Hello everyone! What an amazing show we had on Sunday. We had seven wonderful acts and it was a very special show with every dancer telling us some beautiful stories.

Starting the evening off was our ever sexy Annie wearing a little black number with pink bows on her hips. I think it could have been her lingerie but I’m not complaining! Not one bit. It was sexy and we, ok ok….. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her!

9-6-2015 - Winds - Annie

Starting the evening was the lovely Lotta dancing to Claude Debussy – Clair De Lune. Her set was a jewelery box on her owners dresser and she was the delicate ballerina dancer that spins and moves when the cover is open. I think every little girl had a jewelery box like this…so it brought back a lot of memories for many people. Lotta told us a story as she danced, that she was give to her owner for Christmas when she was five. She had wanted to be a dancer and would talk to her and tell her stories, her hopes and dreams. When she was 17 she rushed to tell her music box ballerina some exciting news! “She told me she applied to a dance school out of state and was accepted! The day she left for college she held on to me tightly on the road trip there. She’d go back to her dorm room every evening to tell me what she learned that day. Whether it be her normal studies or a new dance. She has worked so very hard at what she’s done in her life. So here I am now, on a messy dresser surrounded by things…. She may not be that famous ballerina, but she sure loves being on Broadway!” There were many comments from the audience as well as the other dancers about how much this story/dance meant to them and hit a special place in their hearts. Beautiful job Lotta we all loved it!

9-6-2015 - Winds - Lotta

After we wiped a tear away, up next was Devlin dancing to TSO-Believe. I had never heard this song before but I liked it a lot. One line in the song stuck with me and that was “All I ask of you is to believe”. His set was night time with twinkling stars all around us as the whole theater was transformed. Devlin danced amongst the fog and the stone ruins and I know I got so engrossed in watching it and didn’t look around me at the rest of the theater until the end. I loved the stars that hung and rotated from the ceiling. Awesome job Devlin!

9-6-2015 - Winds - Devlin

The fog cleared and showed us an underwater scene…next was Gracie dancing to Release The Kracken by [Dubstep] Deadzone.
This was a very cool set with Gracie dancing under water dressed as a very sexy Kracken herself amongst the sunken ships and sea creatures. I loved her outfit and actually asked her what she was wearing because I want to purchase it myself! She swam her way closer to us as the heavy dubstep beat filled our ears until the end when she swam away from us and was taken in by another Kracken. The visuals were so well done with this set, most excellent job Gracie!

9-6-2015 - Winds - Gracie

Cyllene danced for us two times this evening, the first dance being to The Counting Crows-Colorblind. Cyllene did not dance alone, she danced with Marvin. We have seen Cyllene dance with Marvin before in her sets at Winds. As you can imagine, with a title like Colorblind, this set started out all in black and white. There were two rooms, each with a large piano. Cyllene was wearing black and Martin was wearing white. All around them on the walls were black and white pictures of couples, holding hands, faces together, images of love. One line from the song was “Coffee black and egg white, I am ready I am fine”. This song is about love and love being colorblind. We are told that love sees no color and that people fall in love for many reasons and color, size, nationalities, age…mean nothing. This song is an excellent example of that message. As they danced, the set changed to color, yet Cyllene and Marvin remained in black and white. They danced together under the stars, in love, colorblind.

9-6-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 1

Next to the stage was Pathmaker and Coco dancing to Apache-Sacred Ground. I have seen this set before, and it is one of my favorite sets of Path’s. The set began with Coco dancing in front of the curtain, telling us a story “Eagles disappear into the sun surrounded by light from the face of Creation; then scream their way home – with burning Messages of mystery and power. Messages for holy places; where snow thunder warns; and summer winds whisper; this is Sacred Ground”. The curtains part and we see Path, dancing around a fire. She dances to him and they dance around the stone circle until they come together. Path continues the story that Coco began. “I stray onto sacred ground; The resting place of souls bygone. I search for you under the moon. This was our place; The fertile earth from which the black rose of our love took seed.” Sadly as we watch, we see Coco fade away to a ghost of her former self. They embrace and she floats away from him, towards the trees, towards her resting place. “It is here too that our love died, a fitting place for something that is no more. It is such a moving set, so beautifully done. Simply amazing Path and Coco!

9-6-2015 - Winds - Path

Up next was me. I always get to this point and struggle with what to write about my own act. I danced to Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper ft. Sarah McLachlan. Being a child of the 80’s, I sang this song a lot and wore it out as I played it on a cassette….yes kids a cassette. My set was images of large clocks layed out behind an image of a clock imposed on a set of railroad tracks. I danced around the clock, the passage of time, time after time. This was a different version of the song you would remember from the 80’s when Cyndi was hugely played on the radio. I love how their voices blend to make this song even more beautiful than it already is.

9-6-2015 - Winds - Queenie

The final act of the evening was Cyllene & friends doing a very sexy, sultry dance to Tito and Tarantila-After Dark. If you have seen the movie From Dusk to Dawn, you remember this scene with Salma Hayek dancing on the tables. One word…HOT. As Cyllene danced for us, she turned the heat up a little more (if that was at all possible). “Pirouettes gracefully, her silky bronze skin glimmering in the candle light. Her breasts rise and fall as her excitement grows, the thin fabric of her costume barely concealing them. She gazes out toward the crowd, toward you…”
She danced down the stairs, towards the audience beckoning them to join her, to “give her what she desires. Offer her your soul and embrace her in the darkness” which I am sure many were more than willing to offer! What a sexy way to end the evening…phew!

9-6-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 2

Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors that support The Winds week after week (Anekee, Kitten, Votarn & Winnie) and thank you to everyone that comes and watches and supports us as we put on a new show every Sunday. We love to see all of you enjoying what we dancers love to do. Thank you to our fearless DJ, Rebecca as she makes sure week after week we all have music to dance to.

See you on Sunday September 13th!