Well hello there my smexies and VIP’ers! Happy Monday to you! So Father’s day was yesterday here in the States and at Winds and there were a lot of hotties that where here to make sure the Dad’s were very, VERY well taken care of! Hubba Hubba! We had Chocolate and feathers and skin and flowers and race cars and and and, wait I did say Father’s Day right?

We started the Night with Ms Annie aka top shot greeting and wiggling to give a lil more oh laa laa and eye candy the Dads and others here! She was sporting a slink and sexy tight fitting printed dress and wow oh wow was she finger lickin good! Always making sure to say hi and try to keep everyone up to date with what was going on. Ok yes I know I had to put a bit of a twist on the poor girl but he thats my job as the Special K or trouble! Great job tonight Ms Annie!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Annie

So to get the party kicked off on high gear we had 6 artist and 8 acts. Yes my favorite Amish lady and Ms hot lips BOTH got the lucky straws this week and pulled off not one but 2 acts last night! It was full of color and surprises and a bit more! So wondering who par took in the adventures last night!? Well I know I know and you should of been here * giggles * but I know you prolly already were! We had Winnie, Red Queen, Devlin, Winnie, Lotta, Kyra, Red Queen, and Chrissy. PLUS a lot of extras!

So on with the Show! Ms. Winnie Yodar Cookie snactcher was 1st up! Her pick for the night was “Broken Ones” by Jacquie Lee! When I 1st heard this I was intrigued to see what Ms Cookie Monster had up her sleeves, and well let me tell you she did not disappoint! What a great song and set and sexy Winnie to start off the show! TY cookie for putting on an amazing number! *hugs!*

6-21-2015 - Winds - Winnie 1

Now with that started we had our next lucky victim Ms Hot Lips Queenie! She and Lotta made the Dads out there drool with envy and lust! HUBBA HUBBA! It was a simple, hot get you blood pumping stage which made their sexiness pop even more! Queen pick “Suit and Tie” By J.T to tease and tantalize all in attendance! These two gals know how to turn up the heat thats for damn sure! Well Done hot lips! Cant wait to see what you have in-store for us next week!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Queenie 1

Now the man of the hour! He got together with all the dads out there and said “Hey lets show these woman how to do it!” And that he DID! Hubba hubba Devie I think James Brown himself was uber proud of you doing his “Man’s World!” I was a pleasantly surprised to see how Devlin played this out for all of us! IF this is what I have to look forward to if I let a man have more control I *MIGHT* be ok with that! *hehe* WTG Devlin ty for giving us ladies a bit to drool over!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Devlin

Now back to Ms Winnie and friends! Old Blue Eyes would of been proud to hop on stage with these ladies wiggling and showing off to his “The Way you look tonight!” and let me tell you tease, and please was what they were all about! A nice contrast with the black and white stage and their black and white feathers! OH MY GOODNESS what sexiness was on this stage tonight! TY for tickling us MS Winnie!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Winnie 2

Now Lotta made a bit of a mess tonight! She was in the city and stole their fountain and heated it up and added a TON of chocolate! It was so sweet and sexy and just enough chocolate in all the right places! I have to say, imo, it was sexy to wiggle in the park with “Chocolate” by Kylie Minogue. I bet all the Dads out there would of LOVED to take home, or at least a lick of our own MochaLotta! *winks* Nice Job lady bug!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Lotta

Now it was my turn! So I had a bit of a glitch, but my boys were awesome at helping me out! This is where I made Annie work for her money! The List said Billy Joel but I did a switch a roo and went with Walk the Moon “Shut up and Dance!” I love this song and I went a lil over with the colors at the end but hell ya know me I always have to push my limits! TY Alex and Hassy and ya think that cab service will notice what i did to their cabs? heheh Oh Annie just for you next week is Billy Joel! lol

6-21-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Now that I made em dance Queenie made em sit back and moan! She had a lot of help on this one! There were 4 smexie bodies on that stage and a whole lot of “KISS” was goin on! Hell I bet Prince wish his video for this song was as hot as what Que and her girls had up on stage! I loved how each the girls got nice and comfy on their own part of the KISS! Well done hot lips!!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Queenie 2

Now this is the last dancer of the night, and once again Mrs Puddin pop made me cry! Not only was this her special dedication to her father that passed last year, but she turned off the tip jar and dedicated it o every father and everyone thats lost a father. Chrissy was an only child and she got to be a bit spoiled by her Dad! He gave up racing for His family and last night Chrissy honored him by having a last race for just him! It was heart wrenching and just so touching! TY sooo much Mrs Chrissy for sharing that with us! We were all blessed to be apart of that doll!

6-21-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

So there ya have it! The review for Father’s Day June 21st! I hope everyone had an amazing Sunday evening and blessed father’s day! TY for spending it with us! So til next week, same bat time, same bat station! Keep a song in your heart, smile on your face and ALWAYS keep dancing!!