Good morning Boys n’ Girls! Well well, here we are again! One word, PREVIEW! Yeah, and crap, look at the time right?? It’s like 7:40AM EST! And I don’t even have to work today! *Feels mah forehead** … What is wrong with me eh?? I should be snoozin’ away :)… But ya know, there are some things that just make ya get your butt outta bed and get at it. Like erm, Ms Winnie. Yeah, our fabulously sexy Ms Winnie, or Winnsome, or Winniferd, or…. wait…. that woman is trying to confuse us isn’t she??? Winnie!! Stop that! Yes yes, our Ms Winnie changes her name … a lot! So wait! Do you think maybe she is fleeing the authorities or something? I mean, what do you think she could have done? Our Ms Winnie? What exactly do you think this little sexy woman is capable of? Aw man, I bet I know…. I bet SHE, is the Winds of The Sahara vandal! *Looks at Mrs Rebecca, hey! did you know anything about this???… **Rolls mah eyes.. Alright, darn it!… Let’s get on with this preview before I make any other discoveries here, yes?

So… this week our Ms. Winnie comes to us with a performance to Mehgan Trainer’s, Lips are Moving. Let me tell you I sneaked in to see Ms. Winnie’s stage for this number and it was amazing! It completely, and definitely  captures the essence of this song. As you guys know I always listen to the performers musical choice while I write their preview, and this morning is no different. This song has a fun light hearted feel, but um, our Ms Trainor has herself feeling a bit betrayed yet again by the man in her life. I can not wait to see Ms Winnie do her “wild thang” to this! Make sure you come by on Sunday, May 10th at The Winds of the Sahara 5:00PM to see our sexy lil name changing Goddess! She is sure to be amazing!