up as we mixed a little sexy and sassy and pretty in amongst the tributes.

1 Annie

Jag joined us onstage for a set honoring the troops.  Often Jag is the man behind some great sets, but this time he was back out in front and it was a welcome re-emergence.  Jag was joined by Queenie, Devlin, Path and Rebecca in the desert with some tanks and a plane wreaking havoc on the audience. Jag chose “The Warrior Song” which had a powerful beat that matched the set. There were signs of destruction all around…a reminder that there is a world that gets hurt when we are at war; people, buildings, animals, crops, the very earth is scorched in the wake of war.

2 Jag

I was up second and I chose Jo De Messina’s “Heaven Was Needing A Hero”.  My family has a long history of serving in the military; my great grandfather served in Italy in WWI, my grandpa retrained blind soldiers when the returned to the US, my gram’s brother was a Marine at Iwo Jima and in Korea, and my dad’s family all served in the Vietnam Era.  My husband’s dad was in the Navy.  I am eternally grateful that I grew up in between war times, so my husband didn’t have to serve.  I have a profound gratitude for those who serve, but I also feel a keen sense of loss and can’t hope but dream that someday we’ll all figure out how to stop killing each other.  I did an emotional dance that began in an Army camp but ended in a field of poppies with empty soldier boots at the front of the stage.

3 WinnieThankfully, Devlin was up third and he was able to take us on a wild ride to Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova”.  Now, for those of you who join us regularly, you may notice that Devlin has a “thing” for country music.  Did you also notice that he seems to have a “thing” for roosters?  Mark my words…look around his sets…pay attention….I guarantee you that you’ll start to notice a theme… *smiles*.  Frankly, I don’t care what livestock he puts in as long as he cleans up after them and continues doing great sets that are a lot of fun to watch.  There aren’t nearly enough men who join us onstage in SL as the center of attention…so rock on cowboy Dev 🙂

4 Devlin Moni hit the stage in a front and center roll in a great set to Santana’s “Into The Night”.  She danced with Adam, Gracie danced with Tristan and Kahina dance with Ty in a hot and steamy set in some very cute little skirts…and some blessedly bare-chested manhunks.  There was much bumping and grinding and a very dirty dancing type vibe.  It was fun and sexy and we look forward to many more sets from one of our newest Winds dancers.

5 MoniAriel was up and she was joined by Devlin, and Starlena and rhonda in a mashup of two songs from Rent; “Season’s of Love” and “The Tango Maureen”.  Great songs…and what a well choreographed set.  Ariel was in her trademark color…again, if you never noticed that Ariel like purple…well, this is kind of like watching a TV show and knowing that Mulder has fish and Scully feeds them…… They danced, they tangoed…they swirled, they whirled in an out of patterns…I was entranced.  I love the tango.  LOVE it!  More tangoing….I think if more of the world tangoed, there would be less conflict 🙂

6 Ariel

We had a guest last night….the stunning and talented Kat Feldragonne joined us at Winds.  Kat and I have been friends for a long time as she has known many of us at Winds and we were excited that we convinced her to join us.  She is an amazing person and dancer and we have all benefited from her great blog and generosity and sharing of her dance knowledge.  Kat was stunning in white dancing to Sam Smith’s “Writing On The Wall”. She floated down from the ceiling like a goddess from Cirque du Soleil. Her set was black with quotes that appeared behind her in script on her ‘wall’.  She was only accented by that and her beautiful particles in a picture perfect example of less is more.  Maybe if we ask really nicely we’ll see if she wants to come and dance with us again??  *bats her eyelashes”


Our closer was none other that Queenie.  Now, I’ve often said that Que and I have a bizzare ability to read each others minds.  We knew that we were looking for war stuff and there aren’t a lot of choices on MP.  Then…..we showed up and realized that we both faded our sets from war scenes to poppies and minor panic ensued.  Rebecca, being that cool, collected organizational wiz made sure that our sets were far enough apart that you all weren’t worried that you would be haunted by poppies on faders.  Queenie chose Sting’s “Children’s Crusade”, so we ended the evening with another heartfelt set about the ravages of war.  Queenie started out in fatigues and ended in a field of poppies in a beautiful red dress with a cross shadowed behind her.  It was beautiful, and a fitting end to a show honoring the bravest people in the world.

8 QueenieWe hope you enjoyed the evening with us.  I know that the audience was especially animated last night with many IMs regarding sets and enthusiastic first time fans. It’s always great to welcome new faces into our theater and thank you all for getting out the word and inviting your friends to experience the joy of dance in SL.  Have a great week and we’ll catch you next Sunday in the middle of the desert….and don’t worry…Kitten will make sure the camels are in check!