6-27-2015 - SL12B Logo

Well hello there Boys n’ Girls! What a wonderful treat we have for you this week! Not only did we have our usual Sunday Show, but we ALSO were a part of the SL 12th Birthday Celebration this year! Oh oh oh! What a celebration! I have to tell you, this was my very first SL Birthday Celebration. The pre-show activities are not for the light of heart let me say.. Such madness! Such mayhem! Such… Stuff! I have to tell you the pressure right before the show is amazing and only by the grace of God did I hang in there that afternoon. But to prove what amazing performers we are, when the lights went down, and the curtain went up…. the show went on smooth as silk. Every bit of stress, every bit of craziness melted away and we did what we do best. Every performer in every act brought their best and turned out an amazing Celebration show. Now as always we had one of our beautiful hostess’ kicking off the show and taking control of the afternoon. Our Ms Sassy, was the Hostess with the Mostess Saturday and let me just say…. she really is the Hostess with… the Mostess. Fighting lag and normal “SL” issues right along with us, our sexy Sassy surfed through all the lag they threw at her and whipped it into shape like it was nothing. Not sure where we would have been without her that afternoon for she was the one that saved us when lag decided it was going to give us a run for our money. Lag is always very thick at an event such as that, but as I heard wise words from a fellow artist in the crowd, lag doean’t keep a good dancer down. And it didn’t! Sassy! Thank you for keeping us on track!

6-27-2015 - SL12B Sassy

WOOPS! Not so fast kiddies! It’s a celebration for cryin out loud! Yes yes… ’tis true……. not one, not just one! But two sexy Hostesses for a celebration! Thats right kiddies…… Our second Hostess with the mostess, Ms Annie panties along with Ms Sassy kept that stage moving like clockwork in all that lag. good thing eh? I would have been a bit concerned if Ms Sasy did that all by her lonesome… Was thinking maybe she leaps tall buildings in her day job or something. But um, anyway, this is about our Ms Annie. Our amazingly sexy Ms Annie. Thank you Ms Annie!

6-27-2015 - SL12B Annie

Ok Kiddies! Our first act on stage was our very own sex-i-licous Ms Red Queen herself performing to Jacquie Lee’s, Broken Ones. Now as the curtain opened, Ms Queenie was inside an antiquated dollcase with walls of glass, her wrists and ankles wrapped in blackened string animating her movements. As the music played, our beautiful broken doll freed herself from the casing and danced eloquently to the somber mood of the music. The lyrics resonating through myself and I’m sure others while the words “take care of the broken ones” ignited a slow burning fire in my soul. That folks is what amazing art does for the soul. As always, the amazing Ms Queenie does it again and celebrates in style. Beautiful job Queenie!

6-27-2015 - SL12B Queenie 1And as with every 12B Celebration, it was Deja Vu on stage when Ms Queenie came back for more to please the crowd with her artistry performing to The Beatles, Octopus’s Garden (Abbey Road). So leaving the somberness of Broken ones behind, our talented Ms Queenie created this beautiful under water paradise where she swam and danced and explored the underworld of auquatics stumbling upon a few mermaids and coral and under the sea kinda “stuff”. Again another set beautifully orchestrated by Ms Queenie leaving us all a bit more lighthearted and loving her more with every performance. Always one of the best Ms Queenie!

6-27-2015 - SL12B Queenie 2

Now up following Ms Queenie was my act. Now I am quite the humble girl and really don’t enjoy reviewing my own acts so our famously talented Mrs Cyllene did this review for me:

Our next performer to take the stage at SL12B was the incomparable Maar. While certain individuals wrote her off as someone with big dreams but lacking the abilities to ever capitalize on them, those of us at Winds have been witness to her ascent into the top ranks of Second Life performers. The set she chose for this show was one I have had the privilige of both seeing and being a part of in the past but that made it no less magnificent on this day. Accompanied by the song ‘ A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)’ by Fergie, Maar blew the crowd away with her Gatsybyesque performance. The choreography was impeccable as she danced from tables to the floor to across the room as walls emblazoned with flapper posters watched on. The dances she chose gave a perfect blend of 1920’s jive and modern dance as the crowd cheered her on. When Maar first performed this act it was on a full sized stage but in my opinion it worked even better on the smaller SL12B Cake Stage. Bringing the dancers to the front and eliminating some of the background noise allowed us all to focus on the choreography and costumes and it came off splendid. Fantastic job Maar!

Awwww, shucks…. Thank you Chrissy.

6-27-2015 - SL12B Maar

Next up was the grid wide famous Ms Winnie with the ever changing name Winnie. Beautiful, talented, mesmerizing Ms Winnie performed to Dance  of the Druids (Outlander, Vol 1 OST). Now let me just say I have seen this performance once before, but i have to tell you guys, no matter how many times I see it, it is amazing! Imagine a beautiful mystical forest filled with whimsical lanscaping with beautiful illuminated stones framing the forests garden. In the midst of it all, three beautiful dancers dancing eloquently about. Everything about this performance was soft and delicate from the whimsical garden to the silky sheer dresses hugging the dancers bodies. Ms Winnie, thank you for an amazing performance.

6-27-2015 - SL12B Winnie

For our final performance of the afternoon, none other than our beautiful dance queen herself Mrs Cyllene took the stage. I always have to just stop here when I get to Cyllene’s performances, and breathe. You know, just when I think I have seen her best, Cyllene, Chrissy as I call her as my friend… come s along and blows me away again. Time after time this artist has literally brought me to tears with her performances. This was no different…. as I watched her set unfold, I found myself an emotional wreck once again like so many times before. As Chrissy’s set was revealed, the first thing to catch my eye were the words “Fix you” placed stratigically above her stage. Big harsh letters sending a big harsh message. As the curtain lifted, there was Chrissy dancing beautifully across the floor where enscribed were more words, thoughts maybe, messages….. “could it be worse” “and I will fix you” among others were painted across the floor. Chrissy was in a room, the furniture covered in cloth… dancing…… when before our eyes, she transitioned her stage into the most beautiful scene I think I’ve ever seen on an SL stage. I’m not really sure how to do this set justice as the magnitude of it’s beauty is so overwhelming for me. It was the bluest skies, and the greenest grass, and the brightest stars… and the most beautiful angels. Oh, and I am so carried away with her set, Mrs Cyllene performed to Coldplays, Fix you. As always, with every performance, Mrs cyllene choreographed the best I’d ever seen, again and again and again. Mrs Cyllene, you truly are SL’s Dance Queen.

6-27-2015 - SL12B Cyllene

Well kiddies, there you have it, our SL12B Celebration show. If you missed it, shame on you. What a fabulous birthday celebration for SL and it’s residents.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this show, those that co-ordinated it, went through all the pain and agony us dancers put you through in our stress, the dancers for hanging on and making it to the end.

Thank you to the show organizers that included us, The Winds of The sahara as a participant of this celebration.

And thank you everyone that came out in support and celebrated with us.

OH! PS……. Happy Birthday SL and all your residents!!!

So for now kiddies…. it’s time to sat goodnight, I have a Sunday review to write 🙂

As always, Much love…

Maar Volous