Well good evening Boys N Girls! So here we are again, back at the same ole’ place. Funny how we always end up here eh? I don’t know if you attended this past Sunday’s show or not…. BUT, it was AMAZING! This week we saluted our servicemen and women in celebration of Memorial Day; those with us, and those that gave their lives for our freedom. I can not express to you all, the emotion I feel when I think about that. I mean think about it, men and women that sign up to defend our rights as a country. Men and women that believe in our freedom so passionately they choose to put their lives on the line to preserve what our fore-fathers fought for. When I think about that, it truly becomes so emotionally overwhelming to me I can feel it in my entire being. The thought resonates through every fiber of who I am. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to thank a soldier, a veteran, a mother of a soldier that gave their life, a wife, a child. Thank them for your freedom, thank them for their service, thank them for their sacrifice. Just thank them.

Ok, now on to the show eh? This week we started the night off with our sexy Ms Annie Pants as hostess of the evening with her magical whiles. I’ve got to tell you I don’t know how she does it. She completely holds the night in the palm of her hands and manipulates it like a piece of dough letting it unfold only at the right times, reigning things back in when she needs to, manipulating and preparing the surface so everything falls into place perfectly. Oh, and let me just tell you, our Ms Annie is becoming quite the Jet Setter on the grid cuz I see her at the most exclusive events! Thank you our sexy Ms Annie Panties for again, as always making our show the best on the grid!

5-24-2015 - Winds - Annie

Ok guys, now for our first act of the evening we had our Ms Maar, well me… performing to Otherwise’s, Soldiers. This song and act was undeniably about solidarity among our soldier brothers and sisters, their commitment to see it through, their acceptance of their role in our freedom. “It’s time to strap our boots on, this is a perfect day to die, wipe the blood out of our eyes… with our final breath, we will fight to the death, we are soldiers, we are soldiers. .. We stand, shoulder to shoulder…”  The visual to this song was a battlefield.. bombs burning, smoldering… and through it all, soldiers stand together, facing battle. My hope is my interpretation gave this song, and our service men and women justice. “You can’t erase us you’ll just have to face us* … Thank you..

5-24-2015 - Winds - Maar

Next up was our very own little sex bomb Ms Rina performing to Lucy Woodard’s Rag Doll. Our Ms Rina peeled away her layers as she teased us with her incredibly sexy moves along with that incredibly body. Rina baby, I want a rag doll just like you! Amazing as always Ms Rina!5-24-2015 - Winds - Rina

Once we cleared all that sexiness off the stage, we had our incredibly talented Ms Winnie sashay onto the stage with a performance to Edwin Star’s, War. Falling into theme with Memorial Day our beautiful Ms Winnie and a few of her closest sexy friends delivered an emotionally riveting performance tailored to give homage to our soldiers and veterans and all those that gave their lives for our liberties. Ms Winnie! Always delivers flawlessly!

5-24-2015 - Winds - Winnie

  Following Ms Winnie was my sexi-licious dance wifey Ms Kyra performing to Kim Carnes, Bettie Davis Eyes. Ms Kyra’s set was a beautiful cobblestone parlor style setting where she frolicked and played with our minds our eyes and all our interesting parts with her beautifully choreographed performance. Always one to free herself of her inhibitions, our sexy little diva freed herself of her many layers before the end of her performance.

5-24-2015 - Winds - Kyra


Now, for an extra special treat this week the famously talented Ms Selene performed to Carrie Underwoods, Just a Dream. “She heard the trumpets from the military band and the flowers fell out of her hands, Everybody’s saying he’s not coming home now..This can’t be happening to me, this is just a dream… The preacher man said let’s bow our heads and pray, then they handed her a folded up flag and she held on to all she had left of him” Ms Selene delivered an emotional performance depicting the reality of the price one gives as a service man or woman. “He’s not comin home now, this is just a dream… I couldn’t even breathe” She finds herself in a church, her wedding dress not even cold yet, her flowers still in her hands….. Her forever laid before her in a glossy black box. Gone. This was one performance that was beautiful, emotional, mesmerizing. Ms Selene brings it once again in grand style! 

5-24-2015 - Winds - Selene

  After soaking up the tears, our talented Ms Kismet played the part of a Viking Goddess to Fever Ray’s ‘If I Had A Heart. Our beautiful dancer Kismet left us enthralled as she floated/danced across a shipwrecked coastline.  Incredible performance Kismet, Odin would be please!

5-24-2015 - Winds - Kismet

Pulling up the tail end of our show was our very own sex goddess herself, Mrs Red Queen who gave a captivating performance to Pearl Jams, Last Kiss. Now, don’t let me mention that PJ is my favorite all time band, EVER. Or that Eddie Vedder is one of the most amazing poets in modern culture. No no… I would never, ever, mention my own, unbiased opinions on this forum… Cough… nooo…. But, anyway… our Mrs Queenie.. always one of the most amazing artists in any room danced her way into our hearts with her depiction of love lost. The stage: a car crash, a tragedy, an angel. Our Mrs Red Queen does it again with an amazing performance!

5-24-2015 - Winds - Queenie

And now, for our final performance of the evening. Our very own multi-talented Mrs Cyllene performing to Snow Patrol’s, What if this storm ends. Now, some background on this particular number. The inspiration to this set was Toysoldier Thor’s painting: Ascension Denied. If you have never seen this painting, please do yourself a huge favor and make it a point to see it. Also…. if you missed Mrs Cyllene’s set where she put this art to music and dance…. do yourself a huge favor and beg her to redo this performance so you can see it. Now I, along with a few others had the privilege of taking part of this production with Cyllene and it is definitely one of the performances I will not soon forget. In this performance, we find ourselves in the rain, drenched…. Mrs Cyllene, touches us, leading to our ascension into heaven. Mrs Cyllene, ascension denied. This performance was riveting, beautiful, mesmerizing, climactic along with a host of other adjectives that could never properly give it due justice. All I can say is once again, our Mrs Cyllene delivers one of the most pivotal performances ever. Dance icon Cyllene strikes again!

5-24-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

I have kinda cheated this week and added an additional photo of Mr Toysoldier Thor’s infamous painting Ascension Denied. I snuck this in on the down low so don’t be tellin Mrs Rebecca, Mrs Cyllene, nor Mr Toysoldier. Our secret, k? But um, check this out along with Mrs Cyllene’s photos of her performance. Perfectly orchestrated to tell the story. 

 ascention denied_001

Well guys, that ends our show for this Sunday, May 23rd. And again, it was amazing! I truly hope you were there to wittness it. If you weren’t, I’m sorry. Make sure it doesn’t happen again. Make sure you make your way to The Winds of the Shara Sundays at 5:00PM.

Now before we part, let me take a short moment to thank a few very important people.

First: Our Mrs Rebecca Dembo who is co-owner of the Sahara and the mind, as devious as it may be of the Winds Show. She also doubles as our DJ and dances in our shows. One would call her a multi-tasker; but I will just call her amazing. Thank you Rebecca for always demanding our best.

Second: Our sponsors who without we would literally be lost. It is our sponsors that have come to us in our darkest hours. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

And lastly but certainly not least: You guys, our fans… whom without there would be no reason to dance. Thank you for your undying support. Thank you for always believing in us, for wanting to see us dance week after week.

Oh…. and let me not forget one last time: To all the soldiers, veterans, families of, those still with us, those we’ve lost; THANK YOU, Thank You so very much for our freedom, our right to choose, our right to worship and prayer freely, our right to have opinions, live freely, marry freely, love freely and die freely. Thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifice, Thank you.

So my little kiddies, that’s it for tonight… so until next time, I’ll see you this Sunday at the Winds of the Sahara at 5:00pm….. Come early… we’ll be waiting..

As always, Much love…

Maar Volous