Well where the hell did this week go!? I mean really its already Thursday! One good thing is that means we are one day closer to the new show * sets off fireworks full of glitter!* So its a nice almost calm day here at the winds! I love watching the hired help start washing and primping the camels! I’m just sitting out here looking through my window enjoying the masses work! It’s good to be a Diva!

OK so I know your sitting there cussing me cause I wont tell you what hotting is RED HOT! But its so worth the wait!! She is sexy, and funny, willing to help, and puts on a hella show! She my lil fish princess and I have to say this girl ALWAYS makes me laugh! Im sure you all know who I mean now right! Its our own Ariel!! I am so excited to see how she does this one! I bet itll be smexy and fun and a ton of SKIN!!!!

SooooooooooooO without further ado……

Ms. Ariel with P art of your World

Oh fishy princess I so can not WAIT to see what you have in store for us!

SO until next time keeeeeeeeeeep dancing!

❤ Kyra