Ok Boys and Girls, are we having fun out there? We gotta be havin fun out there… Now, today, well you know what day today is….. SHOW REVIEW! Yah yah…. I feel like I haven’t written a review in like…. F O R E V E R! Isn’t it amazing what creatures of habit we are? I mean, yeah, should have been a nice little break eh? But all the while I was thinking, Man! It’s been a really long time since I posted anything on the Winds Blog! I was like, well….. almost, kinda like…. with-drawls! Well, not that I know what with-drawls are like. *Glares out at ya… You get yur dirty little minds right out of that gutter! I have NEVER, nor will I EVER have with-drawls! Sheesh! You kids! Say one thing and you guys have all kinds of stuff on your nasty little minds! So ya know I almost just posted some random BS just so I could reach out an touch ya you know? And well, I have to confess, I should have been doing previews all week but I have this RL thing going on right now where I gotta uproot and move and yuck. So please forgive me, this time…. Next time I’ll do much better Daddy! Yell at me again Daddy! Oh…. wait, wrong game… Cough… KK….. next time, a review every day. **Whistles innocently while I straighten my dress.

So, I’m guessing you all are ready for the review eh? So like what if I say screw it and I just don’t want to do a review right now? Or what if I just don’t feel like it? You know? This is not all about you you know! But see, I know you little whiney faces will go straight to Mrs Rebecca and tattle on me.. So….. You get your way.. But you just remember this, you only get what I…. give you! POWER! YES! ROAR! 🙂

So this week, our sexy Ms Annie Panties kicked our show off in grand style welcoming each and every one of you with her warm smiles, friendly banter and occasional gropes to passersby as you all took your seats. Yes, our Annie, she’s a frisky one!  I really don’t know where we would be on a week to week basis without our hostesses. I mean, if you guys only knew, they are hosts and so much more! They’re the ones that keep us on track, keep you guys updated, and when something goes array she’s the one that entertains you! Our Ms Annie has also sat in on many dance numbers as well! Now wait, is that kinda weird? Everywhere I look is Ms Annie! Annie! Are you following me??? **Mumbles, calm down Maar, it’s not always about you, you know… but the darn girl…. grumbles** Ok, so yeah, our Ms Annie, super sexy, super-kala-frag-a-listic-expie-ala-docious.. Now how many of you know if that is spelled correctly? huh? Well? How many???? Yeah, me either! Ha! Ok guys! On with the review!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Annie

Our first act of the evening was the magnificent, maarvolous, beautiful, amazing dancer… wait! I opened the show! Yeah, ok…. sheesh. So tonight, I opened the show while I performed to Fergies, A little party never hurt no one. Now let me say, I loved this set! I mean, you know we’re always our own worst critics and I am no different. I usually don’t like SOMETHING or some things about my sets I build. But I don’t know what it is about this one; but I really liked it. So anyway, Chrissy Dembo and I danced the night away in our 20’s dresses looking amazing with that dark rich background. And you know, originally I wanted my dance partner to be a guy. Silly me… it would not have looked even half as good I don’t think if the incredible Chrissy was not there with me. AND! Making the both of us look even better was a whole crew of friends including a special guest Ms Bee.Blackrain, a great friend and true star! Way to go all you guys and thank you for making me look amazing!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Maar

Next up on the stage was the infamous hot stud himself Mr Pathmaker Campbell! He also was in my set and contributed to my awesomeness! Now, OK…. so we’re talking about Path here right? And we all know, if someone is going to test limits, if someone is going to bring it, if someone is going to wow us.. it’s going to be this incredibly sexy man. So tonight? Wow, out did himself you know? Path’s set was like this African silhouetted backdrop with oranges and browns and all these colors you would imagine in a jungle full of exotic African animals.  So Path, is dressed, well scantly dressed in this African costume of browns and oranges and greens and everything matching his set.. And he had this amazing tribal mask on that was huge! Now I know you won’t believe this, but under that … what do I call that? Under that grass like skirt thingy he was wearing, our cute little Path was butt naked! Yeah, I looked, I peeked… Who didn’t right??? The audience was going crazy while Path performed to Henry Mancini’s,   The Sounds of Hatari. I think in this one, even the guys were begging him to take it off! And he did! Suprise! Lol…. Oh! and did I mention the naked tigresses? Our Path…. always an amazing performance! Amazing job Path!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Path

Following Mr Tribal Man was our sexy girl Kyra performing to Colin James, Keep on Loving me Baby. So our Ms Kyra finds herself, her partner with another couple on the streets of Italy dancing at a sidewalk cafe. It’s lovely to see couples dance in the springtime eh? But wait, do I see a little swinging going on here? Our couples switch partners here and dance the night away and I will not assume anything more ok? An YOU all get your nasty little minds out of he gutter! *Rolls mah eyes….. Awesome job as always Ms Kyra!!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Next up was our beautifully talented Mrs Lotta(married to the crazy sexy African guy)Difference performing to Lee Dewyze, Blackbird song as heard on the Walking Dead. Now, I normally do not go into music so much in the reviews, but let me tell you all…. I did a preview on Mrs Lotta’s musical choice and I simply fell in L-O-V-E with this song! It is dark and gritty and bites down hard on your inner soul and just never let’s go. I REALLY REALLY hope you all came to this show, because it was an amazing show, but if for some RL emergency reason you could not make it, take a moment to listen to this song. You totally will not regret it! So anyway, our sexy Lotta’s set was just as dark, and gritty and biting as the song itself. Mrs Lottas scene took place in a vacant lot, a single lamp post shining down on her. It encompassed the very essence and flow of the song and it was perfect! Mrs Lotta told the story of a woman who was missing a lover who she had hoped would come to her. In her desire to see him again, she had built up  a desire that burned so deep that our Lotta was all but naked under that street light! Amazing performance as always our sexy Lotta!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Lotta

So if that wasn’t enough, next up was the talented Ms Jiley who performed toKalinka Dance. No artist, no, none needed. I have to tell you, I’ve seen Ms Jiley perform this act before; and the first time I saw it I thought it was one of the best acts I’d ever seen. And today, after seeing a second performance of this incredible act, I say the same thing all over again. This is one act that if you have not seen it, you need to BEG Ms Jiley to perform it again just so you can see it. This is a light hearted russian dance where Jiley and two friends, Mrs Chrissy and Mrs Rebecca raise up out of those wooden Russian dolls that are hollowed out inside. The music, the set, the dance….. perfect… Oh, and the costumes…. Well done Ms Jiley! As always Ms Jiley brings it in grand style!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Jilley

Now following those three adorable little dolls on stage was the … *clears mah throat, infamously sexy and alluring Mrs Red Queen ie. our sexy Queenie performing to Billy Joel’s, The Stranger.  Now Mrs Queenies stage was seductive in a quiet kinda ominous kinda way. It took place on what appeared to be a dark quiet corner including a strange building with the slow bustling of a few strangers passing by. And I have to tell you guys, I think one of those strangers was Frazier Crane! Yes, THE Frazier Crane! Mrs Queenie is one performer I look at in awesomeness week after week after week. Brilliant and creative! Amazing as usual Mrs Queenie! And she kept every stitch on!!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Queenie

OK, now…. *cracks my knuckles… Next, the intoxicating, incredible, amazing, Mrs Cyllene Rhino aka Chrissy performed to Fatboy Slims, Cyllene is the Weapon of Choice. Ok, well you know, it’s always really hard to review our Mrs Cyllenes sets. I mean, really, how do you find adjectives that really can do them any real kind of justice? For a long time I said, I am so out of my league with her around. But what a wonderfully wise woman told me once, was not that I was out of my league, but that Chrissy was out of hers. And that Boys and Girls is so accurate. Mrs Chrissy set a stage in a grand retirement hospital with three of her friends in sexy little maids outfits that were sure to give anyone over the age of 18 a hard time. Cough. Let alone you know a gentleman of retirement age with conditions, you know? Stage perfect, check… Music perfect, check…. costumes perfect, check… choreography perfect, check… Mrs Chrissy delivers another over the top performance of grandeur… AGAIN! I wanna retire with YOU Mrs Chrissy!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

And lastly, our closing performance of the evening was the amazing Ms Lil performing to Lunchmoney Lewis, Bills. So our sexy Ms Lil finds herself feeling a little exhausted after a hard day at the diner. But um, not so exhausted that she forgets about a certain hot hunk at table nine. So while out little, Lil reminisces over her evening watching the sexy man for a large portion of her shift, she lets her mind take her back and away into another realm altogether different than the diner… Problem is, Ms Lil’s conscious keeps reminding her that there’s work to be done, not before however, our Little sexy has mishap after mishap until she finds herself stripped down to skin from all the accidents…  That’s why they call them accidents right?? Yet another amazing performance from Ms Lil! Amazing way to close the show!

4-26-2015 - Winds - Lil

Well there you have it kiddies. Sundays show review. Now I’m really hoping you were at the show because well, it truly was amazing. And if you mnissed this one guys, you missed IT!! Missing it is kinda like when all the cool kids get like really big pieces of white frosty creme pieces of cake and you look down onto an empty plate. Doesn’t feel so good does it?? So sad, to bad…. Next time, mark your calender and get your butts to The Winds of the Sahara! Sundays, 5:00PM!

Now before I go I would like to thank just a few people… Of course our Mrs Rebecca Dembo who is the brains behind the Cabaret, behind the dancers, the hostesses, the music, the laughter, the… well heck… the everything. Make sure you stop and introduce yourself to Mrs Rebecca next time you’re at a show and thank her, it’s her brain that keeps it all ticking like clockwork.

And our sponsors. Thank you! THank you! Thank you! So amazing and giving and wonderful! Not only do our sponsors support the venue, but they support each individual dancer and host and everyone connected in the Winds Family. We would be nothing with you!

And finally, YOU! Our wonderful audience and fans whom without there would be no show. There would be no inspiration. There would be no Winds. What we do every week, every show, we do because of you, and for you… to share a small piece of ourselves through our art and hope we can bring you the very best shows on the grid.

So my little lovelies, for now we will end our evening. But only for a while. We should see each other this coming Sunday, come rain or shine….. The Winds of the Sahara at 5:00PM… We’ll be waiting…. 🙂 … Patiently.

As always.. Much love,

Maar Volous