Well hello there Boys n Girls! Has it been awhile since we talked? It seems like awhile! It’s been awhile eh?? You guys ready for a review? Cause we have one sexy woman bringing some amazing stuff for ya this coming Sunday. You guys know that I listen to the performers music while I write the reviews… Well, I’m very familiar with this performers band choice this week. In fact, this is one of my all time favorite bands, EVER! The performer to this musical choice is none other than the iconic Mrs Red Queen herself. Her musical choice? The infamous iconic Pearl Jam! Yesh!
Our Mrs Red Queen will be performing this week to Pearl Jam’s, Last Kiss. Now…. If you are unfamiliar with this song; well, shame on you. (It’s Eddie Vedder for cryin out loud!).. Take a listen to the link provided at the end of this preview!
But, this song, although Pearl Jam is notorious for their Grungy sound, has a throw back sound that takes your head back to the 50’s… Very Eddie and the Cruiser-ish sound. I love love love Pearl Jam! I love love love watching our Queenie spin her artistic web! I can not wait to see what she does with this. Never one to disappoint! Come to The Winds of the Sahara this Sunday May 24th @ 5:00PM! We’ll be waiting…..
As always.. Much love,
Maar Volous


Ok guys… I can only leave you with a link tonight I’m sure do to the hotel connection… So you must click. Dat’s right… You must work for your treats tonight….. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!