Well hello there boys n’ Girls! It’s that time again we review our Sunday show! Gawd, it feels like we just did this! Wait! We did! I hope you’ve had time to review the Celebration review, if not! Catch up!!! There’s lots to tell you! So Sunday, all of the dust from the celebration had settled and things fell right back into routine here at Winds. We had our usual back stage buzz going on Sunday with dancers making last minute costume changes, dances being run through one last time before the show and the normal chatter we experience before show time. It was a perfect evening, everyone was primed and ready to perform. So as you know, heading off the show as always are our amazing hostess’ here to guide you through your evening for your next hour of artistry… Tonight however was a special evening as tonight would be our beautiful hostess Ms Sassy’s final performance. Ms Sassy has been a wonderful addition to our Winds family, but sadly other obligations must take presidence for now. Ms Sassy has not been here long but leaves a lasting impression on both staff and audience members. For her final performance, Ms Sassy guided us through her final hour with style and grace keeping everything in check for the evening. You will be missed Ms Sassy. Thank you for everything you have done and the best of luck in your new adventures!

6-28-2015 - Winds - Sassy

And on to the show Boys n’ Girls…… Heading off the performance part of our evening was yours truly. Now as said with the Celebration review, I do not like to review myself, it just sounds so, erm…. well, let’s just say I’m a bit to humble to brag… So going forward, all of my reviews will be written by someone other than myself in my reviews. This week happens to be Mrs Cyllen Dembo:

Our first performer to take the stage tonight was my often-times dance partner, the one, the only, Maar. We all like to vogue, right? Be honest with me here, at one time every one of us has stood in front of our mirror and mimicked Maddona’s moves. I am certainly guilty of this too. Well tonight our diva took it one step further. Set against a black and white stage, in black and white outfits, Maar and her harem of hunky men gave us a heaping helping of sass, of style and of all out inhibition free strutting. perfectly choreographed to the Material Girl’s legendary song and dance. Madge may now be too old to command the stage and leave tongues wagging but our Maar has no such issues. Fatnastic way to open the show!

6-28-2015 - Winds - Maar

Next on stage was the ultra sexy Mrs Kyra who just happens to be my wifey too. Yeah yeah I know, don’t hate me because I’m lucky people, just suck it up and be big girls and boys :). So, our Mrs Kyra, what a sexy little ball of thunder this woman is. Tonight, Mrs kyra performed to Billy Joel’s, Say goodbye to Hollywood. As the curtain opened on stage, there sat an eye quenching bubblegum pink diner set meticulously in the center of it’s parking lot littered with cars of a variety of colors and sizes. That was where her dance began but did not stop there, Mrs Kyra used every inch of that stage when she took her dance indoors making it well known that she was in charge at this diner! Commanding our attention Mrs Kyra yet again danced her way into our hearts with this performance. Another amazing show wifey!!

6-28-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Once we got all those darn cars off the stage our beautiful Ms Winnie took the stage performing to Joe Cocker’s, With a little help from my friends.  Ms Winnies set began with herself and six of her sexiest friends being lowered onto the stage on risers in true patriotic colors. Her set was bold and commanding in it’s simplicity. Created in a tribute for the late great Joe Cocker, our Ms Winnie with friends danced amongst the red, white and blue of her blazing flag covered walls. Her choreography was wonderfully put together along with her costuming and stage presence. Another great performance Ms Winne!6-28-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Our next performer to appear from behind those magic curtains was the sparkplug of lust, the firey Ariel. Surrounded by what looked like the entire Winds dance troupe and accompanied by the ridiculously popular “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?” by the Guild, she made it quickly obvious that yes, we do want to date her avatar(or at least spend some ‘quality time’ with her anyways)! Each performer found themselves inside a brightly colored box as we drooled on at this smorgasboard of enticement while they twisted and turned to the music. It was a virtual candy shop of temptation as we looked from box to box trying to pick which delicacy to take home with us. Way to go Ariel Review written by: Cyllen Dembo

6-28-2015 - Winds - Ariel

Ok kiddies, up next was the beautiful Mrs Lotta in her performance to The Flamingo’s, I only have eyes for you. Now….. let me just throw an adjective out there… BEAUTIFUL! From the moment she hit the stage, I could not take my eyes off Mrs Lottas beautiful stage, her beautiful dance. Just everything about this was beautiful. I have to admit mostly when a show is going on around us, we dancers have hundreds of things going on…. but I’ll tell you, when Mrs Lotta hit that stage, and I started watching her set, nothing else mattered. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her set was a moonlit garden and she danced eloquently throughout it. Gracefully. Brilliantly. Beautifully. Mrs Lotta, thank you for an amazing moment of beauty.6-28-2015 - Winds - Lotta

The next performer to take the stage was the man allergic to clothes, our very own father figure of all things naughty, Path. Let me tall ya, it is damn hard work to take a song from the WIll Rogers Follies, “Give A Man Enough Rope”, and turn it into a striptease. But have no fear, there is one man capable of such a feat. As a crowd of beautiful ladies danced below him, Path walked the high wire, made his way back down, and made off with his outfit. The sight of his manhood swinging to the music is now becoming as much a symbol of Winds of the Sahara Cabaret as the camels and sand you pass through to enter the theater. Way to keep their attention Path. The ladies all thank you for your lack of modesty : ) Review written by Cyllene Dembo6-28-2015 - Winds - Path

Now after we rounded up all those cowboys we brought out one of our sexiest vixens to entertain you. None other than the sexiest of them all, Our Ms Queenie blazed onto the stage performing to Lita Ford’s, Kiss me deadly. In true rock and roll form, our Ms Queenie performed behind a white screen with a guitar strapped to her back only to surface onto the other side with a synchronized light show while she danced and jammed through her song. Let me tell you, her song was perfect because our little sex kitten rocked it out so well I think she really could have kissed you deadly.  Another amazing show from Ms Red Queen! 6-28-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Our final show of the evening was none other than our very own dance icon Mrs Cyllene Dembo performing to Don Mclean’s, American Pie. So Chrissy’s act was centered around the news announcing the deaths of Buddy Holly, Richy Valens and The Big Booper in that horrible plane crash in 1959. Leading off the set were newsgirls delivering the newspaper… While Cyllene and her newsies danced to the solemn news, her stage transitioned to a auditorium where Cyllene was joined by numerous 50’s style dancers at the hop….. This stage was ever changing with it faded into a football field with Cheerleaders, players, drummers and majorettes marching onto the field only to transition once again into a museum honoring our fallen rock heros… This was an amazing set with so many set and wardrobe changes that only Cyllene can pull off. And that my friends, is why she is a Dance Icon! Amazing as always Chrissy!6-28-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

So there you have it kiddies, our Sunday review. A bit late, I know….. and I freely step up and take blame for that. But thik of the bright side….. next Sunday is much closer!!

Ok kiddies, so I’m off to bed for now, we’ll see you this Sunday at Winds! 5:00PM! Do NOT miss this one!

Oh, and before I go… Thank you to Mrs Rebecca Dembo, our sponsors and of course our fans. And for one more final time, thank you Ms Sassy for a wonderful ride with us.

As always, Much Love…


6-28-2015 - Winds - American Pie 2