Hello boys & girls! *waves from behind the computer screen*. This is my very-first-time -ever blog. Don’t shoot me if it’s terrible…I’m just hoping I don’t make a fool of myself and get fired. It was all a-buzz backstage tonite as the dancers primed their huds and danced around making sure they were ready to put on a kick-ass show for you. I have to say, they delivered and sealed that up with a bang, but more on that in a bit. Upon arriving at Winds of the Sahara you are greeted by our lovely hostess with the mostess, Annie, was looking deliciously stunning in her cream and black gown. She danced and chatted with everyone as they came in and took a seat, waiting for the curtains to part and the show to begin.

7-12-2015-winds-annieOh yes, did it begin! Up first tonite was the very hot in her Gothly dead appearance, none other than the sexy Maar. We watched as the set was placed and….what was that? Are those zombies coming out of the curtain? Are they crawling towards us? Run Annie….RUN! We are not sure if these people are coming for us or escaping but either way I hid behind my chair…I just needed to run faster than the rest of you…that was my plan! When the curtains parted we were shown what was really going on back there. Marliyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” fills our ears and the beautiful people fill our eyes. Yes, they are Manson beautiful…with rotting flesh, carrying chainsaws, covered in blood, dead eyes and straight jackets…and thats just the beginning! Then we notice Maar, dressed in a sexy little black number dancing near a…what is that? An electric chair? Was she supposed to be in it? The people are all spread about on the stage as they seem to move about the asylum. Maar artfully dances amongst them as the search lights miss her, which makes me wonder, is she escaping? Is she a patient? A visitor? Where are the doctors and nurses anyway? One thing is for sure, if all the patients were as sexy as Maar, lock me up baby! Excellent dance and set Maar, it was spookysexycool!

7-12-2015 - Winds - Maar

Maar rounded up her patients and put them back in bed just in time for our next dancer to take the stage. Oh yes, more spooky things children! Hold on to the hand of another, because the next act was scary and sad all in one. The curtain parts and we take in the scene. There has been an accident…and the bus has crashed and is engulfed in flames. The rain is pouring down and no one is around. Looking at the bus we see it was headed to “nowhere”. It has seemed to crash in nowhere too. Nova comes out to “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert. The music begins and from behind the bus we see a ghostly woman appear…she is wearing a black gown and she moves to the front of the stage slowly. Was she in the bus when it crashed? Was she the reason it crashed? (wonders to self, what is it tonight with all the dead people?) With her transparent dress swirling around her ghostly frame she dances in the street, alone, under the street lights until she leaves the street and enters her house. Looking down upon a woman laying there we realize, that the woman in her bed is her and she is watching herself. WOAH! Creepy Ms Nova!! Well done!

7-12-2015 - Winds - Nova

Thank goodness that Devlin is next with something not so scary! Devlin seemed to have channeled Freddy Mercury in his jeans and leather jacket as he danced his way on the stage to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. There was a large juke box and two very cool floating hearts that seemed to change colors to the beat of the song. The audience danced in their seats and sang along as Dev shook his ass-ets for us. Is he enticing some lucky lady to try this crazy thing called love with him? Where is she? Don’t worry Dev, she is out there to be found! You keep shakin’ it baby and you won’t be able to keep them away! Excellent tune Devlin!

7-12-2015 - Winds - DevlinNext to grace the stage was Winnie but before I tell you about the set I have to tell you about the song she chose this evening, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police. Now, I love love love Sting and he doesn’t know it yet but he is the future Mr. Queenie Acacia once the restraining order is lifted. Winnie didn’t know, but this is one of my top 5 songs ever so I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do to this song. No pressure Winnie, no pressure! I was never able to get tickets to see The Police when they went on their final tour (other than the Police Officer that pulled me over….but I digress) but I have managed to see Sting in concert several times. When the curtain opened I was so excited to see what she had done that I could barely sit in my seat. There was a large magicians hat and several little white bunnies…but where is Winnie? Here she come flying, yes flying out of the hat on a broom. The little bunnies watched Winnie as she flew out over the audience, perhaps wondering when they were going to be able to get back in the hat. Coming back to the stage we see that she is wearing a cute little black and white dress and I tell you, if this is what witches look like, bring it on! She can cast a spell on me anytime because she sure cast one over the audience tonight!

7-12-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Up next was the 21st Century Fox herself, Selene! She danced her way onto the stage to 38 Special’s “20th Century Fox”. As the music began and the curtains opened we were up close and personal with a very large “20th Century Fox” logo. Lights! Camera! Action! The spot lights moved over the words slowly, illuminating the palm trees and we waited for her to appear. From between the words she comes out across the stage and dances for us in a large pool of light. Moving her body to the rocking beat she showed us why we would have hated to miss a movie if it started out like this! I personally hoped we might have seen some Hollywood skin while she shook what her mama gave her up there, but alas, she remained clothed! Excellent show Ms Selene!

7-12-2015 - Winds - Selene

I have come to the part of this blog that I find the most difficult…writing about my own act. I chose “One Last Time” by Arianna Grande. For those of you that don’t keep up with what is going on in the world of teen pop, Ariana was on a Nickelodeon show called Victorious and played Cat (a redheaded dingy high schooler) and then went on to her own show called Sam and Cat (Sam being from the other Nickelodeon show I-Carly). Now that you are all caught up and feeling hip to what’s new… I was joined by Lotta and Winnie as my sexy side kicks. The stage was a large abandoned warehouse that had been vandalized with graffiti. Coming out from behind a pillar I danced for the man that I loved so much but he had another (or so the song goes). One last time, one last moment, one last night…that was all she wanted. Lotta and Winnie joined me half way through the song, backing me up as I dealt with the loss of a love…that’s what your girlfriends do! Back you up, hold your hand and kick the dudes ass for making you cry….am I right girls!? Im usually not one to choose what I call bubblegum pop songs but something about this song made me love it. By the way, the video is pretty damn cool if you want to watch it!

7-12-2015 - Winds - Queenie

One final act….NO don’t say it is so!! Of course we know who that would be! The ever spectacular Chrissy! I don’t even know why I should write a review…we all know it was amazing! We would expect nothing less than jaw dropping, right? Okay, okay I will write one anyway for those of you that missed it! Try to picture the inside of a warehouse…its kind of dark. There is steam and security robots scanning the area and the audience… oh yes, and four very sexy women dressed in animal skins… and using the word dressed is stretching it a bit. *wipes drool*. The song “Desire” by Meg Myers fills the building. There is steam rising from the set…was that from the warehouse or was it from the heat coming off the stage? I don’t know but I had to fan myself because it was H A W T! These four sexies dance to the edge of the stage when POOF it disappears! What is this? The backdrop is now a sunset with trees that remind me of Africa or the Outback. The lovely women continue to dance as statues rise from the floor, one being a very large, very naked and shockingly headless man. Is he the center of their desire? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that these four women were the ones that needed to be worshiped! Excellent set and dance Chrissy! We were all left in a pool of sweat from the heat coming off the stage!

7-12-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

Phew! That was one hell of a show kiddies! If you missed it, don’t fear, we will do it all over again (as we do every week) on Sunday July 19th at 5pm SLT. Come early for a good seat. We can’t wait to see you there!

Also tonight we had a 500L gift card give away to Angelic Visions. Thank you to the wonderful Rhi for once again sponsoring our show this Sunday. She has been with us almost since we opened and her support is greatly appreciated. When you’re inworld take a few minutes and check out her store! There is even an easy to use link on the right side of our blog. I just know you’ll find something for your home! Congratulations to Alyss Reve who was the big winner of the night! Happy Shopping!!

We MUST thank our DJ because, let’s face it folks, without Rebecca we would be dancing to white noise, or worse yet…MY SINGING! She keeps the tunes flowing from early to late as everyone is invited to join in the after party on the roof of the Sahara! Come join us and dance the night away in the desert! Watch the camels, they spit!

Thank you to YOU, you lovely people that come and see us and love and support us. Without you, there is no Winds of the Sahara. We appreciate seeing your lovely faces each and every week. If I could, I would hug you all…but I can’t so I will give you each a little squeeze here (((HUG))). Thank you from each and every one of us!

Have a great week and we will see you on Sunday!