OK kiddies,preview time…. Let me start off with saying this week when you come to The Winds of the Sahara, make sure, whatever you do, you bring protection! Yeah, you heard right, protection. Let me just say tonight’s preview belongs to a performer who’s act has the place on fire! Literally! Tonight we’re going to take a sneak peek look at our sexy man himself, Mr Devlin “Wolf” Delwood. Now, if you’re at all familiar with our juicy Mr Devlin, then I don’t have to tell you what becomes of the place when he hits the stage. LADIES! Behave yourselves! Smirks** Yeah, I know… S – E – X – Y! Ok, ok… anyway….. So I’m listening to Mr Dev’s musical choice right now, and I gotta say, it’s a bit ominous and well, intimidating. You guys know I always listen to the performers music while I write previews, and well, this one makes me wanna burn one. Cough, I mean, you know, burn a song. Yeah, that’s it…  Hey! It’s not MY song! It’s Mr Dev’s! Just what were you up to when you was a kid Mr Devlin? Hmmm?  I’m going to leave a link below, you all check this out for yourselves. And when you see Mr Dev? Ask him, go ahead, I dare ya after you see THIS song. Ahem….. Ok kiddies, Sunday night you’ll be able to see Mr Devlins act. So get yourselves over to The Winds of the Sahara promptly at 5:00PM to get a good seat! We….. will be waiting 🙂

As always.. Much Love,

Maar Volous