If you weren’t able to be at Winds on Sunday, you were in the minority as the sim approached 60 for our weekly show.  The lovely Kyra was our hostess and she was stunning in her white dress, ably revving up the crowd and the dancers for curtains up.  Our guests were also able to hit the raffle ball for a gift card from our dear friend Rhi Skinstad who once again offered up her generosity to let one lucky avi shop at Angelic Visions Antiques.

8-9-2015 - Winds - Kyra Hostess

Our opening act was Jag, who is returning to the stage after a little hiatus.  He fired up a set to Shaka Punk’s “Run Run Run” and Queenie and Lotta joined him onstage which was straight out of “Running Man”.  I’m sure this movie has been redone since I saw it, but I was right back rooting for Arnold Schwartzenegger (the Governator) in my head.  I loved the costumes, I’m a huge sci fi nerd and Jag even jumped into the tube and was launched away, just like the movie!  Welcome back Jag…we’ve missed you!!

8-9-2015 - Winds - Jag

Number two on the docket was the ever lovely and sexy Lotta.  Except for tonight.  Tonight she was a taco.  The kind you eat.  At taco bell.  With shredded cheese.  She came out in all of her taco goodness to the strains of Weird Al Yankovich’s “Taco Grande”.  It was adorable.  It was hysterical.  My absolute favorite part was at the end when she actually ended up on the plate and blended in with the other taco on the plate.  Thank you cracking us up Lotta!!

8-9-2015 - Winds - Lotta

It was a banner night for the ladies at Winds when we were graced with our second sexy man in tight fitting clothes…Devlin!  Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” was the inspiration for his super sexy set.  Now, in real life, I have a horse and we have barn staff and none of them look like Dev.  Of course, most of them are 17 year old girls, but either way…the dudes look nothing like that!  NOTHING.  I will say this for our sexy cowboy….if he is planning on getting on a horse, it helps to have jeans that still have some denim left on the butt cheeks because saddles are somewhat unforgiving 🙂

8-9-2015 - Winds - Devlin

Our fourth act was..well…me.  I was having one of those weeks where be-bopping to Walk the Moon’s “Shut up and Dance with Me” was so firmly stuck in my head that it had to be my dance.  I found a fun texture and wrapped it around everything I could find and convinced Ariel, Queenie, Lotta and Kitten to join me for a primary color inspired romp to a wildly fun song.

8-9-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Our hostess with the mostess was up next…and made the best of a situation where somehow a few rez boxes appear to have been relocated without our knowledge.  After injuring a minor section of the guests and filling out some insurance forms, Miss Sex Kitten herself appeared to Sixx A.M.’s “Lies of the Beautiful People”.  I do believe our little witchy witch may have found what she thought was going to be a nice village where she could put down some roots, but the courtroom where she ended up tells me that it probably didn’t make Money Magazine’s top 10 cities to retire in!

8-9-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Kyra managed a miraculously fast costume change and was back out front to introduce our next act, Queenie, who chose Ego “The Crazy Things We Do”.  Such a nice, vanilla song name….no intimation that it would involve Queenie, Ariel and I as gorillas and Path and Lotta as bananas dangling from trees.  There are no words to describe this dance, and frankly I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Earlier in the week in the dancer’s group chat, there was this odd question about “how do bananas grow on trees?”.  Let this be a lesson….beware where things like this can lead!

8-9-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Once we all regained our composure…staff and audience alike, our fearless anchor, the lady who is so cool she has two first names…Cyllene took to the stage to Lorde’s “Royal”.  I have had many ideas about what to do with this song, but Cy found one that I never dreamed of.  She entered as the Queen…did a little fancy waving…sat on her throne and whirled out of site, like one of those cool secret rooms in Young Frankenstein when Gene Wilder leans on the fireplace and it turns?!?  We were left with a back alley sort of scene with some lawn chairs and our queen with her friends, Rebecca and Kyra and they were joined by Amen and Kitten as the court jesters.  It was another stunning set from the very special brain that belongs to Cy.  I never cease to be amazed at her artistic vision.

8-9-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

That brings us to the final curtain.  Once again, we were lucky to have such wonderful and generous fans without whom there would be no Sunday show at Winds.  Thank you all for finding your way to the desert, navigating the camel poo and spending your evening (or day, or obscenely late night) with us in our little oasis.  We can’t wait to welcome you all back next week!