It was the last Sunday of the month, which means it was time for the theme show of the month…and this months flavor du  jour was Fleetwood Mac.  Love, love, love….Fleetwood Mac…it may even have been my suggestion to do a show with the theme.  Disclaimer….a couple of years ago, when Winds first opened I went to see a show and it was a Fleetwood Mac show…I fell in love, applied for a job and never looked back 🙂

Annie was our hostess with the mostess, in a cute little steampunkish burlesque outfit replete with a hat.  She did some serious research on FM and was able to provide our fans with tons of trivia in between sets which was lovely since SAM decided to develop an agenda of his own and we had to threaten him with a hammer to play the songs that we wanted, when we wanted them.  Way to go Annie!

8-30-2015 - Winds - Annie

Just like that we were off on our musical adventure with Mick, Christine, Stevie and Lindsey.  Queenie kicked us off with “Tusk”.  In true Queenie style, there was a vastly detailed aboriginal set with Gracie roasting on a spit, Jag on deck for our second course and Queenie wearing…well, really, um….a loincloth and mohawk and body paint.  She was a vision! There was much commenting about Gracie having enough seasoning, BBQ sauce…if people were breast or thigh lovers…and all the while our delightful little cannibal danced her way around dinner 🙂  Thank heavens I only had to write about it and not take pictures, because it’s hard to focus your camera when your wiping tears of laughter out of your eyes!

8-30-2015 - Winds - Queenie

You may ask yourself…how do you follow that up?  With Nova of course.  Nova chose “Rhiannon”. She was stunning on a set themed in green with tiny lightning bug like particles and birds flitting about here, a true woman of the earth….capturing the essence of the song with her leafy costume and fantasy set. She ended with some really cool particle effect on her hands and feet as well.  It was a great dance and I want to see it again!

8-30-2015 - Winds - Nova

Next up was Ariel who chose one of my personal favorite songs, “Landslide”.  She wore sort of shredded silks and her set was a simple but bucolic scene with some rain and an old barn and trees with a background that looked like she took a picture straight out of an ad campaign for vacationing in Wyoming. It was so pretty and her dance animations were wonderful and different…prompting me to bug her about where she got them!  A wonderful tribute to a great song 🙂

8-30-2015 - Winds - Ariel

Devlin took the stage next to “Seven Wonders”.  It was a banner night for the greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac.  Devlin created another gorgeous set with a large weeping willow and sunbeams which he danced it.  It was another set straight out of a travel catalogue..apparently FM inspires some sort of outdoorsy vibe in all of us.  Dev outdid himself with this build and his dance was great!  Truly one of the seven wonders.

8-30-2015 - Winds - DevlinOur outdoorsy them was carried on by me.  I chose “Never Going Back Again”.  It a cute little song, not very long and I made a fantasy trailer park to live in where I could escape RL and enjoy myself and never go back. I scored these awesome dogs at Collabor88 and had to use them.  I did have a field day with animations and even did some gymnastics…I mean….where can you do backflips at my age, if not in SL?  It’s a fun song..ergo…fun animations!

8-30-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Bringing us back down to earth and out of the wild was Selene along with Thunder.  Selene chose “As Long As You Follow” a beautiful ballad.  She and Thunder did a l couples dance a midst their memories in their house.  It was so pretty and there was much talk of mushy love and happiness.  Who doesn’t get all mushy inside to a great love song?  It’s like a s’more…all ooey gooey and yummy in the middle…

8-30-2015 - Winds - Selene

Just like that…with the whoosh of the curtains…we were back outside again.  Kyra chose “Gypsy”.  I couldn’t have picked a more perfect song for Kyra.  It was exactly the song I hoped she would dance to.  She had a little laundry out at her camp and she was wearing this perfect gypsy outfit.  Her dance was free wheeling and fun and pretty, just like you would imagine any gypsy doing in the woods.  Free and doing exactly what she wants…no rules…no regrets.

8-30-2015 - Winds - KyraBringing us home for the evening (sorry about the second baseball analogy) was the one and only Cyllene.  She chose “The Chain” and I’m pretty sure that no one in the history of SL has ever made chains look quite that good.  Her stage was spare, brick with a large animated texture slideshow behind her.  All the while, clad in nothing but a headdress of sorts  and a teensy outfit..which disappeared was one nekkid and sultry Cy…chained to her set.  It was hot!  I’m searching for another synonym…so er HAWT?8-30-2015 - Winds - CylleneAnd just like that…it was over.  Time flies and yada yada yada.  It was a really good show. It was a great show! Once again, we were close to capacity and were able to share our enthusiasm for some classic music with some classy fans.  Thank you all for joining us, inspiring us and supporting us week after week.  We can’t wait to slide into fall and the ever-fun holiday season with all of you riding along with us on camel back! (mind where you step when you dismount….>.<)