Hello there Boys N Girls! It’s time to revisit this past Sundays show at The winds of The Sahara; and I gotta tell you guys the shows just keep getting better and better. Being a part of the dance community in SL is such an amazing honor I just can’t tell you how privileged I feel. One of the best feelings is to come to a place you feel welcomed and like you’re a part of something bigger. Every week, every Sunday I watch the most amazing artists grow and perform and produce shows that could challenge any RL production out there. I truly hope you have made time to come see the Sunday performances. I promise you, you will not only be entertained, but you will leave with your head reeling from the artistry, the music, the special effects, the flawless choreography you’ll take in during the show. Afterwards we go upstairs where you can rub shoulders with the dancers and some of the biggest who’s who in SL. Now every week we start our show out with our amazing Hostesses. This week we had the pleasure of having our Annie Panties guide us through our evening. Now, earlier I mentioned the who’s who you rub shoulders with at our shows, and I’ll tell you, Ms Annie Panties is one of those whosers. This woman is EVERYWHERE! No matter what event I go to, no matter how “exclusive” it is, our Ms Annie is there! Now mind you, she is one amazing hostess, and one amazing dancer… and well, one amazing socialite.. but above all, Ms Annie is just genuinely a great person. And well, those panties on Ms Annie kinda help keep you focused on her finest ass-ets. Sometimes I just sit back and listen to her banter which really is a show in itself. Thank you Ms Annie for always… always doing an amazing job directing the Winds show! 6-7-2015 - Winds - AnnieSo now kiddies, without further a due, I give you a review of the evenings artistry.. Sit back, visualize the menagerie of dancers and their amazing performances… It is my pleasure and privilege to review for you, some of the most amazing dancers on SL:

First to grace our stage was my amazing little sex pot wifey Ms Kyra performing to Three Days Grace, Animal I have become. Now…. Imagine, one of the sexiest cats, yes, I said cats in SL. Ms Kyra designed this amazing stage, a zoo full of animals, wild animals, like giraffes, tigers, lions and well Kyra. Yes folks, she is quite the wild one dressed in a sheer latex cat suit that hugged her amazing body like a second skin. Now the animals were of the wild nature, but in reality they were all quite harmless within the fenced in zoo. Now Ms kyra on the other hand was let loose to be as wild as she pleased, and well…. she pleased cuz she is one wild woman.  Kyra is a seasoned dancer who performs every week on the Winds stage. Come see her, I promise, you’ll never be the same again. **Grins…. Amazing set Ms Kyra! 6-7-2015 - Winds - Kyra Following all that catnip was our very own piece of eye candy the sexy Mr Devlin “Wolf” Delwood performing to Trans-Siberrian Orchestra’s, Tocata. Let me just paint a little picture for you…. Big dark cold castle like dungeon with chains, and I bellieve I saw a cage up there. There were caskets, and I’m not checking for bodies… But there were caskets! And I’m kinda wondering what all that was for Mr Devlin?? So let me tell you I have watched Devlin grow and develop as an artist over the last few months. His stages have become major productions and his dancing technique has matured and evolved into incredible performances. This performance was no different and let me just mention the pyro! The special effects. Timed perfectly with the music our Mr Devlin set explodes with smoke and fire and smoke and… yeah, you get the idea. Another amazing performance Mr Devlin!! 6-7-2015 - Winds - Devlin  Next up on stage was me, myself and well…. I… performing to Melanie Martinez’s, Carousel. Now I gotta tell you I was all set to do a serious performance to this Freakshow medley when at some point a drunken clown named Amenhop staggered onto my stage and just kind of took over my production. So if you would imagine a dark carnival with a freakshow tent and yours truly as the burlesque star dancing for the carnival goers, the carnival freaks and performers. I was doing pretty well too when I realized Mr Drunken Clown was staggering out there calling out to the crowd for more drink. Well of course I tried to get the drunk removed from my stage, but that just didn’t pan out to well, so our drunken Amenhop pretty much stole the show and ended up conning me outta my last couple linden for another drink. Oui…. Way to go Amenhop! 6-7-2015 - Winds - MaarWell now with that cute little clown behind us, we welcomed the incredibly sexy Ms Winnie onto the stage performing to Dance of the Druids, Outlander Vol. 1 OST. Her stage was a beautiful garden of fantasy forestry with magical stones glowing along the perimeter. Through the garden danced our Ms Winnie beautifully adorned in a white flowing dress that danced beautifully with Ms Winnies every brilliantly choreographed step. Along with Ms Winnie were a few of her sexiest friends also covered in the silky white garments that twisted and flowed like fine white ribbon. Another superb performance Ms Winnie! 6-7-2015 - Winds - WinnieGracing the Winds stage next was the beautiful Ms Selene performing to Kenny Chesney’s, Summertime. Imagine if you will a dock, one you would fish off of in a fresh water spring. The water hole surrounded by slate rock with the sun beating onto the water leaving a glistening image that dances across the surface. Then imagine beautiful bikini clad women frolicking playfully in natures beauty. And if that isn’t enough, imagine the talented Ms Selene dancing in the very same sunlight. What a breathtaking picture that paints eh?  Another amazing performance Ms Selene! 6-7-2015 - Winds - Selene Afer mopping up all that sexiness from the stage was the amazing, sexy, uberlicious Ms Red Queen herself. Now Ms Queenie is so darn hot I believe rockets go off when her feet hit the floor in the morning when she climbs outta bed. O.o…. What a picture that paints eh?? Anyway, this week our Ms Queenie performed to Rhianna’s, Disturbia. Now sit down and get your heads ready for this one because you are about to go over the edge. Our innocent little sexpot designed a stage to tempt and tantalize you. imagine a cage. A cage with Ms Queenie in it. Dancing. Gyrating. Swaying. Oh those hips. Oh dat ass. And well, oh those boo-bies! So this takes place in a castle like dungeonesque setting. (yes I know I like to make up my own words eh?) Our Ms Queenis starts her act dancing in a cage while later into the performance the cage opens to drop our little sexpot right out onto that cold hard concrete right before us. Never missing a beat our Ms Queenie choreographed a dance that would make anyone with warm blood want to be caged up for quite a long time. Awesome again Ms Queenie! 6-7-2015 - Winds - Queenie Once they put the cage away our deliciously creative Mrs Lotta showed up on stage performing to Queen’s, I wanna break free. Now I have to prepare you, this set was not for the weak of heart…. Our Mrs lotta, well….. she was strapped into the tightest straight jacket i’ve seen in SL. Not that I’ve seen any in RL of course. But she was bound tight as they come! Her set design was a padded cell. Appropriate yes. NOw our Mrs Lotta danced and twisted and turned and well did just about everything she could I think to “break free”. Everything was spolt on. The set design was perfect for the song, the choreography was amazingly smooth and spot on with her story. Never one to disappoint, our Mrs Lotta did it again! 6-7-2015 - Winds - LottaOK……. **Gets a strong black piping hot cup of coffee…… Now, our next performer and last performance of the evening was none other than dance icon herself Mrs Cyllene Dembo. *Sigh…. I always get to this point in the review and I just have to take a deep breath. Mrs Cyllene, or Chrissy as we like to call her is in a class all her own. She rivals any world class dancer I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She is a full out artist. She builds from scratch, no one builds her sets for her nor do they come from a box. She choreographs beautifully on spot. Her costumes are like none other I see in this world. She even dubs and mixes and does all that crazy music stuff I have no idea how to do. Sunday night, Chrissy did a performance featuring Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. Let me tell you, this artist is famous for her stages of grandeur. I am amazed week after week after show by this woman’s level of excellence, her creativity, her productions. So let me say I had the privilege along with others to be a part of this production. And I admit, this was not the first time. But let me tell you something, every time I see this performance…. and this is no lie: I am almost in tears with how overwhelmed I am by it. Chrissy built a stage that not just looked but was this underground system of some kind… It had working steam blowers and all that stuff you would see under a New York subway I’d imagine. As the dance started dancers started coming from different directions moving up from metal grates and Chrissy popped up from this manhole with steam pouring out from it. You know, I really don’t mean to sound like a seven year old writing here… But words are just not big enough or bold enough for this set. Towards the end of this dance Chrissys stage brought out another level that spread out over the audience. It was the most amazing performance I have ever seen in SL and in RL! I wish I had more phots to put in here so you all could really see the magnitude of this performance, but I don’t have any. So pray with me I can con SOMEONE into posting a few more I can include. Chrissy, as always, the most incredible dancer with the most incredible productions. World class! 6-7-2015 - Winds - Cyllene Well… that’s it kiddies. That was the entire show for Sunday June 7th. Amazing eh? If you have been missing the shows, make it a point to come. We truly have an ensemble of incredible world class dancers. And every week it just keeps getting better and better. Before I let you all run off, let me thank the usual key people whom without, Winds would just not be Winds.

To our beautiful Mrs Rebecca Dembo: Thank you for giving us a place to practice our craft. Thank you for allowing us the freedom to be ourselves through our art. And thank you for putting up with us.

To our amazing sponsors: Thank you for always being there to bail us out when it’s needed. Thank you for your contributions to both the dance world and our audiences. And thank you for not only supporting us but for also being our fans.

And lastly, but certainly not least: Thank you our amazing fans. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for giving us a reason to dance.

Ok kiddies, until next time…… See you at The Winds of The Sahara Cabaret every Sunday at 5:00PM SLT! We will….. be waiting!

As always… Much love,

Maar Volous