It’s Monday, and we all know that means it’s time for the review of Sunday’s show.  The theater was at capacity as Iggy Pop serenaded us..We had an eclectic mix to be sure last night from bondage to Beyonce and beyond!  Either way, when you have that big a swing, everyone should be able to find something to make them happy 🙂

Kyra was our hostess for the evening, and she looked stunning and sexy as always.  Now, those of you who are regulars may have noticed that as far as height goes, Kyra is a whole lotta lady in a little package!  She looked stunning in her navy gown, but it didn’t go unnoticed that when she was standing near the mic, she looked a little like she had taken a wrong turn to an interview with Lebron James where no one could adjust the mic.  You know I love you Kyra!

8-23-2015 - Winds - Kyra Hostess

Kyra was also our first act for the evening.  Now, we all know Kyra likes a good rock song.  Kyra chose Korn “Freak on a Leash”. We also know that Kyra leans toward the non traditional with her choreography and sets.  She loves to use the whole stage, and the curtain opened with a bucolic park scene…people sitting, playing with their dogs and a nice pretty fountain in the middle.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Rich was milling around near a dog house….when out comes Kyra, dressed in nothing but some flimsy material and chains…and on a leash…crawling on all fours.   They made their way around for a walk…Kyra snuck up on two legs and actually worked in a dance with Rich, but alas….she was back on all fours and in the doghouse for the ending.  I wonder what she did to get in so much trouble??

8-23-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Following that act up was Nova.  She was pretty in a black flowy dress on a dock with a piano.  She chose “Alice” by Bianca Ryan featuring Chloe Lukasiak.  Nova shared with the group that this song was inspired by her nana who had passed away from cancer a while ago.  She performed a beautiful dance that ended with a gate to heaven and light coming from the heavens while she sprouted wings.  It was a lovely dance and her nana would have been proud. I hope she forgives me for telling you the story behind the dance, but it was a tearjerker for all of us, and who doesn’t love their nana?

8-23-2015 - Winds - Nova

Lotta took the stage next to “Elements” by Lindsey Stirling.  Lotta was Air, Queenie was Fire, Ariel was Water and Gracie was Earth.  I have a thing for Lindsey Stirling and love her songs. The set was black, accentuated by some wild depictions of the elements and the ladies were purple…actually purple and they each had a particle effect that represented their element. It was psychedelic! It was visually stunning and graphic and a great interpretation.

8-23-2015 - Winds - Lotta

Next up was Devlin, who chose the Dresden Dolls “Missed Me”.  I love the Dresden Dolls…just adore them, so I was excited to see what Dev would come up with.  He had a very steampunk set, which went very well with the song.  He had gears and machines and a cool, funky arch that framed him as he wiggled his way around to the enjoyment of the fans…especially the ladies 🙂

8-23-2015 - Winds - Devlin

Jilley was back this week with her interpretation of “The Last of Her Kind” by Peter Gundry.  She was stunning in an outfit from PeKas as a fairy, with a white set of a frozen pond and dock accentuated by some blue fairy lights and just a touch of pink on her shoulders.  It was stunning.  She pirouetted and flew and pirouetted some more in an ethereal interpretation that was a breath of fresh air and beauty for all of us. Glad to have you back Jilley!

8-23-2015 - Winds - Jilley

Bringing us back to earth was another returning dancer, Selene.  She chose Tim McGraw’s “Down on the Farm” and it was a hoot!  Her set was hysterical, all the characters had chat bubbles over their heads letting us know what was up with them.  It was like watching pop up video on VH1 🙂  Selene was joined by Thunder Starr and Carolina Bikergrrl and poor River Lemondrop who had managed to step in something unfortunate according to her bubble.  It was fun and inventive and I’m glad I took lots of pictures of my own so I could read all the bubbles I missed.

8-23-2015 - Winds - Selene

Queenie was all business, since she runs the world…or at least Beyonce says so…actually, it’s “Who Runs the World”…girls obviously, so she was joined by Lotta, Ariel, Gracie and myself because of course you need lots of pretty girls to point out we are who y’all need to pay attention to!  Some songs are just fun, and this is one of those songs.  We got to dance in a fun, post-apocalyptic type set (presumably because the men made it that way) and boogie our hearts out with some great Beyonce moves.  Whoot!  Watch out menfolk…we’re coming to take over and we look HOT!

8-23-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Our closer was the one and only Cyllene…ok….the one and only Cyllene spelled that way….at Winds…but just kidding, I know who inspires me weekly and I look forward to every single set, never knowing what I’m going to see, but knowing I’m going to love it.  I think that recently, she’s been on a shopping spree at the Dembo Gacha Haven…because I recognize some great outfits from there….hmmmmmmm……Ok, back to it.  She came out as a mermaid in the ocean with shipwrecks, octopuses (octopi?) and sharks and she whirled all over…causing me a lot of difficulty taking pictures…and then…poof…the ocean went away and she emerged from the depths covered in….seaweed??  Well, I’ve come out of the ocean covered in seaweed, but I’ve never looked that good…and it appears that when she found her legs she lost most of her clothes…but the seaweed was strategically placed…  It was really stunning, and she looks good, even with a green tinge about her 🙂

8-23-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

And just like that…it was over.  Another show in the books.  Another wonderful evening with friends and fans.  Another Sunday which was brought to you by….YOU!  Our fans are awesome and we couldn’t do it without you each week, so thank you so much for spending another Sunday with us in the desert…just mind the camel poo on your way back home….