Welcome back to Winds everyone! If you didn’t happen to notice, we moved….yes I know…AGAIN! We had to, you see the camels were making a mess of the old sim. We tried to keep it under control but it got away from us, so in true SL fashion (because if I moved this much in RL I would cry) we packed up and found our new home in the desert! Lots of sand, the camels are happy, and so are we. Now, on with the show! It was the Roaring 20’s at Winds on Sunday. The inside of the building was transformed over night into a large speakeasy. I personally loved the curtain, I love the art deco look. It added a special feeling to the evening and got us all in the mood. Even if you forgot the special knock and password, we were rather lenient and allowed everyone in. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Every seat was filled for the sold out-full-to-the-rafters-closed-the-sim-down show! Psst, we even had to open it a little higher to get some stragglers in, believe it or not. We all pushed on the ceiling and BOOM a few more fit in!

Annie was back this week in a gorgeous purple gown that flowed around her legs as she moved gracefully on the stage and greeted all our guests to the show. Annie always makes the stage look that much prettier, don’t you agree?

8-2-2015 - Winds - AnnieWhen the music started, it was a heavy dance beat….it got your toes tapping and your butt-a-dancing! It was a Zoot Suit Riot and Ariel was leading the pack! The set was a black and white speakeasy and the dancers..wait not dancers…”.Dolls and Zoots” thank you very much, were all dressed for an evening of dancing and running from the cops! They shimmied and jitterbugged across that floor and those strong men (Jag, Alex and Devlin) flipped the women (Gracie, Starlena and Kyra) around and danced the night away! Those nasty SL gremlins were determined to keep one of the dancers out, but she fought back and was suddenly popped back into the set and all was right! It was a fun, upbeat song and set and it makes me want to learn to dance like that! Excellent job Ariel! You created a “Riot” for sure!

8-2-2015 - Winds - Ariel

The Zoots and Dolls raced into hiding as the set was changed into a very sexy blue room lit with many candles that cast shadows here and there, flickering in the low light. There were heavy, dark blue curtains that added to the mysterious atmosphere. Lotta appears from the shadows in a flowing white gown and…what is this? A cauldron? It’s bubbly and frothy and…and….green! Sniffing the air it smelled good…what was Lotta going to be cooking in there? She had books cast about on the floor as if she was looking for the perfect potion. There was one ingredient missing though…hmmm what could it be? Well if you were wondering? It was her lover…and he was suspended from the ceiling above that bubbly pot of potion! Tainted Love…hmmm…was she adding him to the potion or was she going to cook him and that is why it is tainted? We will never know because he was never dipped in there but Lotta cast her spell on him, and on us as well. Poor helpless Path was left hanging (enter cackle laugh here) and so were we! You seduced us and had us under your spell.

8-2-2015 - Winds - Lotta

The curtains closed and someone cut Path down, and thank goodness they did because he was up next! Path and Lotta performed an act called Shadow Dancers, which was so pretty to watch! The stage was all black except for them and they were naked except for splattered colored paint on their bodies and rainbow streamers in their hands. As the moved and danced the streamers sprayed colors around them, wrapping them across their bodies and the stage, creating a sharp contrast against the black stage. I found this dance to be very sensual and almost intimate at times. I loved how at one point when they danced together, Path’s hand wandered to Lotta’s backside and she continued to push his hand back into place time after time. I noticed many audience members liked that part quite a bit as well. The dance told a story and the colors painted the scene, it was wonderful Path! Thank you for sharing it with us.

8-2-2015 - Winds - Path

The stage cleared and we were suddenly out of the dark and into a hotel lobby. Guess who was there to make sure it was neat and tidy? Ms Kyra herself, all dressed as a chambermaid, waiving her feather duster, leaving a trail of dust behind her as she danced from here to there. Dusting this and that, she descended the stairs and into the lobby area, and out into the audience dusting them off as well. I loved the direct audience interaction and the comments they had as she neared closer to them. The song was jazzy and fun, one that would help the cleaning process along with out a doubt! It was called Parov Stelal Chambermaid Swing, and swing we did!! She was swinging her duster and we were swinging in our seats. Finally feeling like she had dusted enough, she was back on stage leaving us with one question…where is the Swiffer Kyra? That could have cut your work in half!

8-2-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Hotels to Hospitals…that is where we landed next. This hospital was a little different than your friendly neighborhood E.R.. There were 4 sexy dancers Winnie, Queenie, Lotta and Ariel, all dressed in Nurse’s uniforms. There was one final person there and that was the patient, Path. He staggered about the stage after laying on a bed of ice to cool his “Fever”. The song, if you haven’t guessed it was Fever by Peggy Lee but this one was a bit of a remix, a bit jazzier, a bit sexier, and the four nurses didn’t hurt that. The dance began with the nurses dancing on beds, large needles in hand, watching the poor patient. The beds moved and danced along with the dancers making this like no other hospital I have ever seen before but would attend without hesitation…..minus the needles, thanks.

8-2-2015 - Winds - Winnie

The orderlies came in and cleared out the hospital, disinfecting their way out in order for our next act to begin. Our next dancer was our Big Bad Handsome Man, Devlin. Appearing in a pin striped suit and fedora against a retro gold, green and red stage, Devlin danced before us showing us just how handsome he is! As he moved across the stage, the women in the audience swooned along…maybe next time he can leave his hat on?

8-2-2015 - Winds - Devlin

The room was moved out and the champagne was moved in! Sitting outside the curtains, Jag played a piano, all dressed up in his tux, waiting for them to open. When they parted we saw a staircase in the middle of a grand room, the champagne flowed from two large bottles and I danced down the stairs “Drunk in Love”. Wearing a gold flowing gown I descended the stairs towards the audience, finishing my set sitting on the piano with my own glass of champagne! I love love love retro, art deco and the Roaring 20’s, this set was fun to make and the song was so wonderfully redone. Later I passed out straws to the audience because I couldn’t move all that champagne off stage or drink it all myself!!

8-2-2015 - Winds - Queenie

The last act of the evening was Cyllene and her many friends dancing at Cyllene’s Speakeasy to Gangster’s Paradise. From the outside, it was an ordinary street with a shop, Cyllene’s Embroidery Shop. The five women, Cyllene, Lotta, Starlena, Gracie and Rebecca were all in gorgeous flapper dresses dancing in the hidden speakeasy. When the evening was over they left and we finally got to see the outside as the set moved and changed to show us the street and shop. Path and Amen pulled up in trucks and danced with the beautiful women in the street (who could resist?). What was in those trucks? We can only assume. My only regret? I didn’t get the address or the secret password and knock to get back in there another time! Personally I loved how Cyllene made her set blend into the rest of the theme of the building. Awesome set, as always!

8-2-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

If you missed it, shame on you, but we will do it all over again, new date (Sunday August 9th) , same time (5pm SLT)! All new songs and acts for your eyes to feast upon. Hope to see you there!

Thank you to everyone that supports Winds and helps us put on awesome shows every week, we couldn’t do it without you!