After a long week off where our fearless leader was off on a RL adventure, we were back in action at the Winds on Sunday.  Cyllene had tasked us with another theme show, this time it was those most gloriously wild hair bands of the 80s.  Now that you know which decade I went to prom in…well, you can do what you want with that info!  This was a great theme; there is so much material, one hit wonders, bands with names that make perfect sense…White Snake, Scorpions, Queen…times were simpler…legwarmers were the norm and AquaNet ruled the world…or poisoned it depending on your perspective.

Queenie was gracious enough to help hostess in a pinch, and she was having a really tough night with her SL, so she deserves even more kudos for surviving a crash, an inventory issue and being in more than one set including her own and not freaking out and still looking stunning through it all and making sure that our guests were welcomed and well taken care of..so when you see her again….tell her she’s awesome, because she is!

10-4-2015 - Winds - Queenie2

Our first set of the evening was unusual, because it was Cyllene opening the show vs closing it….more RL…what can we say…it happens 🙂  She chose Def Leppard’s “Photograph” and lets face it…if ever there was an anthem for the 80s…that would be on the top 10 list. She was joined by nearly everyone including Jilley, Path, Jag, Queenie, Starlena Kitten, Amen, Lotta and Gracie. There is an outside chance I missed someone…and if I did I’m eternally sorry.  Amen was our front man belting out the tunes, Jilley was on guitar and so was Jag and props to Path…he managed to alpha out an arm to be our intrepid drummer!  There was much leather and denim…a few cows and a cotton farm made a LOT of money, and awesome lighting effects.  It was a great opener!

10-4-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

I was up next and I have to confess….I love Queen.  Freddy Mercury is a genius and he died entirely too soon.  As most folks know, I am a cancer survivor and I was inspired by a picture of Toysoldier Thor’s called Love’s Crush when I decided to perform to “Who Wants To Live Forever”.  I’ve never thought of this as a sad song…I find it somehow inspiring.  I used some fun effects, wet hair, rain, messy makeup….to dance in a graveyard in the rain and turned into an angel and flew away at the end.  It awesome that creators have made attachments that can set the mood in the rain.  It used to look odd…out there in the rain….perfectly coiffed….but I digress.

10-4-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Dev hit the stage next to David Lee Roth’s “Just A Gigolo”.  Lets face it, just saying the name of this song cracks me up…and Dev proceeded down a master staircase on a spare stage bedecked with curtains and some statuary and flowers and just knocked everyone out with a great dance that had us all smiling.  There was much hooting and calls for clothing to be divested and wolfwhisting to be had both in local and in group.  Thanks for making all of us smile Dev…you can be our gigolo any time you want 🙂

10-4-2015 - Winds - DevlinLotta and Path hit the stage next to the Scorpions’ “Winds of Change”.  In the spirit of confessing my prom sins…this was almost our prom theme, but cooler heads prevailed!  It’s always dicey when you give 17-year-olds a vote.  Still, I have to say, I do like this song…Aquanet and teased hair aside.  Lotta wore a cute little outfit that would have done the 80s proud and Path was looking good too…arm regenerated and all.  They danced a smokin’ duet with a changing backdrop that was great…they are a heck of a duo those two, and you can see how much they belong together when they dance.

10-4-2015 - Winds - Lotta

Jilley joined us next with a Whitesnake song I’ve never heard before…”Kitten’s Got Claws”..and well….meow…rawr….and that was a look that no cat lady that I’d ever worked with looked like!  She made Catwoman look downright dowdy.  She wore what appeared to be a see-through catsuit that left little to the imagination and a cat mask and tail and somehow that was sexier than most nekkid dances I’ve seen.  She danced on a street block deserted with the exception of her kitties who dutifully watched her dance and gathered around her at the end.  We really have to find a way to catch all that drool so we don’t have to do so much post show mopping…..

10-4-2015 - Winds - JilleyQueenie was our closing act for the evening and she chose another song that was new to me, Motley Crue’s “You’re All I Need”.  A pretty song. A set that was very thought provoking.  Her set opened with a screen that warned us that true things happen that people deem too “real” for the news and that life isn’t always pretty. The screen faded to crime scene and a body….our lovely Queenie…dead.  Her crime scene switched to a house where she and Jag danced and enjoyed each other, but then the scene changed and became…ugly.  They fought, she cried and ultimately Jag strangled her to death.  The scene faded back to the crime scene where officer Path arrested Jag.  Queenie is never afraid to go out and create a dance to a theme that might force us all to think and be a little uncomfortable.  I love that.  I love when my imagination and brain are forced outside of their comfort zone. Of course, the other thing I love about Queenie is that she believes I’m right in thinking that oreos are a food group.  It was a great set and I wanted to go out there and kick Jag’s arse, so I’m glad he didn’t get away with it.

10-4-2015 - Winds - Queenie1And that brought us to the end of another week in the desert. It was good to be back…my Sundays always feel a little empty when I don’t end the weekend with my friends.  We would like to thank Rebecca who quietly keeps us in line, makes sure that our songs are organized, runs our playlist, gets us all rehearsed and on task and cheers us on tirelessly.  She doesn’t get enough credit for all she does behind the scenes!  We would also like to thank all of you who come out to the middle of nowhere every week and dodge camel poo to spend an hour or so with us.  You all are great, and we appreciate your time and support and your encouragement and generosity, without which…well, our Sunday nights would be a lot less fun 🙂