Well hello there kiddies…. Come, gather ’round… Have a seat and get nice ‘n’ comfy… **Sits down and pours a fresh hot cup of coffee** …  I have a wonderful treat for you today! **passes out chocolate kisses** Ya wanna know…  don’t cha?? Well let’s just chat a bit first eh? Tell me, how was your day? Did you have fun? I have to tell you my day went well until I left work… so you know I’m in a new state living in a hotel… UGH, how horrible that is that I just make a mess, go to work … and when I come home it’s all cleaned up… *sigh**…. I need a maid at home, I’m convinced now. But anyway, so I leave work and you know, I don’t know the area so I am having a very close relationship with my GPS… So it says….. go south… two exits coming up.. now I know better because this is the third night I’ve driven this route… But what do I do? You got it! WRONG EXIT!! Really, it’s not that difficult… Yeah, I know, so again… How was YOUR day??

Ok Boys an Girls, let me give ya all the juice on Sunday’s Winds show.. Grins: So, starting Sunday’s show off was our sexy Ms Annie Panties gracing us through the evening with her beauty, her charm, her wit and delicious commentary. Not only is our Ms Annie beautiful, but I’ve watched our Ms Annie evolve into an incredible multi-talented hostess/dancer!

I’m always amazed at how well Ms Annie takes control of the evening and moves it along so elloquently. No matter what situation arises, our Ms Annie manipulates it like putty in her hands and makes the rest of us look amazing! Thank you Ms Annie!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Annie

Now…  this Sunday’s show was started off in a big way with the amazingly talented Mrs Cyllene performing to ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Noah Guthrie. So the intro into this set was a collection of images depicting facts and stats of violence against our children. The moment I saw what was happening on stage emotions started sweeping through me with the reality of today’s world in which our children have to live in. As the curtain opened our beautiful dancer Cyllene told her story. Our Mrs Cyllene danced elloquently in the middle of a seedy neighborhood with a parade of police cars and emergency vehicles passing in the background. And despite her dark surroundings, Mrs Cyllene brought beauty to a very ugly subject. As always, Mrs Cyllene does an amazing job with her performance and with our emotions!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

Next up was the incredibly sexy Ms Winnie, well this week, Ms Winsome Losesome.. Next week? *Shrugs…. Who knows! :))… This week our sexy girl performed to Meghan Trainor’s, Lips are Moving. And I can assure you, those lips were moving! All over her stage! Our Ms Winnie, had lips moving all over the place while she danced  ‘ala silhouette style in an amazing orb that turned her into this neon color changing silhouette. And! I hear from the grapevine, our sexy Little silhouette was naked up in there! Ms Wiinie, you sexy girl… Next time, tell us yur naked so we can peek! Awesome set Ms Winnie!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Next up was the ultra sexy Ms Rina performing to Bruno Mars, Locked out of heaven. So what appears to be seemingly innocent, we find our Ms Rina clad in a man’s over sized button down shirt looking sexy as ever in her bedroom papered with various posters of said heart throb Bruno Mars. Now, what you, the public don’t know is our sexy little Rina, now I’m just reporting what I’ve been told ok? Well, our Ms Rina had Mr Bruno Mars either tied up or handcuffed under that bed of hers she danced upon. O.o … YOU, be the judge. Regardless of who and/or where anyone was, our Ms Rina delivered yet another amazing performance!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Rina

Ok ladies, are we ready for our next performer? And yes, I said ladies… Because well, our next performer was none other than our sexy man Mr Devlin performing to Alice Coopers, Go to hell. Now, I have to tell you I got a sneak peek of this act well before Sunday and I gotta say, no matter how many times I see this act I get blown away every single time I watch it. So in this act our sexy Devlin created a volcano with skulls and skeletons and lava and all this badass smoke and fire and stuff. As the curtain opens you see the volcano while it explodes with rolling clouds of smoke and fire and from it raises our Devlin himself. And if that isn’t enough, the volcano erupts spewing lava all over the venue… Pick yur feet up I gotta say, every week this is one performer that just keeps getting better and better! Amazing performance Dev!!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Devlin

Following all that heat was our beautiful Mrs Lotta Difference heating the place up even more with her performance to Boney M’s, Bahama Mama. So now our sexy Mrs Lotta finds herself on a tropical beach in what appears to be a showgirls outfit pleading the case for her eligible daughters. Now from what I gathered our Mrs Lotta was teaching her eligible daughters just how to catch a man with her sensual dancing and gyrating and….. yeah…. she was teaching her daughters… snickers.. Always an amazing performer Mrs Lotta brings it to the Winds stage again!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Lotta

And someone who needs no introduction, our voluptuous Mrs Red Queen, performed to Taylor Swift’s, Style. Now in this act our Mrs Red Queen finds herself attracted to a very sexy young man with “James Dean” look. Now if you know anything, you know James Dean was the epitome of cool. In this song, and this act, our sexy Queenie finds herself waiting for Mr Dean to come pick her up… while our Mrs Queenie dances everywhere but to Mr Dean, she proves to him he and her will never go out of style. Our Queenie, always one to deliver the very best does it again with a blast from the past and a fresh voice with James Dean and Taylor!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Queenie

And for our final act of the evening our sexy and talented Ms Kismet performed to Lana Del Ray’s, Once upon a dream. Now I have to tell you guys, I absolutely LOVE this song! As Ms Kismet’s act started and this music started playing, that was it, I was lost. Our Ms Kismet danced eloquently to Ms Lana Del Ray’s voice reminiscent of years gone by with a sultry throw back sound. Dressed in black dripping with beauty, our Ms Kismet looked exactly like that, a dream. While her ending had her donning very little I’ll let your dirty little minds write your own ending here. No, really, you don’t have to thank me. Another beautiful performance Ms Kismet!

5-10-2015 - Winds - Kismet

Ok Kiddies, that’s it! Our Sunday show review for May 10th! Before I say goodbye, let me thank some of the important folks that make all this happen every single week…

First – Mrs Rebecca Dembo. Co-owner of The Winds of the Sahara. The Winds DJ, Producer, Organizer, the Brain that ticks while we all sleep. Next time you’re at Winds, say hello to Rebecca, and why don’t you throw some linden into the house jaso she can continue to bring you more exciting shows!

Second – Our sponsors. Our generous sponsors! These folks are such an important part of The Winds Family. They are essential in supporting everyone involved in every weeks production from the venue owners to the hosts and dancers to you, our fans. These guys provide the prizes we raffle off every week which are some pretty cool prizes; so next time you see them at Winds, say hello… Throw a thank you out there! They deserve it!

And finally, you guys are amazing! Our fans! Without you guys there would be no us! We dance to express our artistic sides and try to bring you performances you will love and want to come back again and again to see what we have in store week after week! We, the Winds Family hope you enjoy our show as much as we enjoy performing for you!

Well Kiddies, that’s it for tonight. **Hangs mah head** … I’m sorry the review is a bit late. Trust me, I’ve been called slacker this week more than I’ve wanted to hear. But you know, truth is truth and sometimes ya just have to step up and take yur beatings… *grins* … Yes Mrs Rebecca, yes I promise to be good from now on…

Until next time, see you all at the Winds of The Sahara, Sunday May 17th at 5:00PM for another show….. We’ll be waiting 🙂

As always.. Much love,

Maar Volous