Hey there Kiddies! Another big night at the Winds of The Sahara Sunday night! We had an amazing host and eight feature dancers wound up and ready to take you for another artistic ride! And did they!!???? As usual, our evening started with our  featured Hostess of the evening Miss Sassy entertaining our audience well before us dancers ever hit the stage. Our lil’ Miss Sassy has come a long long way in the short few weeks since she joined the Winds Family. To think, just yesterday… *wipes a tear from mah eye*… Our lovely Sassy, thank you for another wonderful evening of keeping us all in line and making our audience feel at home!

So now, On with the show!3-29-2015 - Winds - Sassy

Opening the show was yours truly performing to Evanessence, Lost in Paradise. I did this set once before but changed it so it carried its own debut quality to The Winds arena. In this dance I float eloquently down onto a gazebo and dance in my little piece of Paradise where I found a piano surrounded in candles and a beautiful carriage waiting for me…. Sigh**

3-29-2015 - Winds - Maar

Next up was the sexy Rina performing to Stevie Wonder’s, Superstitions. Her set was a spooky cabin in the middle of an even spookier swamp land. Now this set has given Rina a bit of a time the last week or two.. But our Rina, looking beautifully superstitious was worth waiting for… Amazing job beautiful dancer! 3-29-2015 - Winds - Rina

Our male delish dish for the evening was our own sexy man Devlin performing to Savatage’s, When the crowds are gone. Now, if we were to define sexy, well…. points at Devlins picture.. Yes? Do we agree? Our Mr Devlin performed his sultry moves in a pool of rolling fog, white staggered pillars and a baby grand appealing to our romantic side. Way to go sexy man!

3-29-2015 - Winds - Devlin

After cleaning up all that damp…. “stuff”, Miss Kismet entered the stage performing to Clara Engel’s, The Opium Song.    Dresssed in red, our Miss Kismet danced her way through an Asian hut, slowly, seductively… ever so sultry. This dance was hot hot hot!As she moved across her stage, Miss Kismet was surrounded by floating Asian light boxes drifting and dancing with her. Creative! Sexy! Alluring! Amazing Miss Kismet!

3-29-2015 - Winds - Kismet Up next was Miss Lil performing to add n to (x) “_Plug me in ” – Miss Lil, and Diawa danced their way down neon lit step boxes .. very techno, very neo-tronic, very nice! I wanna know how she did all that! Great job Lil!3-29-2015 - Winds - Lil

Up next was our sexy Mrs Kyra performing to Skillet’s, Monster. She starts out in an urban housing unit… Kinda edgy, kinda, eerie, kinda ominous…. And soon, it was revealed why…. our Mrs Kyra had a monster caged in the next room! The beauty and the beast take it outside into the forest and compete for dance floor space. Never have I witnessed a monster so light on their feet! Amazing job Mrs Kyra!

3-29-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum, we went from monsters, etc to somewhere over the rainbow! Our sexy, amazing, talented Mrs Red Queen was up next with her performance of The Dixie Chick’s, Rainbow Connection. Mrs Queenie dances beautifully beneath a rainbow in a very colorful fantasy forest. Dressed in perfect fairy ensemble she spreads love and fairy dust throughout while she weaves eloquently through sun rays.Rounding off her dance, Mrs Queenie dances along the rainbow! Skittles! Where are my skittles??! Beautifully done Mrs Red Queen!3-29-2015 - Winds - Queenie  And finally, to close the dance portion of our evening, was our very own Dance Queen Mrs Cyllene performing to Daft Punk’s, Tron Legacy.  So the way this starts out, is Mrs Cyllene has three motor bikes on stage that  tread out into the audience to re-position on stage, the ladies, all three of them jump off their bikes and dance in their futuristic looking cyber jumpsuits, Tron style costumes. Mrs Cyllene finishes this set off with an amazing light show where all three bikers rise up into light beams. And ultimately, I SEE BOOBIES! *Cough…. As always, only the very best from Mrs Cyllene.

3-29-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

Well Boys an Girls, there you have it, another amazing night at the Winds of the Sahara. I really hope you did not miss this show.  It was AMAZING!!! After the dance portion of our show, we commenced to the roof where we danced the night away. I do hope that you all stay and celebrate the art and meet the dancers at the end of the evening. Those end of the night parties can get pretty …. erm, entertaining in their own rite.

So guys, before I go, let me just take a moment to thank everyone…

First, our very own Mrs Rebecca Dembo the woman behind the Winds who orchestrates these shows week after week. Without her guidance we would be somewhere out in some SL …. well somewhere… Thank you Mrs Rebecca! Next time you see her at a show thank her!!!

Second, our sponsors. Lord, without these guys … Thank you for your support in so many ways! You’ll know these guys by their seating at shows… When you see them thank them! These are the guys that really believe in saying…. “Let the show begin!” Thank you!!

And finally, you….. our fans, our audience, our supporters, you, the ones we do all this for because of all you do for us. Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, thank you for your tips, your love, your generosity! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

That’s it for now kiddies. So until next time…. Which this Sunday as you know in observance of Easter, there will be no Sunday show. So we’ll see you the following week, Sunday April 12th @ 5:00PM.

The staff at Winds wishes each and every one of you that celebrate the Easter holiday an amazing day filled with love. And if you do not.. well, we wish you an amazing day filled with love too!

As always my little kiddies, Much love,