Hey all!  I’ve decided to kidnap the site and give everyone a little insight into what goes into a routine when I create one.  Who would be interested in this you might ask? I’m not sure, but Rebecca was looking for us to contribute to this awesome blog, so this was my Pfirst idea 🙂

There are a lot of different ways that dancers get their inspiration, but for me, it’s almost always a song.  I misspent my youth as a figure skater with a side of ballet.  As I wound my way up the competitive ladder, I always picked unusual music and did my own choreography.  When I hear a song, I almost always get a picture in my head and therein lies the inspiration.

It’s a lot easier to do on ice with your own legs than inworld with a finite number of dance animations.  It’s also hard not to always use the same animations that you get used to and like.  I constantly try to find new ways of putting together what I have so that it doesn’t look to me  like I’m dancing the same dance to different music.

I really love all kinds of music.  It is not a stretch to say that I will go to the opera and then clean the house to some Metallica.  I know that I do “pretty” and I do “quirky” but I also like to do hip hop and pop and every once in a blue moon….sexy.  I never know which song is going to catch my ear, but once it’s stuck there, I have to do something with it.

Then…there’s the building.  Sets are so foreign to me.  I started dancing at Blue Moon.   If we had 12 prims to work with, it was a miracle.  If I was a pirate…well…I stuck a parrot onstage.  Nai has lovely backdrops, so we would pick from all the ones that he had loaded and go on from there.  If we wanted a special one, he would make one for us, but they were just three panels with textures on them (pick your jaw up…it gets crazier).  The stage there is the size of a postage stamp.  Diawa Bellic once pointed out that it looked like I was dancing in a phone booth…..No movers because if you moved anywhere you landed in the audience 🙂

Needless to say, when I came to Winds it was a whole new world to me.  I had to get a build platform.  I had to learn how to use a rez box, movers, how to make a linkset, what in god’s green earth a linkset was….rootprim…huh?  Fade? Script? Rotate? Open the curtains, HUDS, Spot Ons, performance directors, stage managers… AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I have a full time job. so if a get a couple of hours a day inworld it’s a miracle.  I took cram classes from anyone and everyone that would teach me.  Thank heavens that the dancers in SL are by an large a gracious group who are able and willing to impart their knowledge to someone like me in a way that I can actually understand.  I work in finance.  I don’t have a graphic arts background or a “techie” background, so it really was like learning another language.

Having said all that, I love the end product.  I love the fact that I can make something out of nothing.  I’m still learning with sets, but I feel much more comfortable with them.  I’ll never be Chrissy or Maar, but I’m ok with that (and hope you are too!). For me, my bare bones early years taught me that you can make someone laugh or cry without the Empire State Building behind you, but I have come to appreciate how the stage behind me can enhance the whole dance.

Well…there it is….Winnie in a nutshell…the crazy one with the crazy names 🙂  I look forward to seeing you all again this weekend when I hope that I can bring a wee bit of joy and laughter into your evening, because you all give me a place where I can express myself and explore my more artistic side.

xoxo…. Winnie Whatevertheheck

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