Greetings everyone 🙂  I hope you are all enjoying yourselves as we trudge through the muck of another work week.  Well if you aren’t then I’ve got just the thing you need:  A review of an amazing show from this past Sunday at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret!  Let me tell ya, this was one not to miss.  We had a solo debut and the return of a superstar(more on that in just a little bit).  If you weren’t there, well, what the heck were you thinkin?

Opening the festivities was our hostess with the mostess(yeah, I am making new words today), the sultry Annie Panties.  As a side note, with a name like that shouldn’t she be showing us her…well, you know.  Our hostesses don’t always get enough credit for the work they put in getting our audience cranked up for our shows but Annie and Sassy, we so appreciate what you do for us all every week.

4-12-2015 - Winds - AnnieOur very first performer of the evening was the always entertaining Kyra, bopping and skating along to Cyndi Lauper’s ‘She Bop’ with a cavalcade of friends.  it was so much fun I found myself racing to my inventory flinging gowns, shoes and the random toy(no, not that kind ya perv) searching feverishly for my roller derby outfit to come join them but alas, I was too late.  Kyra and her crew had already skated off into the night.  Great job Kyra and what a way to kick(skate) off the show!

4-12-2015 - Winds - KyraOnce our roadies dismantled the skating rink it was time for our macho man Devlin to take the stage, giving us his very own Tony Manero(google it if you’re too young to remember) impression as he disco danced to Wild Cherry’s ‘Play that Funky Music’.  Let me tell ya, polyester jumpsuits have never looked so good.  If I’m not mistaken I do believe I saw more than one pair of panties flung onto the stage as Devlin boogied down for us all.  Hey, who says disco is dead??

4-12-2015 - Winds - DevlinOur next artist of the night was one of my personal favorites, the oh-so-sexy Maar, bringing us deep down to the ocean floor as she and friends performed to the Hot Sauce Booty Mix(not kidding, that’s the name….really) of ‘Under the Sea’ by Mr. Beats.  While there was no sighting of the Little Mermaid, that didn’t bother anyone none as we’d all take Maar’s sea creature over the half girl/half fish any day.  Who knew things could get so steamy at the bottom of the sea?

4-12-2015 - Winds - MaarOnce the tide abated it was time for our next performer, one who I have been begging and begging to come join our sordid cast of characters here at The Winds.  For those of you unaware, Lotta is the co-owner of our sister club, The Paramount Theater and she is an absolutely incredible performer.  Making her solo debut this past Sunday, Lotta gave us an blistering piece of performance art to Muse’s ‘Undisclosed Desires’.  Her almost there black bikini almost distracted us from the background of flashing TV screens and throbbing speakers.  And while none of us may be ever truly sated, Lotta went a long ways toward satisfying the undisclosed desires in our hearts.   Amazing debut girl!

4-12-2015 - Winds - LottaNow at the midway point of the show, our next artist taking the stage was the ever name changing Winnie(Da Pooh this week).  One of our longest tenured performers here at the Winds, she always finds that sweet spot between sexy and sweet and this was no different.  Dancing to ‘Little Drop of Poison’ by Tom Waits off the Shrek 2 soundtrack, she swayed elegantly through the rising fog in a lovely emerald gown that clung to her body precariously.  I can’t speak for everyone but the last thing on my mind as I watched Winnie were ogres and donkeys.  The choreography was impeccable, matching the haunting tone of the song perfectly.  It was wonderful Winnie,  one of my favorites of the evening!

4-12-2015 - Winds - WinnieSo…remember when I told you about a returning superstar?  Next up onstage was the legendary Jilley and boy did she bring it tonight.  So the curtains opened and I was like ‘hold the phone’, then I was like ‘oh, her costume just hasn’t rezzed yet’, then I was like ‘OMG!! JILLEY’S NAKED!!’.  Yep, the Thunder Goddess had all her ‘assets’ on display tonight as she danced to ‘In the Heat of the Night’ by the incomparable Ray Charles.  While there is no scientific data to back up my theory, I have concluded that never in the history of humankind have so many people wished they were drops of water as they poured down over Jilley.  Looking out at the audience(for a very brief moment), I saw jaws dropped and legs crossed as they all sat transfixed at the scintillating performance.  Welcome back Jilley.  We missed you!

4-12-2015 - Winds - Jilleyour next performer of the night was one of the most creative minds in SL burlesque, the always incredible Queenie.  i am constantly amazed with some of the acts she comes up with and tonight was no different.  Set to Eiffel 65’s ‘I’m Blue’, Queenie was….well…she was literally blue.  Had I know there was a future in stick people I would have never stopped drawing them when I was a little girl.  Easily the most unique performance of the night, she danced in a set reminiscent of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Blue’s Clues.  I vote we crack open Queenie’s skull to figure out where all those crazy cool ideas spawn from.  OK, maybe not, but we all wanna know Queenie!

4-12-2015 - Winds - QueenieThe penultimate(yep, got a new thesaurus) act of the evening was brought to us by one of our newest performers, the exquisite Kismet.  While she has not been with us long, she has taken our stage by storm with her meticulously detailed sets and costumes and seamless choreography.  Tonight she played the part of a Viking Goddess to Fever Ray’s ‘If I Had A Heart’ and it left us all enthralled as she floated/danced across a shipwrecked coastline.  Incredible performance Kismet, Odin would be please 🙂

4-12-2015 - Winds - KismetClosing out the show was some familiar looking redhead whose name I cannot seem to place at the moment.  Performing to “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’ by Coldplay(coincidentally one of my favorite songs) a bevy of dancers appeared from behind the walls of a dilapidated apartment and joined together in celebration of dance.  Walking out of their rooms, they emerged in front of a breathtaking waterfall and cheerfully brought the evening to a close.  Perhaps it’s true; maybe every teardrop really is a metaphorical waterfall, an outpouring of emotion to remind us we are alive and that our feelings are what make us who we are.  Well, that or it’s just another reason to do what we love most…DANCE!

4-12-2015 - Winds - CylleneOK, gotta cheat a little and show you that waterfall.  SHHHHH  Don’t tell.

4-12-2015 - Winds - Cyllene 3And with that the show came to it’s conclusion, but fear not!  We will be back next Sunday at 5:00 PM SLT for another chance to entertain you, our loyal audience.  In fact, this coming Sunday has two extra special reasons to come take in the sights and sounds.  Not only is this Sunday a themed show(The Music of Motown) but it is a celebration of our two year anniversary here at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret.  That’s right, two years ago today, April 14th, we opened our doors for the very first time and welcomed you into our crazy little world within a world.  And it is because of all of you, our fans, our friends, our family that we are still kicking so give yourselves a big round of applause for helping us to reach this milestone.  We hope to be here for years to come to share our art with you all!

We want to give a huge thanks to our friend Rhi and her store, Angelic Visions Antiques Check back for which other shows she will be sponsoring.  You will LOVE her products, I know I do!.  And if you did not win the raffle there is always next time : )

there is one last special thanks before we close out another show review.  That goes to our owner, our DJ, our wizard behind the curtains, Rebecca.  It can be a thankless job at times putting these shows together.  You would be amazed at all the shutters that need bolted down, boxes that need checked, instruments that have to be tuned to bring you the performances we share with you each Sunday.  She is the glue that holds us together and the one who makes the wheels turn.  Thank you honey.  We all love you!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday at 5:00 PM SLT.  This is gonna be one show where you will not wanna be left behind!

4-12-2015 - Winds - Jilley 2