We all rolled our sugar addled corpses into Winds on Sunday…stunned by coming down from our sugar highs coupled with turning back our clocks in the US, thus creating night at 2:00 in the afternoon, or so it seemed…..but there was a show to press on with and a debut of a new dancer, and the addition of several other new members to Team Winds and we were excited to see where November will take us.  Annie took to the stage to greet our guests and make sure everyone was comfy and that the camels didn’t mess anywhere in the theater.

1 AnnieOur lead off batter was Gracie with a cast of thousands….hundreds…ok….dozens, but when your doing a review and trying to make sure you have all of the right people in the review when they aren’t all listed on the notecard…well, it feels like a million!  Gracie chose The Fifth Dimension’s “Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”, and a groovier set could not have been done.   She started out with a nice group of hippies in a field….quintessential Woodstock fair.  This faded into the grooviest, most psychedelic set, with Queenie and Ariel dancing in lava lamps!  The hippies: Gracie, Tristan, Kahina, Path, Lotta , Rhonda, Starlena, Moni, Alex, Adaria, and Annie (see what I mean??) danced their way around the stage with wonderfully changing graphic shapes and colors and true to form….most of our beloved hippies misplaced their clothes in the drug addled haze of the 60s.  Three cheers for hippies!!

2 GracieBatting second for the evening was our debut.  The lovely Kahina took the stage to “Sirens” from Blackbeard with Tyrath as our doomed sailor and Ariel, Moni and Gracie joining Kahina as the sirens.  The scene was set with the Kahina on her rock calling to Ty on his ship, and then the scene faded, Kahina was under the water, Ty was under water and the three other sirens came out one by one.  Ty was transformed into a merman and he and Kahina swam (yep) a duet while the other sirens swam around them.  This was really, really cool and original and very pretty.  Welcome to the camel house Kahina, it was a pleasure to be at your debut!

3 KahinaDevlin came up third in the lineup (world series references, though thankfully that silliness is over and we can get back to fall debuts on TV….) and he chose Chameleon’s “Stay, Wait” which was a very pretty song that I wasn’t familiar with but fell in love with.  Devlin’s set was reminiscent of one of my favorite places on earth, Versailles, and was replete with candles and candelabras that made for a very classy set.  Devlin danced an impassioned dance in a swashbuckling outfit.  He was suave….he was handsome, he was compelling and if I was his lady, I would stay.  A great set Devlin!

4 DevlinAnnie and Hitomi were up on deck (more baseball…sorry!) after a slight hiccup that had the team manager juggling the lineup…I don’t know who makes us change our clocks on a schedule completely off with the rest of the world….*points at George W. Bush*….but it always makes this weekend a little challenging in SL.  Never mind that I have more knowledge of timezones since joining SL than I have in all of my years before joining….but I digress….

So….Annie and Hitomi, or, as I like to think of them, Frankenstein and her bride did a cute little duet to “I’ve Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher.  They did a couples dance in all their creepy finery in a little trailer park in a tucked away portion of Transylvania, or Romania, or Bulgaria…or some other former Eastern Block country that ends in “ia” and may or may not be creepier than it actually is, but being American I don’t have a really good grasp on the geography or economics of that part of the world, so I defer to Vincent Price movie stereotypes.  Either way, it was nice to see our always animated hostess have a chance to show us what she’s really got up on stage.

5 Annie & HitomiBatting fifth…or not in a great place if your in the majors…was me.  I was all hallowed out and enjoying the beautiful fall in the part of the world that I call home and really wanted to do something to reproduce some of the happiness this season gives me.  The set was easy, but I chose Bach’s “Unaccompanied Cello Concerto 1” played by Yo Yo Ma and was looking for a costume to set the mood.  I wasn’t having any luck…so was faffing (wasting time doing stuff other than preparing…sorry Rebecca!) and came across a Dryad outfit and the coolest hair from EMO tions that I’d ever seen and voila…it all came together.  Simple, autumn and pretty music inspired by the season and the fact that I actually have seen Yo Yo Ma in concert.  If you don’t like classical music….I implore you…if you ever have a chance to see someone like Yo Yo perform…go…don’t think, just get the tickets and go…and you’re heart will break and your soul will soar…and a whole new genre of music will open up for you.

6 WinnieBatter number six in the lineup was Lotta…or should I say “Latex Lotta and her hottie latex friends”??  Lotta, Gracie, Queenie and Ariel  danced to something on something that rotated….wait…what?  Wow, I must have been very distracted by the costumes.  Lotta chose The Spice Girls “Holler” and she had this cool rotating monolith, pyramid thing that supported the girls who were much better looking than the original spice girls…or as I like to call them….Sporty Spice, Barbie Spice, Freakish Spice and Super Scary Spice who landed Becks.  There were faders and all sorts of fun things going on while the ladies spiced up our evening in some very un-breathable fabrics.

7 LottaSelene and her sexy friends were up in the seven spot with another fun song, Girls Generation’s “Boys Out”.  Carolyna, AnieSevigny, YukioOnna and Kendle strutted on out on a fabulous Asian inspired set (I’ll be stealing it later Selene) and wore great black and white contrasting outfits with some top notch choreography.  It’s so great to take pictures with really tight choreography…well, easy…there’s a word and this song had me butt dancing and snapping while note taking.  It’s so nice to have Selene and her friends back with us after an absence and she always has us tapping our toes and bopping along with some great music and dancing.

8 SeleneOur final batter in the lineup (dear heavens…that must have been the Mets pitching to us because we batted around the lineup) was our own little chameleon, Queenie.  “Becoming a Geisha” from the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack set the scene.  She created the most lush Japanese tea house and garden…it was so serene.  While she was placing it I kept trying to hide in it somewhere that she couldn’t find me so I could just live there…permanently… She did an enchanting fan dance and managed to be both coy and sexy at the same time.  I’m a fan of those Japanese dance animations with the fans…they lend themselves to so many interesting and different dances, that I’m just thrilled that they exist. More dance animators have to do more creative and ethnic dances…we want them to do more great dances with!  I love that I never have any idea what Queenie is going to do from week to week…from spider to Geisha to alien to blue thing…every week is a surprise and she never disappoints.

9 QueenieWell, just like the Mets, that brought our show to an end. Another week gone…another Sunday night transitioning to Marvelous Monday…(blech).  Another night when our beloved fans cheered us on and braved camel poo, sandstorms, and the big mean scripto-thing that yells at us about how many scripts that we’re wearing.  We can’t wait to see you next week…and see what everyone’s wild imaginations come up with!  Catch you on the flip side!