OH MY GOODNESS! Wow oh wow oh my gooodneesss was last night HOT beyond HOT! I mean I think i still have scorch marks on my bum from that show! It was hot hot hot! There wasnt one act last night that didnt have people on the edge of their chairs!

We had 10 marvelous acts tonight! I swear everyone pushed it to their limits last night! It was a night of thrills, stunning effects, and sensational music with a dash of sex appeal! So wonder who our lovely dancers were? Well I can clear that up! We had Devlin, Maar, Chrissy, Ariel, Lotta, Kyrsha, Myself, Kisme, Reds, and Chrissy again with an encore!

To start the show was our ever loving punkin Ms Sassy kat! She was the chick with the answers and the glitter ushering everyone in and taking care of the mobs! Thank you doll for keeping us safe! *winks*

5-31-2015 - Winds - SassyNow to start off the show was our Lumber Jack, sexy, hubba hubba, make the woman drool Mrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Devlin!!! He picked “Lumberjack” by Jackal this week and let me tell you he had us all in the woods! I am so glad there weren’t any big bad wolves or red riding hood this week! Amazing Job Mr Devlin! Ty for always making sure you give the ladies sexy eye candy you never disappoint!

5-31-2015 - Winds - DevlinThe next sexy va va voom act was the one and only, my wifey, Msssssssssssssssss Maaaaaar! She did a sexy number to he Clockwork Quartet, “The watchmakers apprentice!” OH now I want her to be My teacher! Maar you were dazzling and spectacular and I loved all the cogs and working parts! I do how ever have a question… How in the world did you teach the fly to make you perfect tea!? So totally impressed Ms Maar ty darling!

5-31-2015 - Winds - MaarNow 3rd up was Mrs Chrissy! Her 1st number with her sexy Shadow was Of monsters and men with “silhouettes!” This was totally fabulous and eye popping! Going from the graveyard to the old home then back to the grave yard was a theatrical and astounding way to portray the look you were going for! Wonderful job pudding pop!

5-31-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 1Ahhh so now we get to go underwater for our favorite fishy princess Ariel and that’s exactly who she was this week! A small lil crab told me that I had a hand in her picking that song! I mean why would they tell me that! I mean HOW on earth could lil ole me do a thing like that!? Well Ms Ariel picked “part of your world” by Jodi Benson! What a great underwater scene! I loved the glitter and sparkles fishy princess! Incredible job!

5-31-2015 - Winds - ArielUp next was so fun and giggly and amusing and fun and I dont think there was anyone there that didnt giggle at least once with Mrs. Lotta and her pet gopher! I loved the way she wiggled her bum! Doing her impression of Caddy shack was Mrs Lotta with “I’m alright” By Kenny Loggins! That was the most Ive laughed during a show in a long time! TY for an incredible job tonight! It looked liked the two of you were having a blast on the golf coarse!

5-31-2015 - Winds - LottaNow we are 1/2 way through the show and we have a ton of talent still to be seen! Like the other Ky meat Ms Kyshra with her rendition of Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” She was such a pretty lil music box ballerina that came to life to win us over in her lil black Lolita dress! She was so pretty and frilly and I was immersed in the music! Outstanding job chicka!

5-31-2015 - Winds - KyshraNow comes to the bad girl of the show! I was told she melted the show and poor Mr Jack frost would never be the same! *winks* GOOD he was so very naughty this winter and left me too much snow so I just HAD to get even! TY my sweet Pathy for being my jack frost and seeing all the hard work I poured into that dance! I had a blast with you hunni! Hugs!

5-31-2015 - Winds - KyraSO we are starting to wind down a lil but not over yet! Dont jump the gun! We have Ms hot lips Red up next with a ton of her friends doing a whole Alice in wonderland themed and even fell down the rabbit hole! Avril Levigne would of been proud herself to see how Red did her “Alice” song! It had it all! A queen, Alice, the rabbit, a cat and and and! We were all super “mad” about this number but only the most brilliant people are! TY Queen great job!

5-31-2015 - Winds - Queenieoh oh oh this one was so fun! Kissy face always makes me smile and impresses me with her ideas and how her mind works! Her song for last night was Kitten and the Hips with “Don’t touch the kitten!” Puurs and moans what a tail that kitty had too! It was so much fun to see how this all came together Kismet! I just loved the black and white for the stage and how everything just popped! Never stop girly!!

5-31-2015 - Winds - KismetSo now the next review I am going to let the lady and star herself explain this number!”Chrissy Rhiano: The performance you are about to see was inspired by the art of Toysoldier Thor. Over a year ago Elysium Cabaret presented a show entitled “Art Begats Art” with each of us selecting one piece from Thor’s art gallery. The painting you see, Ascension Denied, was the one I chose. It has been over a year in the making as nothing I tried satisfactorily expressed my feelings. Tonight, after 13 months, we present to you ‘Ascension Denied’.”
How stunning and phenomenal of a job you did! I know Toy was impressed bout times this was done! Amazing!

5-31-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 2

SO Kids that was the show in a whole! So I hope you had as much fun as we all did doing it for you!

So stay tuned all week for lil teases and lots of fun! Til next Sunday at the Winds…. Keep dancing!

5-24-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 2