OMG OMG OMG I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yup that’s right! You heard it 1st here hot off the presses AND the best part of this is I get to do the 2nd year Anniversary here at the Winds! A few quick thanks need to go out !

TY big boss lady Rebecca for paying the rent, and bills here for us to have Winds! TY for always making sure you have our music! TY for always being a friend when we need it! AND Happy belated bday! I’m sorry I missed it! Friggin rl getting in the way! *hugs and kisses*

All the dancers in winds that help, lend a hand and a foot when needed, and to make sure we have the most amazing shows like ever!

Lastly all the vip’s that come each and every week that love, support, and stand by us every Sunday night! Without you there would be no show! TY for spending your Sunday nights with us! You all are amazing! *Smooches and gropes!!*

Our two hostess Miss Annie and Miss Sassy! You both have come a long way since you 1st started and I am so very proud to call you both family as well! Without you who would help us gather us the panties and roses!? *giggles*

OMG that was the most amazing themed show like EVA! Ok so most times I cringe a lil at a themed show. Most times its cause I don’t have a clue what I want to do! This time was no better *giggles* Last nights show was “Motown!” It was GROOVY to say the least! We had sexy Men and woman and extras and and and! *Takes a deep breath* and and there wasn’t One song that I didn’t not wiggle and sing along to! We had polar bears ~RAWR~!, Cowboys ~YEE HAW!~ lights and glitter,We had a Star come back to life,~ SMEXY!~ sexy bricks ~Oh LA LA~, Tons of games ~ sha ching~, The Whole club revamped and and and so much more! So Do I have you on the edge of your seats yet?!?

Well then lots not waste any more time and on to the 2nd Anniversary of the Winds of Sahara!!!!
We started the night off with 1 hostess, 6 performers and 7 acts and 8 songs! Do I have you a bit confuzzled yet? * giggles and claps!* Yay then I’ve done my job!!
We had the start of our night with the one and only Ms Sassy Kat aka Punkin! Her stunning red, tightly fit, sequin dress was for sure nicely matched up for our “Motown” Night! Good job sexy!

4-19-2015 - Winds - Sassy

Are stars tonight were as followed: Red Queen, Devlin, Winnie, Chrissy, Ariel, Myself and Chrissy!

Up first is the Queen herself with a sexy number with some backup dancers! Diana Ross would be proud of Queen doing “Ain’t no mountain high enough!”

4-19-2015 - Winds - Queenie

I have to say that stage and the chandeliers were pure style and class! What a way to start the night off! Well done Miss Queen!

Next on the list was our lady’s eye candy Mr. Devlin! HUBBA HUBBA and let me tell you he did not disappoint!! I mean any cowboy that can get a horse to dance is top notch on my ranch!

4-19-2015 - Winds - Devlin

Mr Devlin with Jr Walker “Shotgun!” boy you can shoot me any night! Great number sexy!

Now the Miss Winnie DaPooh cuppiecakes snickerdoodley doo was next to steal the show! Now she never EVER amazes me with the things that go on in her head! I mean think of this 3 hot ladies, wiggling and shaking it to “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandells! Now most are prolly thinking head fire, beach, hot! Right? well not our Winnie! Dont trust me well I got proof!

4-19-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Seee and I swear that one polar bear looked VERY hungry! Ty sexy Winnie for asking me to be apart of that AND one day I want to pick your brain! *laughs all ebil like!* ( and yes I spelled it ebil thats even more evil then evil!)

OK so here is where I can start to uncunfuzzle you! We had a last minute OPPS and Chissy was a gem and quickly picked up the slack! She even made Marvin Gaye come back to life *moans a lil*

4-19-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 1

SEE I told you it was hubba hubba! TY lil boss lady for thrilling us last night! Spot on fer sure!

Up for a 2 fer is the one and only sexy Fish Princess Ariel! She thrilled us with not one but TWO sexy Motown songs! 1st up was the Commodores “Brick House!” Then is that wasn’t hawt enough we got “Going to a Go- Go!” by The Miracles!

4-19-2015 - Winds - Ariel

A lil booty shakey and rubbing is ALWAYS a great thing at the winds! Awesome job princess!

So up in lights telling everyone to play and pay to the Spinners with “Games people play” was none other then ME!

4-19-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Now most times I do not get wordy about me, but tonight Im gonna! I was so very proud of this stage and actually was going to use it in feb. for my own 1st year anniversary dancing at Winds. I revamped and pimped it out a bit more but this was the 1st stage I ever did here! So I only found it fitting that I used it for the 2nd Anniversary here! Kudos to the Winds for making it 2 and here’s to 20 more! * throws glitter all over!*

Now this is the sad part of the review! The last number of the night! *SIGHS Deeply!* Mrs. Cyllene Dembo! Now this number I wish we could of done the WHOLE thing at least 3 times! Maybe then I would of been able to see everything! Not only did she transform her stage but she transformed the whole damn club! IT was totally WICKED! Ok so if that wasnt enough she used ALL the dancers at Winds! I swear it must of been at least a zillion million dancers on stage! Catwalks, a stage, and GLITTER it was so totally amazing I dont even think I could explain it all! TY Chrissy for always being amazing and raising the bar for us all! Love ya always!

4-19-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 2

Well that’s it! The 2nd Anniversary of Winds of Sahara! I can’t wait til next week! Same sexy time! Same sexy stage with the same sexy dancers! So til then Keep dancing!

❤ Kyra dePoer


4-19-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 3