So ok kiddies, time for another preview; although late… Today’s performer brings an old school rock-a-billy-ish sound performing to James Colin, Keep on loving me baby. This song starts out with a very seductive overtone that piques my interest and brings about some interesting visuals of just what this performer will do with this song. YOu know, maybe I had that wrong, maybe it’s not rockabilly-ish… maybe it’s big band-ish. Yes….. that better describes this sound I think. Whole I listen to this I keep referencing Brian Seltzer from Stray Cats. Erm I think that is his name. Anyway….. I have no doubt that this performer won’t take this down the nitty gritty road and turn that heat up in the place! So let’s see, I know you’re dying to know who I’m talking about. And ya know, I don’t think I’m going to tell you. I think I’m going to have you figure this one out on your own. Grins**… Yeah, I know… Mean. Sigh! Now I have to do SOMETHING to keep you all interested don’t i? Sheesh. Ok ok, here’s a clue: this performer surprised us one evening with her mad hosting skills when she had to step in at the last minute to start the show off! And well, if you make sure you attend all the Winds shows, well then you should be able to figure that out eh? **Heh…… wait, power issues??? No no… no power issues here. Sheesh

Ok kiddies, I’m going to furnish you with a link so you can check this song out. You can see this amazing performer shake that amazingly beautiful body in sync with the music this Sunday, April 27th @ 5:00PM at The Winds of the Sahara! We’ll be waiting!!

Much Love,