Hey hey Boys n Girls…… It’s THAT time once again where I get to tease ya with a short little snippet of Sunday’s upcoming show. This particular artist is well seasoned and has chosen an amazing song to introduce to us this week. I always listen to the performers musical choice while I write their preview; and I gotta tell you… I am Loving this song. It’s new to me, and one that chills me right on down to my bones. It has a dark gritty feel that just kinda washes over you and wakes all your nerve endings and well just kinda draws you in. It will be interesting to see what exactly this performer does with this. Now I will tell you, this one, well, she’s one of the best and I’m going to make a prediction that this will be one dynamic show. This performer is none other than the infamous Mrs Lotta Difference.

Check out the link below to see the official video and to take a listen to this amazing song. See ya this coming Sunday at The Winds of the Sahara, 5:00PM sharp! This is one not to miss!!!