Yep, step right up ladies and gentlemen…two blog postings for the price of one this evening!  Looks like it takes Queenie and I time to get our acts together, both in RL and SL 🙂

I know that Queenie hinted that there is a special theme for this weekends show, and let me preface this review by saying that I am extremely bitter that I have to go away for a long weekend with friends and go to a wedding and won’t be able to do it 😦 Ok, whining is done, I’ll just have to save my song and do it another Sunday.

Well, our lovely Ariel has chosen a favorite of mine.. Zoot Suit Riot by the Cherry Poppin Daddies…and let’s face it…who can’t conjure up a smile just reading the name, let alone listening to the song?

So here’s another little tease, even if the them isn’t coming together quite yet….I couldn’t start you off with an easy one!