Well hello there! I’m back! *Sips her coffee, wiping some sand from the corners of her eyes and ponders the show from Sunday at Winds of the Sahara.* Phew! What a show it was too! I hope you didn’t miss it!

Our beautiful hostess was Annie Panties wearing a gorgeous teal gown that was so slinky the only panties there were in her name! Someone asked her if she paid the full price for the gown since only half was there *giggles*. I loved it and it was as beautiful as our sexy Annie.

8-16-2015 - Winds - Annie

The always gorgeous Winne took the stage first tonight wearing a beautiful flowing Kimono. Her set was a Japanese pergola with colorful flowing silks attached around the top, off to the side a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. We watched entranced as she did a slow fan dance underneath the pergola. Winnie moved gracefully to the beautiful music and the cherry blossom leaves fell gently from the tree while it swayed in the breeze. A very simple, beautiful set that let us focus all our attention on Winnie and her beautiful dance. Thank you Winnie!

8-16-2015 - Winds - Winnie

The lovely Lotta was next on the stage dancing to Steampunk Pixie! When the curtains opened we saw that Lotta was a cute little steampunk pixie too! Dancing on a vintage steampunk-looking stage we watch as Lotta came through the parted curtains and gears to dance around a rotating rusted pixie statue. One thing was different this time though, this little pixie also removed her clothes! What is not to enjoy with that happening? I say nothing! I loved the retro beat to the song…it had a rockabilly feel to it and you couldn’t help but dance in your seat to it. Great job Lotta!

8-16-2015 - Winds - Lotta
When the curtains opened we saw Ariel and her sexy assistant, Devin dancing through the forest to The Colors of the Wind. This is from the Disney movie Pocahontas…but I have to tell you, I don’t remember Pocahontas looking as sexy as Ariel, wearing a very revealing black outfit. It is no wonder Captain John Smith was attracted to her! They moved together through the trees and around the forest ending their dance together on top of the waterfall overlooking the forest and valley below.
Excellent set and dance Ariel!

8-16-2015 - Winds - Ariel

Next to rock the Winds stage was Kyra! Her set was a little gruesome, I know i saw a body under that rug! She came out looking adorable in a short little outfit and super high heels asking us to follow her into the jungle…but I don’t think she meant *that* jungle, this was the urban one where the song told us there “ain’t no God on the streets”. She moved around the stage and stripped off her clothing one piece at a time revealing her sexy self. I’d follow her looking like that, dead bodies under rugs or not! WOOT you go Kyra!

8-16-2015 - Winds - Kyra

From the urban jungle to a bicycle race! I was up next dancing to Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls. I had 4 very sexy dancers (Lotta, Ariel, Winnie & Gracie) with me wearing booty shorts and teeny tops! Setting the stage with some British flags and a rotating section of stage we moved from our bicycles to the center of the stage showing off our scantly clad bottoms…after all they make the rockin’ world go round! This song comes from the album “Bicycle Race” and I was reminded of a little tidbit of information about the making of this album! The video to the song that was also the title of the album became “scandalously famous for featuring 65 naked women, all professional models, racing at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium. The group rented the stadium and several dozen bikes for one day for filming the scene; however, when the renting company became aware of the way their bikes were used, they requested that the group purchase all the bicycle seats.” No Toysoldier Thor, that wasn’t my behind on the picture on the stage….

8-16-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Cyllene was the last performer this evening, and she brought some sexy and exotic friends with her tonight. She did a Japanese dance with Rebecca and Kitten all wearing beautiful and barely there sexy Geisha dresses as they danced first at a Japanese Tea House. Then, in true Cyllene fashion the set changed to a mountain top where the three beautiful women continued to dance for our viewing pleasure. I loved how it really felt like you were on the mountain top, with the fog and the snow-covered mountain peaks. It was breathtaking! Stunning job as always Cyllene!

8-16-2015 - Winds - Cyllene
Thank you to everyone that attends our shows week to week. We dance for the love of dance and we love to dance for you! Special thanks to that wonderful DJ of ours, Ms Rebecca! Without her it would be so quiet in there you could hear the camels chewing! Until next week, watch where you step out there in the desert!