Hello lovelies, and welcome back to yet another review of a wild night in the desert! What is that you say? You missed it!? You are kidding me! Shame on you….no worries, we do this every Sunday at the same time, same place! Mmmmhmm 5pm slt…yes I do expect to see you there now!

We had a lovely evening of dance and gifts! Our prize ball was loaded with another very lovely gift card from Angelic Visions Antiques. Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad), who has generously given to the guests of Winds many times yet again donated a 500L gift card to a lucky winner. Congratulations to Mistryl Cambio (mistrylglyn)! Have fun shopping!!

Our lovely hostess this evening, Annie, was back (thank goodness) and looking amazing in her red, black and white dress. It was short, it was sexy, it was shimmery…I want that dress actually. Annie does an amazing job keeping the guests laughing in between sets, greeting them as they arrive and making sure they are having a wonderful time in the desert. The hostess gig isn’t as easy as it seems (I tried it last week) and I give her a big kudos for doing it so well and making it look so easy! We love you Annie!

Annie Hostess 1

I was on the docket twice this week…yes twice. Both sets were very, drastically, different in content though. My first set was to Sade’s No Ordinary Love and was an under the sea motif…I donned my crown and fins and dove in, literally, and discussed the fact that I might have, perhaps, kinda did my Siren thing and made a boat crash. I lamented over the loss of a sailor that I saved as he floated below the surface and into my arms. After I saved him I returned him to the surface with the promise to see him and love him FOREVER! Did you hear me!? FOREVER! What did he do? He *stomps fin* never returned to me. So I did what any other beautiful mermaid would have done…I sang again and waited for another sailor to appear. Oh well…maybe next time?

Queenie Mermaid 2

The water was swept off stage and holy hell fire and brimstone, Kyshra brought it with The Cult’s Fire Woman. Fire woman she was! This is one of my favorite sets of Kysh’s because as simple as it is, it is a feast for the eyes. The set is all black and Kysh is bathed in a brilliant aura of red. All around her she spins and swirls colors and particles making a fire effect….personally she made me sweat but it wasn’t because of the fire, it was that outfit she had on! WOAH Momma! Sexy and hawtness oooozed all over the place and we all bathed in its wonderfulness. (I may have made up a few words there). If you have not seen this dance performed before, ask her for an encore performance…it is worth it, but bring a towel…you will need to mop up all the sweat!

Kyshra Firewoman 3

As we caught our breath from the last act, the curtains parted to show us the ever changing Devlin…and boy was he a little different tonight. Where did the tall, dark and handsome Dev go? Well it seems he fell into that damn rabbit hole that Alice fell down and went through a few changes. His set was an Alice in Wonderland theme, complete with mad teacups and crazy mushrooms. I think Dev *may* have nibbled on one because he looked an awful lot like the Mad Hatter. Not all mushrooms have a good effect Dev, lesson learned. No matter, he fell into one hell of a party! The song was Partyman by Prince from the Batman soundtrack…no bats…all party! Excellent job Dev…now eat the cookies or something and come back to the Dev we all know!

Devline Partyman 4

The lovely Selene was next with her dance to Put the Gun Down by ZZ Ward. Selene did not take the advice of the song though, she wielded that gun as she danced on a very creative set. I am sure people noticed that she was dancing on a stage that resembled someone’s purse or make up table…but it was the hand mirror that caught my attention. It reflected the wall and images behind it. I loved it! There was a very huge hand reaching into the set holding onto a gun….finger on the trigger. What was this lady so angry about? Why was she holding a gun!? The song song told us that we could take her money but don’t you dare take her man! Selene was looking sultry in her short black dress and fedora and I’m sure kept the others at bay and kept her man….he better watch out though, I think she may have expert aim!

Selene Gun 5

From guns to the forest…no not a hunting theme here…Jilley brought us a very beautiful set to Art Garfunkel’s song Bright Eyes. The set was a forest grotto, an open area in the middle of the wilderness complete with butterflies, fluttering leaves, animals, sunbeams and flowers. The loveliest thing there was Ms Jilley wearing white and spinning gracefully in the sunlight. She was elegant and beautiful and totally had us there in the forest with her. It’s funny actually, the song is a beautiful one, no doubt, but I don’t remember a bit about it, I was so entranced by Jilley. Thank you Jilley for putting us under your spell and transporting us to your world for a few minutes. I was sad to see her sit down because the song was over and we had to come back to reality. Bravo, Jilley!

Jilley bright eyes 6

Remember at the beginning I said I danced two times tonight? Well here is set #2. This time I had a few helpers….very sexy, sultry, witchy helpers. I danced to Cupid Carries A Gun by Marilyn Manson. Funny thing, there was no cupid to be found. The song is featured on one of my new favorite shows called Salem. If you haven’t watched it…Nexfix binge on it, I promise you will like it. The 5 of us conjured up some wicked fun as we danced around the cauldron….bubble bubble toil and trouble calling all the spirits and the witches to us. We were deep in the forest surrounded by the darkness as we called out and cast spells…but we won’t tell what they were about…thats our secret. We ended the song by diving one by one into the cauldron…will this make us change shape? Will it cook us? Is this where we wait for an unsuspecting victim? Hmmm only we know!

Queenie Witch 7

Thank you once again to Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad) from Angelic Visions Antiques for the 500L gift card, and to our sponsors for their constant support and love for the dancers and for the art in SL and everyones constant support of Winds each and every week. We love what we do, thank you for allowing us to perform for you. Last but never least, thank you Rebecca for getting the tunes to us so we don’t dance in silence.

See you next week!! Have a great week in between!