Hello everyone! What a show we had and it celebrated one of my favorite holidays…..Halloween!! Lotta and I snuck into Winds under the dark of night and decorated the place…but that body down in front, we don’t know how that got there and we had nothing to do with it. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

1 Halloween

Our amazing hostess with the mostest, Annie, was back and looking as beautiful as always this week as a witch. All dressed up in orange and black she looked amazing up there! We don’t thank Annie enough for keeping us all in line, greeting the guests and making sure when SL rears its ugly lag filled head she lets everyone know what is going on. Thank you Annie for being such a great hostess!

2 Annie

Tonight, because I love Halloween, I asked Rebecca to let me do two acts. I have asked Winnie to review mine for me because I don’t really like writing about my own acts. Thank you Winnie!!

Up first this spooky evening is the wonderful Selene dancing to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I like Gaga a lot but she is like Halloween every day. This week Selene brought it! The curtain opened to her on a high stage in front of a huge skeleton that loomed over her but it didn’t end there!! There were two huge skeletons that rose from the sides of the stage that played the conga drums. Skeletons rose up and down from the floor that were chained to pedestals, she had skele-dancers shakin’ it up there with her and Selene was all done up for Halloween! Blood and gore and she even had a knife in her poor head. Awesome set, I didn’t know where to look first to take it all in!

3 Selene

Winnie was next but I have to tell a bit of a back story with this set. Winnie asks me to dance with her and of course I want to! She doesn’t tell me though that she wants me to dress as a clown. I don’t like clowns, not at all….honestly they scare me quite a bit. To dress as one was too much so Winnie being the awesome person she is, changed outfits just for me! Still creepy not clowish! We danced together as one person on a music box…but with it being Halloween and all the creepy things that happen then, the box split in two and so did we…dancing apart on two spinning music boxes only to come together as one again. The music was crazy creepy music box music….I don’t know where Winnie finds the music but it was fantastic!

4 Winnie

Devlin was next to dance for us this evening and he told us all to go to hell….actually that was just the title of the song…but Alice Cooper told us many times. Anyway, Devlin brought us to hell, a set full of lava and fire and smoke and skulls, hellfire and brimstone and…..I digress. Dev had a lot of cool effects this evening with fire and smoke rings and explosions. Not that I want to go to Hell, but that looked a little fun. Very hot set Dev!

5 Devlin

For a few minutes we rose out of hell, well some would debate that because we landed on the disco floor and we all know the love hate relationship some have with disco. I personally love disco and the song Path chose! Path boogied with his laser disco eyes to Born to be Alive……but he wasn’t alive at first…he was as dead as dead could be as a skeleton. With the power of the disco beat he was brought to life…HE’S ALIVE HE’S ALIVE!! What a cool act Path and it got us all dancing in our seats!

6 Path

(passes the blog over to Winnie)
We were plunged back into Hell as Queenie did a hot solo to Squirrel Nut Zipper’s “Hell”. Somehow, Kitten has made it through her entire life without ever hearing this song, which is hard to believe since I love it. She was also a little worried at rehearsal given the amount of fire being used in the set. I loved this set…I was considering knocking Queenie off and stealing it for myself, but well, that just seemed unsportsmanlike. She had such great detail…She had Dante’s Bar & flame club with a sign welcoming sinners, hot dancers upstairs, a skeleton band playing out front and fire…lots and lots of fire. Her hands were on fire, her feet left little trails of sparks and she was just the cutest mix of Queenie and devil I’ve ever seen 🙂 We all butt danced along with her and her unique reinvention of some of the most fun parts of Beetlejuice.

7 Queenie

Thank you Winnie!
Thank goodness Lotta came along and dragged us back out of hell and to her house, where she sang to and danced with her skeleton friend to the song Skeleton. I love this song and this act. Path was looking a little hungry (and still dead) as her skeleton friend that snuck about in her house and dance with her. I think we need to get him a sandwich. He was a silly skeleton following Lotta around and dancing with her. Awesome set and dance Lotta, one of my favorites!

8 Lotta

Poor Rebecca and Winnie, they dislike spiders so much and Kissmet and I have now tortured them both not only as spiders but the same song two weeks in a row. This week Kissmet was a very large Black Widow spider with long spider legs that encircled her. The song is Lullaby by The Cure and the video is right up there on the creep-o-meter! Kissmet took to the forest, looking for her prey amongst the trees and the fog, waiting for someone to wander by and get caught in her web. She was spooky and sexy all at the same time although Im not sure how I feel about that statement!

9 Kismet

(once again passes it over to Winnie)
The finale of the Halloween show was again Queenie…or as I like to think of her…”The Queen of Halloween”. What more fitting set for our show than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? The scene opened with a Theater advertising “Thriller” and Queenie Jackson bebopping out after the show with her best MJ moves on. She was even wearing the signature red leather that the king of pop made ubiquitous in the 80s. The theater faded away to reveal a spooky graveyard with lots and lots of fog and ZOMBIES!!! Yep, gross, bloody, monsters with extremely poor hygiene. Body parts dropping, guts hanging out…who dresses these people anyway? The still had some rhythm though, as as cast of friends joined her in the iconic dance which was soooooo much fun. The audience was thrilled, the dancers were thrilled…it was thrilling because it was THRILLER!!!

10 Queenie

Thank you Winnie for your help with the blog this week. Happy Halloween everyone and thank you for supporting the Winds and for coming to see us again this week. We will be back again next Sunday with a shiny brand new show for all of you! Until then….have a great week and watch out for the camels…they spit!